Shellfish in children

Perhaps not everyone knows what a contagious mollusk is. In children, this viral disease is quite common. The danger is that the virus is easily transmitted in everyday contacts, games, close communication.

Nodules and papules appear on the skin of the child, the meaning of which many adults do not even realize. Parents take small growths for warts, chickenpox or inflammation of the epidermis. Meanwhile, the baby infects others. “Take a closer look” to this disease more closely.

Causes and routes of infection

The main category of young patients caught the virus – children from one year to ten years. Infants get sick rarely, they maintain innate immunity, especially since the incubation period is long – up to six months. Older students are already strong, immunity is strong enough, for them the disease is less dangerous.

Ways of transmission of the virus:

  • from a sick child to a healthy one;
  • when playing together on the street, in the sandbox, in kindergarten;
  • through common toys, bedding, household items;
  • when using someone else’s towels, washcloths, when touching with wet hands, floundering in the pool.

Danger to others, especially with weak immunity – the high rate of spread of the virus. At damage of papules there is a cheesy mass, contact with which causes infection.

Symptoms and stages of development

Knowledge of the main features will help parents to understand what kind of illness a baby develops.

Stages of development, the appearance of pathological elements:

  • It takes about two weeks from infection to onset of symptoms. Often the symptoms appear in two to three months or six months;
  • painless nodules of a solid or light pink color with a pearlescent top appear on the body;
  • in the center of the obscure education is a small depression;
  • at first papules are few, more often one nodule. The number of hillocks is growing rapidly;
  • at an early stage, the size of skin lesions lies within 1 mm – 1, 5 cm. The stronger the child, the slower the nodules grow;
  • in severely ill patients (weak immune systems, diagnosing HIV infection), papules grow to a few centimeters, causing inconvenience and close attention to others.

Features of the disease:

  • at various stages itching is not felt. Only after the accession of a bacterial infection that penetrates the open nodules can one notice that the baby is scratching the affected places;
  • sometimes rashes also suddenly disappear as they appear;
  • signs of molluscum contagiosum are noticeable on the skin from a couple of weeks to three to four years.

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Characteristic features of the disease

Symptoms are similar to signs of other diseases. Often papules are mistaken for chickenpox, warts, tumors, papillomas and other neoplasms. Only after a comprehensive examination, the doctor will establish an accurate diagnosis.

Shellfish in children

Characteristics of molluscum contagiosum:

  • when pressed with tweezers on the knot appears a cheesy white mass;
  • the thick liquid contains mollusk inclusions;
  • they cause infection of healthy skin areas;
  • papules are easily damaged;
  • for this reason, the rash spreads so quickly throughout the body.

Note! The danger of infection exists as long as there are nodules with a pearlescent surface.

General recommendations for treatment

Is it possible to get rid of molluscum contagiosum? Unfortunately, the disease is chronic. The virus has DNA, the pathogen is firmly rooted in the body.

The task of doctors and parents is to minimize the activity of the “aggressor”. In the latent state, the molluscum contagiosum virus is not dangerous. Be sure to remove the remaining rash, through which the pathogen spreads through the body, is quickly transmitted to other people.

Recommended complex therapy:

  • drugs;
  • removal of nodules using modern techniques;
  • folk recipes.

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Drug therapy

After the examination, taking into account the age of the child, the doctor will prescribe a complex of drugs. This includes antivirals for topical use. Recommended effective creams and ointments:

  • Acyclovir;
  • Fluorouracil ointment;
  • Feresol;
  • Oxolinic ointment;
  • Cream Retin-A.

These drugs are suitable both for the treatment of papules with the active substance, and for applying to drying wounds to stop the spread of infection. Drugs contribute to the speedy healing of wounds at the site of the exposed papules.

Excellent results are obtained by using preparations containing curative eucalyptus extract.

Treat rash sites:

The effect of the use of anti-inflammatory, wound healing agents will be with a course of at least two weeks.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Many home remedies are suitable for treating preschoolers. Be sure to consult your doctor, Is it possible to treat rashes for a child who turned one or two years old? And in other cases it is prohibited to use folk recipes for treating children without the permission of the doctor. If the doctor allows you to apply home-made recipes, select the most appropriate one.

Alcohol tincture of eucalyptus or calendula

Wipe the eruption sites with medicinal tincture three times a day. Trying to squeeze out the contents of papules is optional – you can spread the infection to healthy areas. Gradually, the papules will dry up, then disappear;

Healing infusion

Prepare for 3 tbsp. l birch buds, juniper berries, eucalyptus leaves, pine needles, yarrow flowers. Mix the ingredients, take a tablespoon of the collection, put in a thermos. Fill the mixture with 200 ml of boiling water, let it brew for an hour. Good strain infusion.

