Second labor contractions

Waiting for the second baby is usually much easier than the first pregnancy. The future mother has a completely different psychological attitude at this time, and physically she herself, as a rule, feels better. It is easier for her to understand what will happen next when the contractions began, and the body is ready for the birth of the child.

If the first birth took place without any special complications and discomfort, then the second cause much less excitement and experience. However, in the second delivery, the precursors have some differences, so the woman needs to know how the multiparous contractions begin.

The main differences

During the second birth, under the condition of a normal pregnancy, all processes, ranging from contractions and ending with the afterbirth, do not proceed as long as for primiparous women. This is because after the first experience of the birth of a baby, some changes occur in the body.

Second labor contractions

Cervical dilatation before the second birth takes up to seven hours, and when the first birth takes place, this period can be delayed up to 13 hours. The discharge of the plug also occurs somewhat faster and takes about 30 minutes.

If there are certain abnormalities during pregnancy (for example, cervical insufficiency), the likelihood of premature birth increases. They can occur for a period of 6-7 months, which adversely affects the health of the baby.

Therefore, women should be attentive to the slightest signs and immediately seek help if they are noted:

  • the appearance of a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen;
  • the appearance of pain in the lumbar region;
  • characteristic mucous discharge from the vagina.

Features of the beginning of the second birth

How can we understand that labor will soon begin during a second pregnancy, and what sensations does a woman feel during this period?

The first “swallows” of beginning childbirth is emotional instability. Future mother often at this moment of pregnancy wants solitude and does not want to communicate with anyone. This peculiar reaction of the organism occurs because it needs to prepare psychologically for an important event. At this time, appetite may decrease and body weight decreases.

Some women in this period there is excessive activity. A pregnant woman can start general cleaning, prepare a room for the baby, rearrange the furniture.

Ambiguous symptoms

Other signs are noted:

  1. There are false contractions in the second birth. They are not distinguished by regularity. Their task is to prepare the body for the birth of a child.
  2. A pregnant woman has pain in the back. In some cases, this symptom goes unnoticed, since such sensations could haunt a woman throughout the gestation of the fetus. When lowering the uterus down and stretching the pelvis, a woman complains of pain in the coccyx area. And when squeezing the nerve endings marked numbness of the legs or a violation of their sensitivity.
  3. In primiparous, the stomach begins to descend 2-4 weeks before the event, and during the second pregnancy it occurs a couple of days. This becomes noticeable as the pressure of the uterus on the lungs and the stomach weakens, and the woman stops tormenting heartburn and shortness of breath. But when the bladder is squeezed during this period, it is possible that urination becomes more frequent.

Cork discharge

Sign of the imminent appearance of the child is the discharge of the mucous membrane. But the time of this event is impossible to establish exactly. In some women, this happens shortly before the onset of labor or right during them, in some – in two weeks.

The fact is that this plug acts as a barrier, being in the cervical canal. It does not allow penetration inside the uterus infection. Therefore, if she departed early, then this should be immediately reported to the doctor.

A stopper looks like a piece of mucus that has a pinkish or yellowish tint, sometimes with a small amount of blood.

If childbirth has begun, the cervix becomes wider, and the tube comes out. This is one of the main signs, and it is clear from it that the child will soon be born.

Discharge of waters

A sign of the beginning of active labor activity becomes the discharge of amniotic fluid. Waters begin to come out when the rupture of the amniotic bubble occurs.

There are no painful sensations. Recognizing the discharge of water is easy if they flow immediately, but sometimes they can just leak a little.

To understand that this began to drift water, you need to put a piece of white cloth instead of a pad. Their difference from vaginal discharge is that they will be absorbed, and not remain on the surface. Normally, the liquid should be clear or slightly yellowish and odorless.

If there are signs of discoloration or smell, then this should be immediately reported to the doctor.

The main symptom by which the beginning of the second labor can be recognized are contractions that become regular. At this point, the woman remembers the painful sensations that she experienced before the first birth. The most important thing at this time – to try to calm yourself, knowing that this phenomenon is temporary and will not last long.

Contractions are absolutely necessary, as they occur as a result of uterine contraction, so that the baby can pass normally through the birth canal. In addition, only thanks to them is the discharge of the placenta and the removal of the placenta.

This phenomenon passes with a certain period of time, which allows a woman to gain strength. Gradually, the intervals between contractions become shorter (up to several seconds), and their duration is longer.

Cervical dilatation of more than 10 centimeters is evidence of readiness for childbirth.

After cesarean

If the woman’s first child appeared by caesarean section, despite this, during the second pregnancy, the doctor may recommend giving birth in a natural way. But only if the pregnancy proceeds safely and there are no contraindications.

Retinal detachment, pre-eclampsia and other indications will lead to the need for re-operation. In some cases, if the first birth was difficult and with complications, and during pregnancy there were various health problems, the woman may feel very anxious when carrying the second child while waiting for his appearance.

In order to prevent such a nervous state, it is necessary to undergo all examinations and expert consultations.

Second labor contractions

Understanding which symptoms accompany the second birth, you can prepare in advance and go to the maternity ward at the first sign.

Symptoms of childbirth during the second pregnancy

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