Sharp pain in right side during pregnancy

A sharp pain in the right side indicates that there are some problems in the body. Depending on the affected organ, the patient may notice discomfort in the hypochondrium, from the back or a sharp pain in the right side in the lower abdomen. But in any case, the nature of pain and their localization gives a lot of information about the disease that caused them.

If there is pain in the right side, the first thing to do is to identify the reasons that provoked its occurrence, since further treatment tactics depend on it.

Discomfort can be caused by diseases of the organs located not only in this area, but also outside the abdominal cavity, so you should not try to make a diagnosis yourself and even more so to take any drugs without a doctor’s prescription.

Important! In case of acute pain in the right side, you need to either call an ambulance or go to the hospital yourself. The doctor should tell not only about the nature of the pain (spastic, pulling, bursting), the time of their appearance, but also what could have provoked the attack. This may be, for example, excessive physical exertion, injury to this area, alcohol abuse, the use of unusual foods and dishes. All this allows the specialist to make a preliminary diagnosis and appoint an additional examination.

Pathologies that can cause pain in the right side

The causes of pain in the right side can be different, but they are usually observed in the pathologies of the liver, biliary tract and gall bladder. Less commonly, they occur in patients suffering from duodenal and intestinal organs and the organs of the urinary and reproductive systems.

Important! Severe cutting pain in the right side can be observed in conditions requiring emergency surgery, namely in acute appendicitis or rupture of the oviduct during ectopic pregnancy.

Pain in the right hypochondrium

The appearance of pain in the right hypochondrium most often indicate pathologies of the liver, duodenum, organs of the biliary system.

Severe pain can be observed in acute and chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis and its complications, such as:

  • biliary colic;
  • acute inflammation of the pancreas;
  • swelling of the major duodenal papilla;
  • biliary dyskinesia.

When any of this pathology can be observed pain in the right hypochondrium.

Sharp pain in right side during pregnancy

In addition, the symptom in the development of acute cholecystitis is observed:

  • heat;
  • bitter taste in the mouth;
  • nausea and vomiting, after which the patient’s well-being does not improve.

In chronic cholecystitis in remission, no symptoms are observed. When the disease passes into the acute phase, there are pains that are localized in the right hypochondrium, first they are observed from time to time, then constantly and may increase with coughing, deep breathing.

With cholelithiasis, pain in the right side is rarely observed and a person may even be unaware of the development of pathology and more often it is detected by chance on ultrasound.

But if the stone blocks the exit from the gallbladder, then there are attacks of cutting and dagger pains in the right hypochondrium. Often they irradiate to the lumbar region, under the right shoulder blade, in the upper limb, in the heart. The pains are very strong, with their appearance a person does not find a place for himself, as they do not subside for a minute, except for them there is nausea with vomiting.

The neoplasm of the major duodenal papilla also appears, it is in this area that the bile ducts exit into the lumen of the duodenum. The tumor itself does not cause pain, but when it appears, angiocholitis develops. It is during inflammation of the biliary tract that pain occurs in the right hypochondrium, except for them the patient’s temperature rises, signs of jaundice appear.

If the patient has dysfunction of the biliary tract, the nature of pain may be different:

  • in the case of a hyperkinetic type of dysfunction, pain in the region of the liver has a sharp, acute, paroxysmal character;
  • in the hypokinetic type, it is dull and aching, it is observed constantly, in some patients it may be completely absent.

Also, dyskinesia can occur as biliary colic, pains in this case are strong, appear unexpectedly, accompanied by a heart rhythm disturbance, a feeling of fear.

Important! With the development of acute pancreatitis, the pain surrounding the disease is usually localized in the upper abdomen. As a rule, it appears as a result of the abuse of hard liquor, fatty, spicy and fried foods. If the disease is not treated, it can quickly end with the death of the patient.

Right abdominal pain

Acute appendicitis

Sudden burning pain in the right side is most often observed with acute appendicitis. It is growing rapidly, and most patients develop other signs of pathology:

When these signs appear, you should immediately call an ambulance, as an emergency operation is usually required.

Ectopic pregnancy

When an abnormal pregnancy is interrupted by the type of tube abortion, in which the fetus is thrown into the abdominal cavity, the pain in most cases is cramping.

Important! Unlike other pathologies of pain when an ectopic pregnancy is interrupted, it is given to the perineum and anus. Such an anomaly can cause the death of the patient and requires urgent surgical intervention.

Torsion of the ovarian tumor

The cause of the right-sided pain in the iliac region in women of different age groups may be torsion of the legs of the ovarian cyst.

In this case, the pain appears unexpectedly and can be of such strength that the patient may faint. They are amplified by any even minor movements. In addition, the following symptoms may occur:

  • diarrhea;
  • impaired urination;
  • discharge of blood from the vagina;
  • low temperature

With such a pathology, emergency hospitalization and surgery are indicated.

Ovary rupture

Also another cause of pain in the lower abdomen may be apoplexy or ovarian rupture. According to statistics, this pathology usually develops on the right side and resembles the clinical picture of tubal abortion.

When the ovary is ruptured, bleeding occurs. It can be very strong and cause anemia. The method of therapy is determined by the intensity of the bleeding. If it is insignificant, then it can be managed only by taking medication, and when it is abundant an operation can be prescribed.

Renal colic

If the patient has urolithiasis, then he may develop renal colic. A stone that has fallen into the lumen of the right ureter, provokes the appearance of sharp pains on the right, radiating down the abdomen. In most cases, their character is the same as in acute appendicitis. That is why even an experienced doctor may have difficulties in the differential diagnosis of both pathologies. But there are a number of symptoms allowing to set a preliminary diagnosis.

If the patient has renal colic, the pain radiates to the groin and lower back. The patient becomes restless, he is unable to find such a position in which the pain was not so strong. Also, most patients have impaired urination and hematuria.

If a person suspects renal colic, he should immediately seek medical help, because if the diagnosis is confirmed, urgent hospitalization is required.

According to the results of the examination, the doctor selects a treatment regimen, usually it is possible to do without surgical intervention.


The causative agent of shingles is the herpes virus. Symptoms of pathology resemble acute pancreatitis. At the beginning of the infection, sharp, constant pains appear on the right. There may be nausea and even open vomiting, which is characteristic of inflammation of the pancreas. The appearance of these signs can be confusing even to competent specialists and as a result, they first begin to treat the patient as in acute pancreatitis. But after a few days, a specific rash appears on the stomach, and making the correct diagnosis is easy.

Which doctor treats pain in the right side

With the appearance of sharp pains in the side on the right, you should not engage in self-treatment, as they can be a symptom of a dangerous disease that requires emergency surgery.

If you experience pain in the right side, you need to call an ambulance brigade. She will deliver the patient to the surgical department. Here the patient is examined. Ultrasound and X-rays of the abdominal cavity organs and a number of other tests according to indications may be prescribed.

Depending on the root cause of their pain, they can be treated by a surgeon, a gastroenterologist, a urologist, andrologist, and a gynecologist.

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