Signs of ADHD in Babies

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According to the latest data, almost every fourth child suffers from delayed speech development. It was hard to believe! Suspecting earlier that the baby was “not like everyone else,” I assured myself that her temperament, her “individual characteristics” was “to blame” for this. Having sounded the alarm at 2 years and 8 months, I began to nervously twist the phone disk in an attempt to find out what I can do, how and who can help my daughter, whom the doctors diagnosed as Speech Development Delay (RRD).

This is a subtle and complex disease, the reasons for which it is sometimes difficult for doctors to understand. Therefore, the first thing parents should know who suspected speech problems in their baby is that it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive examination of a child with a children’s speech therapist, a neuropathologist (ECG, ECHO-EG), a psychoneurologist, an otolaryngologist, a defectologist and a psychologist. Experts tend to see the cause of speech underdevelopment in the presence of MMD (minimal brain dysfunction), since half of these children show clinical symptoms and electroencephalographic phenomena that indicate a malfunction of the subcortical structures of the brain. However, do not be afraid of the diagnosis of “MMD”. On that they and “minimal” violations, so as not to interfere with the normal development of the child. Studying the history of children with delayed speech development, experts found that various adverse effects in the period of prenatal development, premature, prolonged or rapid delivery, a long anhydrous period, birth injuries, asphyxia in childbirth, and even early transfer of the child to artificial feeding. Severely occurring childhood illnesses, especially in the first three years of life, head injuries or simply frequent neglect, falling, hearing loss of varying degrees – all this can cause a lag in speech development. When exposed to unfavorable biological (or social) factors, those areas of the brain that are currently most actively developing are most significantly damaged. Studies have shown that children whose mother or father has any mental disorders, often quarrel or abuse alcohol often suffer from delayed speech development. And further. Kids with FER are, as a rule, children not from the first, but from repeated pregnancies, late children or children from incomplete families, brought up in a poor language environment, in bilingual families. And although negative social factors do not directly affect the child’s pathological influence, they always, in one way or another, refracting in its biological nature, affect mental development, hampering it to a greater or lesser extent. An important role is played, of course, by the hereditary factor. If one of the parents or someone from close relatives suffers from a speech impediment, then it is likely that the baby will also have problems with speech. Often delayed speech development is associated with delayed psychomotor or mental development. The crumb begins later than other children, hold the head, sit, walk. These are the symptoms that should alert adults first of all. In such “problem” children, day and night enuresis can be observed up to primary school age. It is very important that parents, having noticed signs of delayed speech development in a baby, not only rely on the help of specialists, but also actively engage themselves with the child. Hello, fingers!

Why is it important for a child to have fingers? In the cerebral cortex, the divisions responsible for the development of articulation and fine hand motor are located close to each other and are closely interrelated. However, the hand in the process of ontogenesis develops earlier, and its development, as it were, “pulls” the development of speech. Consequently, by developing the fine hand motor skills in a child, we stimulate the development of his speech. Therefore, if a child has a leading hand – the right one, his left hemisphere is more developed – among the left-handers there are many more children with PWR,

Learning to speak The vocabulary of children with speech underdevelopment is poorer than that of their peers developing “according to plan”. In phonetics, there are disadvantages associated with the incorrect pronunciation of individual sounds. In the field of word formation, the difficulty is the differentiation of the shades of the meaning of the word. Prevailing in grammar are errors on the violation of control, mainly verbal. Children misuse prepositions under nouns, replace the forms of one case with the forms of another. Characteristic is also a violation of the forms of coordination by gender with the nouns of the neuter gender (“clean window”), violation of the pledge forms, simplification of complex unions, etc. Such children sometimes do not understand the meaning of many words, do not know how to make sentences, the story of a series of pictures. The appearance of coherent speech in them is often delayed up to 3 years or more. In this connection, constant work is needed to enrich the active vocabulary, on the grammatical structure and development of the child’s coherent speech. If you are lucky and you have a good speech therapist on your way, he will advise interesting textbooks on speech therapy for classes with a baby. Please note: up to three years old with a baby is better for parents. Exercise with someone else’s aunt the child is unlikely to want. And for a kid with ZRR is important every day. Time can not be lost. Do not boast that your child is 2.5 years old can already count to 10, or has jagged the long poem of Agnes Barto. For young children it is not important. For them, the most important thing is to learn how to navigate in the near objective world. The baby should know that this gray animal that meows and purrs is a pussy, and it grazes in a meadow – a cow; that tea should be drunk, and the bun to eat, chew, the machine goes, and the plane flies high and

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Comments of visitors: average score: 9/10 Unknown anonymous rating: 10/10 03-11-2003 11:48:11 Remarkable article with competent and very popular, professional advice. This information is constantly requested by parents. I note a wonderful presentation of the material.

Signs of ADHD in Babies

Yana Polye rating: 10/10-11-08 2004 19:37:08 I am a speech therapist, I work in a clinic. I liked the article, it would be good for more parents to read it. A small note – in the clinic, alas, it is difficult to organize classes for young children (up to 4.5 years) and there are practically no gardens where they would work with kids, often even a 4-year-old child is not easy to attach to a specialized garden. And everything else is told just great – clearly, clearly, understandable to parents. After such an article, you can not go to a specialist :)) So nice to find many of your thoughts and recommendations. ) Of course, if something bothers you, yes, even if, in the opinion of the mother, everything is fine, it’s a good idea to go to the clinic, get a comprehensive homework consultation with your child. and no one bothers to approach such consultations several times (I, for example, designate to come after 3 months or after 6, depending on the severity of the delay and the responsibility of the mother). And you should never expect that everything will work out, it’s better to stop than to miss some point in development. I would recommend to come at least once for a consultation to my mother, just waiting for the birth of the child. In principle, a good specialist will have something to say to this mother, as a preventive

15-11-2004 06:55:11 Yes, written in this article describes my situation. We live in China, the child goes to Chinese

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