The course of treatment is 10 days. Give infusion to the child in the morning and evening. Additionally, treat the rash with healing liquid.

Garlic from molluscum contagiosum

Peel a clove of garlic, cut along. Press down a slice or slightly cut it to make it stand out. Wipe the rash 4 times a day.

Gradually, papules will darken, dry up, disappear in time. Traditional healers advise not to miss a single node, otherwise the infection will spread further.

Bird cherry juice

Pick fresh leaves, rinse, chop. Squeeze the juice. Store the prepared liquid in the refrigerator. Daily grease papules and drying wounds with black cherry juice. Often in a few days the nodules dry up and fall off.

The decoction of the train

An effective remedy for inflammation. Healing broth can handle multiple rashes. Pour 1.5 UF. l dry grass 200 ml of hot water, boil, remove from heat. After 45 minutes, the medication from the train is ready.

Strain the mixture, cool. Treat the rash for about ten days in the morning, afternoon and evening.

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Modern hardware cosmetology

In some young patients, papules appear too often. Sometimes the doctor recommends removing skin lesions. Often this is the case with large size formations.

The main method of removing molluscum contagious papules is laser treatment of rashes. The painless procedure is well tolerated by children. For multiple lesions, anesthesia is required.

  • the laser beam acts on the surface of the epidermis, the maximum penetration depth is no more than 5 mm;
  • active destruction of the virus. The laser heats the affected layer to a temperature of more than 100 degrees, the pathogen dies, the affected cells evaporate;
  • margins are burned, blood loss is absent;
  • relapses are rare;
  • purulent complications are practically absent;
  • adjacent tissues remain intact;
  • damage to internal organs is excluded.
  • apply iodine or a solution of potassium permanganate on the treated areas;
  • make sure that the child does not peel off the crust;
  • after a while they finally dry up and disappear;
  • It is forbidden to swim for 3 days after laser removal of the mollusks;
  • You can not visit the sauna, swimming pool, bath.

There are other ways to remove papules and their contents:

  • cryodestruction – treatment of the desired areas with liquid nitrogen;
  • opening the knot with tweezers, subsequent scraping with a sharp spoon of Falkman.

For the treatment of molluscum contagiosum in children, these methods are rarely used. The procedures are more traumatic, scars can remain, the risk of infection is high.

How to prevent the spread of infection

To stop the effect of the virus, to avoid new cases of the disease will help special measures:

  • thoroughly wipe with disinfectant solutions all toys, household items, with which the ill child has come into contact;
  • wash soft toys, if possible boil bed linen, clothes. Underwear is desirable to throw;
  • Inform the staff of the children’s institution that the child visited about a viral illness. Quarantine for an infected child is required.

Prevention Guidelines

The main task of parents is to strengthen the baby’s immune system. Then the probability of activation of the virus will be minimal.

The risk of disease will decrease with the observance of simple rules:

  • After returning from kindergarten or school, inspect the skin. Any suspicious rash is a reason to contact a dermatologist;
  • Teach your child to wash their hands, explain why you can not touch your face with dirty hands;
  • do not allow wearing other people’s things;
  • provide each member of the family with personal hygiene items.

When a disease is detected:

  • limit contact with the home, highlight the little patient your cup, spoon, towel and so on;
  • cancel the trip to rest, refuse to visit the pool.

Important! Contact a doctor in time, do not let the virus infection spread in the children’s team.

In the following video, Dr. Komarovsky will tell even more details about molluscum contagiosum in children:

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Symptoms of molluscum contagiosum in children: photos, ways of infection and effective methods of treatment: One comment

I am very grateful to Anna for helping everyone. She was our last hope. It all started a year ago when the clams we had only 5 pieces. But at that time I did not know what it was all about. But a month later, when the workers did not pass with us, they decided to go to the doctor and then it began … one second doctor all the third one only said to pull out the cauterization with nitrogen / laser, we did first one thing then when another got out again … it is not possible to watch the child scream when they have burnt their baby’s skin a year and 5 months. I said no more to them. What I just did not smear that just did not try. Only their number increased and not the slightest hint of what they will pass. And as usual flipping through the Internet, I accidentally stumbled upon the Article of Ani. The next day I wrote to her and ordered this tool. At the time of treatment of this tincture, we had more than 70 mollusks, but the effect was seen a week later, they began to take turns, as it were, to blush and turn, as if into a sore that healed without leaving anything behind. It took us almost 2 months to recover from this infection. Thanks to Anya, she didn’t leave us these months. She called. She was interested in how our affairs asked for a photo at this stage of the treatment. We are very grateful to her. And of course a special thanks to that dermatologist who makes this medicine can find it on VK Anna Anula (Kaluga)

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