Second birth harbingers

Women who are expecting a second child, rightly consider themselves more experienced than primiparas. However, with all their self-confidence and knowledge of the upcoming, they are also interested in the forerunners of the second kind, who are expected with the same excitement and impatience, like all the others.

Second birth harbingers

In fact, regardless of whether the first or second baby is expecting mommy, the symptoms of an approaching delivery can be equivalent to occur a couple of hours or a few days before the act itself. That is why it is worth remembering what are the real harbingers of childbirth during the second pregnancy, which will allow you to be fully armed.

How does the body prepare and change?

Second birth harbingers

Periodically, the expectant mother begins to experience irregular, weak and painless contractions of the muscles of the uterus. This phenomenon is called false contractions, which have no effect on the smoothing and opening of the uterine cervix. If such reductions become painful and cause any inconvenience, the woman should contact her gynecologist to eliminate or confirm the premature birth of the child. Before approaching childbirth, the use of a bandage or frequent rest is recommended, which will help to cope with lower back pain and a joints.

The main harbingers of childbirth in the second pregnancy

  1. The release of cork from mucus, which can happen during the childbirth process itself, or a couple of weeks before they begin. In women who give birth again, this phenomenon may occur somewhat earlier, since after previous births the uterine cervix remains slightly open and more elastic.
  2. Lowering the abdomen is also considered to be an indirect harbinger of imminent labor, although in some cases this phenomenon is not observed at all. A woman may begin to notice that she has become easier to breathe, to eat, to sleep and move more comfortably. This is due to the lowering of the child in the lower pelvis.
  3. For multiparous, there is a gradual smoothing and shortening of the cervix, which can begin in just a couple of hours until the crucial moment.
  4. Vomiting and indigestion can begin in both new moms and their more experienced comrades. It is extremely important not to confuse these symptoms with the usual poisoning or diarrhea due to bad foods.
  5. Since puffiness drops before giving birth, a woman’s weight can decrease by a couple of kilograms, which happens 1-2 days before giving birth.
  6. A child in the womb reduces the activity of his movements, which gives the mother the opportunity to prepare everything for his birth, and to show all his master’s talents.

Difference of genus multiplying

Regular contractions, as precursors of the second birth, should begin at intervals of about 20 minutes. And last only a couple of seconds, without bringing with it feelings of pain or discomfort. It is during this period that the smoothing and shortening of the uterine cervix occurs. The real contractions will increase, and when their duration is 1 minute, and the intervals between them are equal to five minutes, the woman needs to go to the maternity ward.

Second birth harbingers

Also, the main harbinger of imminent labor, which is the same for both nulliparous and mummies in a square, is the discharge of amniotic fluid. Usually it is completely poured out at the time of full disclosure of the uterine cervix. But there are frequent cases of leakage or premature rupture of the amniotic fluid, which is an unfavorable factor for the baby.

According to many women, the second birth is much faster than the first. However, this is not the rule, since it is not necessary to lose sight of the originality of each organism.

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