Severe swelling of the legs during pregnancy

The last months of pregnancy are always considered the most difficult for women. Difficulties are due not only to an increase in the mass of the fetus, but also the body’s response to a new life inside the womb. The most common problem is edema during pregnancy in the later periods. In most cases, the reason for their appearance is of a physiological nature, but exceptions are possible. When you should sound the alarm and consult a doctor, you will learn from the materials of this article.

Edema in late pregnancy – the norm or pathology?

Not every clinical case of edema during pregnancy indicates the presence of complications. The third trimester is characterized by an increase in uterus size, which contributes to increasing pressure on the ureters. The woman has problems urinating and swelling occurs.

Also, this problem is diagnosed against the background of weight gain. Weight control for pregnant women for this reason is mandatory. To avoid swelling or reduce their severity, doctors recommend that you follow a milk-vegetable diet.

To limit the amount of fluid, by contrast, is not worth it. Doctors advise to drink up to two liters of water a day, but at the same time maintain strict control over the amount of urine. Its volume should be at least 60% of the amount of fluid consumed.

The situations described above are a prime example of physiological edema. Reduce their manifestation by adjusting the power and mode. When this approach does not bring the desired results, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Edema is not only dangerous physical or aesthetic discomfort. Often they are a symptom of serious pathologies (varicose veins, renal failure, preeclampsia).

Late preeclampsia is considered the most common and at the same time dangerous disorder. If the general condition of the woman is satisfactory, but severe edema is observed, it should be reported to the gynecologist. If this is not done in a timely manner, such a disregard for the child’s own health and well-being may affect the mother-placenta-fetus system. Violation of this scheme often leads to oxygen starvation of the child, which affects its development.

Why do edemas appear?

Edema during pregnancy in the later stages appear gradually. Legs swell first, then this process "rises" over the body, affecting the lower back and arms. In especially serious cases – the face.

If we exclude the physiological, the causes of the development of pathological edema emit a great many.

  1. Protein deficiency.
  2. Kidney disease (violation of the outflow of fluid from the body).
  3. Thyroid pathology (change in water-salt balance).
  4. Cardiovascular diseases (impaired blood circulation).
  5. Phlebeurysm.
  6. Overweight.

Only a doctor can determine the nature of edema. After a complete diagnostic examination and identification of the cause of the pathology, the woman is prescribed treatment.

Swelling on the face in late pregnancy

Swelling of the face during pregnancy is a fairly common problem. The first thing swelling of the eyelids, and the face becomes rounded.

A special case is swelling of the nose. Among the causes of its occurrence can be noted the accumulation of fluid in the vessels, as well as problems with the respiratory tract. Swelling of the nose is usually accompanied by a runny nose, dryness or itching.

Runny nose and swelling in the 38th week of pregnancy are quite common phenomena that complement each other. In this case, it is recommended to contact the doctor who will select the medicine. After the baby is born, this problem is resolved by itself. Rhinitis for a pregnant woman is completely safe, but can affect the development of the fetus. With nasal congestion, the baby inside the womb experiences an oxygen deficiency, which entails negative consequences.

Swelling of the legs in late pregnancy

The process of fluid retention is carried out from the bottom up. That is why, first of all, a pregnant woman’s legs suffer. The manifestation of this pathology is more noticeable in the evening. During the day, accumulating fluid descends, concentrating in the limbs. At night, it is distributed throughout the body, so the swelling of the legs is not so noticeable. If the symptoms disappear after resting, there is no reason to worry.

In what case do you need to consult a doctor? For qualified assistance, you should apply when the edema of the legs does not subside even in the morning. The causes of the pathological condition are usually hidden in late gestosis.

At the initial stage, in addition to swelling in the legs, women complain of indisposition, fatigue and poor health. The alarming symptom is an uneven or excessively large weight gain (more than 500 g per week). It can also increase blood pressure, protein in the urine, convulsions. If after a diagnostic examination the diagnosis of preeclampsia is confirmed, the woman is hospitalized. The future mother and her baby require complex treatment and constant monitoring.

Severe swelling of the legs during pregnancy

Swelling of fingers during pregnancy

If your fingers begin to swell, it’s time to sound the alarm. The first sign of a problem is the inability to remove the ring. In addition, there is numbness and tingling in the fingers.

Leave no attention to this problem. The higher the swelling rises in the body, the greater the danger to the child. You should not hesitate and postpone the visit to the doctor. The sooner you report a problem, the higher the likelihood of successful treatment.

