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Hidden diabetes is a particular danger to the patient, since the patient, as a rule, does not even notice the presence of the disease. If we consider that any disease is much more difficult to treat, if it is running and not detected in time by doctors. For this reason, it is necessary to have complete information about the main signs of a dangerous disease in order to be able to detect and neutralize latent diabetes mellitus by the first manifestations. This disease can manifest itself unexpectedly for the patient.

Signs add to kids

If a person is constantly thirsty, drinks a lot and often goes to the toilet even at night, such signs may indicate the presence of initial symptoms of the disease.

In this case, the kidneys perform a cleansing function and try to get rid of excess sugar in the body due to increased and frequent urination. The body tries to compensate for the loss of fluid with additional fluid intake, which leads to strong thirst and frequent drinking. From the side it looks like a person constantly drinks and runs to the toilet.

Who is at risk

The latent form of diabetes can develop in the first place in people who are at risk, they have a risk to make diabetes for certain reasons.

  • Age is of great importance for people prone to the disease. According to statistics, about 85 percent of elderly patients suffer from the disease or have various signs of latent diabetes.
  • Hidden diabetes can develop in people predisposed to the disease due to heredity. The genetic factor most often one way or another makes itself felt if someone from the relatives has diabetes.
  • The development of diabetes can provoke an overweight patient. Unhealthy diet and failure to comply with the diet can lead to deterioration of metabolic processes and obesity. In this regard, every fourth patient in overweight has all the signs of the presence of diabetes.
  • Pregnant women are also at risk due to hormonal changes and weight gain. In this regard, all women in the position must undergo an examination and donate blood in order to prevent the development of the disease in time. In the event that there are suspicions of diabetes, the doctor prescribes a therapeutic diet, and the patient is registered with the doctor.
  • Various diseases caused by viral activity can have an effect on the pancreas, preventing the production of insulin.

The main symptoms of the latent form of the disease

Diabetes today is one of the most common diseases in the world. The number of people suffering from this disease, with each goal is growing. Unfortunately, one out of every four patients is late in seeking medical help when diabetes mellitus is already in a progressive stage and is highly dangerous for the patient. Diabetes mellitus can disable the work of the organs of the genitourinary system, have a negative impact on visual function, lead to the appearance on the body of many poorly healing ulcers. In this regard, the sooner the latent diabetes is recognized, the easier it will be to stop it.

If the patient has any suspicious signs that indicate a malfunction in the full operation of the body, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Serious consequences can be avoided if treatment is started on time.

To identify the latent form of diabetes in a patient, the following symptoms of the disease will help:

The patient constantly wants to drink, while he often feels urge to urinate. The development of diabetes can in some cases be diagnosed if a person often goes to the toilet. The urinary system is working hard on removing fluid from the body to get rid of excess sugar, signs of diabetes in men can be in erectile dysfunction.

In diabetes, the patient can start losing weight dramatically. During the disease, glucose accumulates in the blood, not entering the cells, which the body regards as starvation. To replenish the missing energy, muscle cells begin to give sugar, returning a person to a cheerful mood and increased strength. Meanwhile, the patient begins to rapidly lose weight. Thus, a person can lose ten kilograms for two months.

External manifestations

Diabetes mellitus often leads to fatigue and irritability, the patient is constantly experiencing fatigue and complains of poor health. Frequent urge to urinate at night leads to sleep deprivation. This condition causes uncontrollable irritability, which does not go away, despite regular rest, daily walks in the fresh air and the help of a psychologist. If the time to identify the causes of this mood and begin to treat diabetes, a person quickly returns to normal, both physically and emotionally.

A constant feeling of hunger may indicate a sharp drop in blood glucose levels, with the result that a person has a constant feeling of lack of food.

As a result of the development of the disease, the skin dries out, becomes brittle and unhealthy, itches. On elbows irritations are quite often formed. This skin condition may be the first sign of a change in blood glucose levels, even if sugar is still normal. Skin problems signal that the body cannot cope with the absorption of the available amount of sugar. At the same time, wounds on the skin can not heal for a long time, which is associated with damage to blood vessels due to diabetes.

If blood glucose is already elevated, this condition often causes bacterial and fungal diseases. Affected immunity may not cope with the infection and the disease may last for several months.

With an increase in blood sugar, a patient may have vision problems, he often sees goosebumps and flashes before his eyes, and does not distinguish between the clear contours of objects. Getting rid of the problem helps medication.

Signs add to kids

Sometimes in a patient with diabetes, limbs become numb, he feels frequent goosebumps on the skin.

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