Runners for kids

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  • January 14, 2014
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It happens that not so long ago you bought a jacket, only managed to get used to it, but the zipper does not fasten … Or the trigger is no longer new, but you don’t want to part with it.

Before you go to the workshop and pay for the replacement of the zipper an amount equal to half the cost of the jacket, make a diagnosis. Quite possibly, you can solve this problem yourself and do it yourself fix the jacket.

Look carefully at the zipper. If the braid is torn, the teeth are broken out or the lower edge of the braid “swung”, alas … the zipper must be changed completely. And if you are not friends with a sewing machine and do not own the technology, it is very difficult to do it yourself. If the lightning visually everything is in order, check the slider. Most often it is in him. If the zipper is fastened and then “diverges”, the problem is easily fixed. You just need to “pull” the slider. The market is filled with furniture, but its quality leaves much to be desired. Most likely, the slider is simply weakened, as they are made of soft alloys. If the runner is plastic, alas. So, with the help of the round-nose pliers, we slightly press the bottom edge of the thumb on both sides, without removing the thumb.

So you prolong the life of the lightning, although not for long. If this measure did not help, prepare the workplace, arm with the right tools and turn into home-made masters! A runner of a suitable size can be removed from any unnecessary lightning, if there is one in your household. If there is no such, go to the shop of sewing accessories and select the slider. Lightning are spiral, tractor, metal, runners to them – appropriate. The seller will help you with the choice. The most common number is 5. It is better to take a jacket or an old slider with you. How to remove the slider from the zipper, we will tell further. It is important that the number of the new slider matches the number of the old one. The number is usually written on the back side. If there is no number, carefully select the slider in width, simply applying the old to the new.

Runners for kids

Let’s prepare a workplace. On a well-lit table, we put a small, non-slippery napkin; it can be homemade or bought in a store. This is in order not to lose small details. From the tools we need: a small screwdriver, pliers, pliers.

From the materials: the slider bought in advance and any old zipper from which we use stoppers. Stoppers are locking pins that prevent the runner from jumping out. By the way, if the metal stoppers, we just remove them, and then put in place. We will consider a more complex option when the plastic zipper, and stoppers, too. If you do not have an old zipper, you need to buy an inexpensive one with metal stoppers.

Runners for kids

So, let’s start. Here is our client today. The lock is plastic, seemingly whole, but diverges. Tried to preload, there is no result. Will be change runner.Old down to down, so as not to lose, and that it does not bother us.

We prepare stoppers by simply removing them with a small screwdriver with an old zipper. Be careful, the metal is usually very soft. Do not deform them strongly, try to keep the given shape. So it will be easier to install them later.

Pliers or round pliers gently remove the plastic stopper. Do not damage the fabric!

Stopper removed, remove the old slider.

Dress up the new slider, check if the zipper is fastened. By the way, if the braid of the zipper is tucked up and sewn into the jacket, do not rush to make an incision (in this case, you will put the slider on without difficulty, but the braid will subsequently “wring out” and you will soon have to change the whole zipper). A little patience and ingenuity, and you put the slider on the braid. If it didn’t work out, it’s better to tackle the edge of the jacket, and then carefully sew it up.

If everything is in order, we install the stopper, easily pressing his mustache with round pliers.

Similarly, install the stopper on the other side of the zipper. The jacket is ready!

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