Swelling of fingers during pregnancy is usually caused by the professional activity of the woman. Similar phenomena occur with repetitive manipulations of the same type of brushes. It can be computer work, knitting or embroidery. Edema is often accompanied by a characteristic pain in the wrist, which in medical practice is otherwise referred to as tunnel syndrome. If you are engaged in similar work, it is better to give it up for a while and do special gymnastics for hands.

What is hidden swelling?

Such a problem may indicate an excessive increase in body mass of a woman (more than 300 g per week). For the entire duration of pregnancy, weight gain should not exceed 12 kg. Otherwise, the doctor prescribes the control of fluid intake and urine output. Also, the McClure-Aldrich test is particularly informative. Sodium chloride is administered subcutaneously to the woman. After the injection site, a large wheal forms, which persists for an hour. With hidden edema, it does not appear at all or disappears very quickly. Based on the results of the examination, the woman is prescribed a course of treatment.

Medical examination

Each reception of a pregnant woman at the gynecologist is accompanied by a physical examination. This is especially true of the legs and face, because it allows us to diagnose pastos in the early stages. Another mandatory step at the reception at the gynecologist is weighing. This is the best way to determine excessive weight gain. Edema in pregnancy in the later periods are certain phenomena that are often caused by an increase in the body weight of the woman.

Before each reception, the future mother must pass urine tests. With this test, the doctor can check the functioning of the kidneys and differentiate the physiological variant of the swelling.

It is very difficult to establish why the edemas appear during late pregnancy. The diagnosis of a gynecologist requires the results of additional examinations of the body (ultrasound of the kidneys, blood test, etc.). After that, a specialist can judge the presence of pathologies and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Severe swelling of the legs during pregnancy

Edema in late pregnancy. What to do?

In order to prevent, as well as physiological edema, doctors advise future mothers to follow fairly simple recommendations.

You should lead an active lifestyle, spend less time in a sitting position, as far as possible. Sports are considered useful and fitness, designed specifically for women in the position.

To reduce swelling in the legs, the causes of which are often hidden in the accumulation of fluid in the lower extremities, you can make special baths. Water should not be hot. You can add a little essential oil. These baths give a positive effect with regular repetition of the procedure.

Try to avoid overheating, less stay in stuffy rooms and in direct sunlight. Wear only high-quality and comfortable shoes, preferably without a heel.

With regard to the issue of nutrition, it is necessary to exclude salty, spicy, smoked and fried foods. All of them directly affect fluid retention in the body. You should also limit the consumption of sweets and pastries.

Excessive use of salt leads to fluid retention in the body, resulting in swelling during pregnancy. The testimonials of many women who followed this recommendation prove this statement. One has only to abandon the use of salt, as the swelling themselves begin to pass. But the amount of fluid should not be reduced. Per day it is recommended to use up to two liters of the most ordinary non-carbonated water.

Drug treatment of edema

Treatment recommendations to combat swelling are often limited to the above. Some women are advised to wear compression stockings and use special remedies for edema (gels, ointments). If you have complications and second-degree preeclampsia, you cannot do without medication. It is important to understand that preeclampsia carries a threat not only for the future mother, but also for her baby in the womb.

Usually, women with such a diagnosis are prescribed diuretics (“Canephron”, “Fitolysin”). These funds normalize the work of the kidneys, have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic actions. Receiving multivitamin complexes is also shown to improve uteroplacental blood flow. With the help of droppers, the deficiency of protein and fluid in the woman’s body is restored. With high blood pressure prescribed antihypertensive drugs.

Help traditional medicine

In specialized sources you can find many recipes of traditional medicine. Before resorting to the help of a remedy for edema, you should consult with your doctor.

Many believe in the miraculous properties of lingonberries. This berry is rich in vitamins and really helps from puffiness. It should be understood that each organism is individual, therefore consultation with a doctor is required before use. Lingonberry improves body tone. Without that, a constantly tense uterus can receive a double dose of this tone. This kind of negligence can lead to a threatened abortion.

Treatment of folk remedies involves the use of various herbal tinctures. Usually choose plants that have the greatest diuretic effect (bear ears, kidney tea, bearberry leaves, horsetail). On the day it is recommended to drink no more than one glass of any of the listed infusions. The treatment time is usually about a month.

As a rule, such recommendations are suitable for women with physiological edema. In the case of pathologies in the body, complex medical treatment is indispensable, and traditional medicine recipes can be used as a supplement.


Now you know why edema during pregnancy should not be left without attention, in which cases consultation of a doctor is required. Carrying a baby for all nine months is a rather crucial period in the life of every woman. As the child develops, his life and health are in your hands. When observing the diet and rest regimen, following the doctor’s instructions, motherhood brings only positive emotions.

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