Scenario birthday woman

Comic birthday greetings to the woman with a joke. In prose and verse

Scenario birthday woman

Almost always and on any holiday, the guests congratulate the hero of the occasion, read out the congratulations on the cards that they bought in the store. Occasionally someone thinks out congratulations himself, and read them out. But they are all strict, formal, and sometimes from such congratulations I want to cry for happiness and beauty. But why cry – because the holiday ?! New funny birthday and anniversary greetings to a woman with a joke – this is what will make your holiday unforgettable, and congratulations with an incredible show number! See the most original and funny greetings, and congratulate them on any holiday. And so, let’s watch.

We wish you happiness and love! Every day you only blossom! Be always beautiful and always lovely, Thirty-three heroes will love you!

I don’t know what to wish for you. Everything seems to have said already. But I adore you so much, I will say all that is in the soul.

First, I wish you happiness, That there was a lot, two bags. And I propose this happiness, Use one to you.

Scenario birthday woman

More love, where do without it, So that on this front everything was good. So that Cupid did not forget about you, And let your arrows right!

Money is never enough, And everyone knows about it. Let you have a lot of them, So that you live beautifully.

And I also want to tell you, That you had everything on five. So that everything you did, And everything came true!

Gorgeous yachts, resorts, hotels, So that you yourself lived in Kurshaveli! So that your friends visit you, And relax at the resorts together. from the hip, And misfortune did not happen to you. In general, summing up his speech –Glavnoe – to attract the bird of happiness!

Be the best on the planet, Be the brightest of all in this world! Be just super, straight away, Men to stand in a row! Be cheerful, always perky, Be playful like a bottle of wine! Be beautiful what are you really!

Comic greetings in prose.

Today is your birthday! I congratulate you on this wonderful event and wish you that if you have something to hurt, then every day in different places. After all, as doctors say, if every day you have a pain not there, then you are completely healthy!

Dear my friend! Happy birthday to you! I wish you that your man will always give you gifts on the letter Sh – a fur coat, a cap, champagne, a noise, hats, naked little hairs and a silver-colored Chevrolet.

How many wonderful events in your life! How much success in your life and the conquest of new peaks! Today, on your birthday, I wish you that all events, successes and victories will be repeated again and again.

Dear my friend! On your birthday, I wish you that when you leave for someone to visit, your man will call you and ask you where? And not to shout where it is!

Dear my friend! Happy birthday to you! I wish you not to count your money and not count other people’s money. After all, as they say – a woman who does not consider her money – successfully married. And a woman who does not consider other people’s money is a beautiful lover!

We spend our lives on any nonsense. We spend the first half of our lives to earn money. And the second, half of life, we spend the money earned to return health. On your birthday, I wish you to spend your life as you see fit, and did not think about money.

I wish you to throw money to the wind, but just ate it blowing in your direction! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! I wish you that you and your man always have thoughts. To the fur shop you thought about the same thing. And when you say – how nice that you buy me a new fur coat, your man thought the same thing.

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