Sex life after cesarean

Sex life after cesarean section and the time of its resumption is concerned with many married couples. It is of great importance for a well-wishing microclimate in the family and promoting the health of both spouses.

Pregnancy, childbirth, and especially cesarean section and the postpartum period, impose many restrictions on it. Therefore, it is necessary to show diplomacy in order to preserve and not damage the physical and mental health of the spouses during this period. And then correctly resume the relationship.

When can I start?

After cesarean section no earlier than after 6-8 weeks. Pregnancy can be planned for at least 1.5-2 years.

This is no accident. The fact is that the inner surface of the uterus at the place of attachment of the placenta is an open wound. It takes time to heal. About 2 months.

Until this time, the uterus is especially sensitive and susceptible to infections. And the inflammation of the uterus will disturb the healing of the scar after cesarean. Bleeding may be another complication.

Sex life after cesarean

Some couples do not follow medical recommendations and prefer to begin sex life before they have time to recover the body, or vice versa, refuse it.

In the first case, it is dangerous because of complications, and in the second – it can disrupt the partnership in the family. Yes, and for the physical health of both partners is not entirely useful.

Sex life after cesarean

Many young mothers are in no hurry to start sex after surgery.

From a physiological point of view, this can be justified.

  • The presence of complications after surgery in women. If you are experiencing complications after surgery (bleeding, inflammation of the uterus, separation of stitches), it may take more time to restore the body.
  • The condition of the child after childbirth and his health.
  • A woman is afraid of pain, because the body has not fully recovered after childbirth. The first time after the operation, you must be very careful, discomfort is possible, but you should not be afraid of it. Regular contact contributes to the prevention of the formation of adhesions.
  • After childbirth, the shape changes, some appear overweight, the waist disappears and the tone of the anterior abdominal wall decreases. A scar on the anterior abdominal wall 2 months after delivery, does not look very attractive. Because of the changes in her body, a woman may not feel as attractive as before. But do not hurry to get upset. Ask your spouse, maybe in his eyes you have become even more beautiful. The shape can be fixed. As soon as you start living with your spouse, your confidence in your own beauty will return.
  • After childbirth, especially against the background of lactation, when prolactin is elevated, the production of female sex hormones responsible for sexual desire – estrogen decreases. This leads to dryness in the vagina and an unpleasant sensation during sexual intercourse. Here special gels can come to the rescue.
  • Nature itself affects the desire of a woman in the first months after birth. While the mother has to spend a lot of effort on caring for the baby, the other child is not needed. There is no sexual attraction. But modern methods of contraception allow to solve this problem.
  • The young mother has many new responsibilities for child care. You may be too tired. Sometimes it is good enough to sleep or relax and the old light does not keep you waiting.

How to restore sexual interest?

  1. Engage in your figure. A set of exercises after cesarean will not harm, but will contribute to the fastest recovery of the body.
  2. Kegel exercises. They restore the muscle tone of the perineum and improve blood circulation in the small pelvis. Contribute to the restoration of sensitivity and help to get an orgasm during lovemaking.
  3. During the feeding of the baby, you can follow a light diet. Exclude sweets. This will positively affect your figure, and the child will not suffer with the tummy.
  4. Encourage your husband to take care of the baby and do household chores. So you will be less tired. A common concern will strengthen the relationship.
  5. Get enough sleep and rest. Better a beautiful and happy wife and a mountain of dirty dishes than perfect order and tired, exhausted, grumpy spouse.
  6. Try to get an orgasm. During it, hormones enter the blood of a woman, which contributes to the rapid recovery of the uterus, ligaments and muscle tone.

Do not forget about contraception.

1.5-2 years do not recommend planning a pregnancy. Abortion and early childbirth are dangerous. In order to form a wealthy scar, time is needed. During this period, a woman should be especially attentive to her health.

Today, medicine can offer a woman after cesarean and childbirth a lot of methods of protection against pregnancy that are compatible with breastfeeding.

You can use barrier methods of contraception: condoms, vaginal diaphragms.

Spermicides contain substances that have a detrimental effect on spermatozoa: Pharmatex, Benotex, etc. They are produced in the form of candles, creams and tablets. If you have vaginal dryness after delivery, choose a cream.

The effectiveness of barrier methods and spermicides is not high enough.

Many women believe that pregnancy will not occur during breastfeeding,

And you, because of the absence of menstruation, you may not notice this in the short term. If you use this method, do a pregnancy test every month. But after cesarean, additional protection is needed. Better not to risk it.

In 5-6 months after cesarean, an intrauterine device can be placed. This is a more reliable method.

For nursing moms, you can choose birth control pills. But before use, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Sex life after cesarean

A huge selection of contraceptive pills, progestin injections, patches, vaginal rings. All this – hormonal drugs. Therefore, they must appoint a doctor.

Intimate life is necessary for both spouses. In addition to strengthening the emotional relationship in the family, it normalizes hormones and is the prevention of diseases such as uterine fibroids, mastopathy, the formation of adhesions in the pelvis after surgery and chronic pelvic pain.

But after a cesarean section, you should wait 2 months, and then undergo a gynecologist examination and, if there are no complications, start to please yourself and your husband.

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