Signs of pregnancy without a test

When a woman plans to give birth to a child, the onset of the desired pregnancy is expected with particular impatience. And that happy event happened, she wants to know as soon as possible. But pregnancy tests can be applied only a day after a monthly delay. A doctor will be able to accurately establish the fact of pregnancy only after a 3–4-week period after the absence of menstruation. Therefore, there is an interest in the possibilities of determining pregnancy without the use of classical methods.

The common question: “how to determine pregnancy without a test?” Today there are a lot of answers.

How to determine without a test

Together with the test method, you can learn about pregnancy by other methods, for example, by measuring the basal temperature. This requires only a mercury thermometer, pen and notebook.

Not everyone knows that basal temperature can be measured both in the rectum and directly into the vagina, as well as in the mouth, but not with the armpit.

Usually, the female monthly cycle is divided into two phases and, on average, is 28-30 days. In the first part of the cycle, the temperature usually does not rise above 37 degrees; in the subsequent phase, which occurs after ovulation, the temperature can significantly exceed 37 degrees. With constant measurements you can get a clear picture of your cycle.

Detection of an excess of basal temperature for 3 days or more, can reliably signal the occurrence of pregnancy.

Along with this method, there are first symptoms, without a test, indicating the possibility of the conception that occurred.

First signs and symptoms

Within a few days after a successful conception, a woman can feel the first changes within herself. Often it can be a nagging or, on the contrary, sharp temporary pains in the uterus, loss of strength, the appearance of thrush.

The main symptoms of pregnancy even before the delay of menstruation appear as:

  • Morning nausea is the most common symptom that allows you to recognize that a long-awaited event has arrived.
  • Swelling of the mammary glands. There are pains in the chest, it can increase by several sizes. Nipples and halos darken and become sensitive, and when pressed, droplets of colostrum can be released from the nipples.
  • The feeling of lack of sleep that does not pass, the desire to sleep, take a nap – this is due to the fact that the introduction of the embryo into the uterus is a great shock for the female body. At such a moment comes the oppression of general condition and an increase in fatigue.
  • Weaknesses in muscles – suddenly, for example, during traditional walks, a woman can feel a breakdown, weakness in her legs.
  • Sudden outbursts of anger or irritation – a woman during this period may experience dramatic emotional changes, be disgusted with her husband, be tearful, demanding. Such behavior of the woman is connected with the hormonal restructuring taking place.
  • Increases in toilet calls — in the absence of cystitis, such a sign is one of the signs of the onset of an interesting situation.
  • An increase in the amount of excreta – the multiple colorless mucosal structure of the exudate, may also indicate successful fertilization;
  • The appearance of “sour” belching – changes affect the digestive system;
  • Changes in taste preferences — taste habits may change in the early stages. A woman wants to eat non-specific dishes. And what you liked before may cause disgust;
  • Increased or decreased libido. In the early stages, women often have an aversion to sex, or specifically to a man, or, conversely, feel an increased attraction;
  • Exposure to colds, disorders of the digestive tract – with a strong shake-up during this period the immunity weakens;
  • Excess body temperature values ​​— a slight increase in total body temperature — a common occurrence over short periods.

Signs of pregnancy without a test

Home Definition

Often, even before the delay, the girls think about how to determine pregnancy without a test. One option is to go through online testing. As a result of answers to simple questions, the test will produce a result that, as a percentage, will reveal the probability of pregnancy.

In addition, sudden sudden headaches, nasal congestion or chills can indicate pregnancy. There may be aching joints.

Learn about the occurrence of pregnancy without a test can be done through popular recipes.

Folk omens

How to determine pregnancy at home? Any person in the house has a first-aid kit, which stores the most simple medicines, for example, iodine. With it, you can try to learn about pregnancy without a test.

Determination with iodine:

  1. Collect morning urine and add a drop of iodine. If the droplet remains on the surface unchanged, therefore, the answer is positive.
  2. Add a drop of iodine on a strip of paper that has been previously lowered into the urine. Depending on the intensity of the color, conclusions are made: light purple, lilac – pregnancy is present, saturated purple – no.

There is another method to test pregnancy without a test – use ordinary baking soda. For this purpose, it is necessary to add a pinch of soda in the morning urine. If it doesn’t sizzle, but sinks, then the conception is successful.

In addition to these methods, there are folk signs and beliefs.

Other signs

Pulsation of the umbilical region

In this case, place your hand approximately 7-8 cm (3-4 transverse fingers) below the umbilical region. If a clear pulsation is felt at this point, we can talk about the pregnancy that has come. The pulsation of blood vessels was taken for the heartbeat of the unborn child. In fact, it is easily motivated by the fact that during such a period blood circulation in the pelvis is improved.

Night dreams

To see in a dream the water element, the river, the lake, the sea, swimming in reservoirs means you should wait for a quick increase in offspring. To dream of a fish – to the birth of a baby.

Growing bulbs

In the villages, in order to ascertain the presence of pregnancy, they resorted to such an action: they planted 2 bulbs, one of which was used to guess whether there was a pregnancy or not. The one of the bulbs, which germinated faster, and gave the answer.

Watering flowers

There is a belief that if you water your indoor plants with the urine of a pregnant woman, then in the near future they will become more luxurious and will give new shoots.

In fact, you should not seriously think that these methods can reliably indicate the fact of pregnancy. With increasing age, a woman feels more acutely the slightest disturbance in health. It is known that some people feel tingling in the lower abdomen at the time of fertilization and fixation of the fertilized cell on the wall of the uterus.

It is quite possible to understand the first symptoms of pregnancy without a test, it is quite sufficient to observe the external and internal deformations of the body.

When the first signs of pregnancy appear, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible so that the next 9 months will pass without any complications.

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