Riddles for kids 5 years old rhyme

– 1 – It is big, Like a soccer ball! If ripe – everyone is happy! It tastes so good! What’s this? . Answer: Watermelon

– 2 – Then I am in a cage, then in a ruler, Write on me, tell me. You can draw. What is me? . Answer: Notebook

– 3 – Who has one horn? Guess what. Answer: Rhino

– 4 – At the daisy at the gate Helicopter descended – Golden eyes. Who is this. Answer: Dragonfly

– 5 – Past groves, past yar Mchit without smoke, Mchit without steam Steam locomotive sister Who is this? Answer: Train

– 6 – Two birch horses In the snow bear me. Horses are red, And their names are. Answer: Skiing

– 7 – Their children carry, Old men carry, To see better! What is it. Answer: Points

– 8 – There are also bellies, there are hats – Cheerful guys! And they live on oak branches! There is not much to think about! The pig loves them very much. And I admire them. The color is dark yellow smooth. Answer: Acorns

– 9 – To distant villages, cities Who goes by wire? Light majesty! It . Answer: Electricity

– 10 – You will take it in your hands – And you are not afraid of rain! The rain will pass – you will fold it And you can walk under the sun. If the horizon is clear, whats left at home? . Answer: Umbrella

– 11 – Yellow lumps, Light as cotton! Run for quota Who’s this? . Answer: Chicks

– 12 – Along the forest paths A lot of white legs In hats of multi-colored, Visible from a distance. Collect, do not delay! It . Answer: Russula

– 13 – I want to become a strong man. I come to a strongman: – Tell me about this – How did you become a strongman? He smiled, that’s the answer: – Very simple. For many years Every year, getting out of bed, I raise. Answer: Dumbbells

– 14 – Sly cheat, Red head, Fluffy tail – beautiful! And her name is. Answer: Fox

– 15 – Today, all rejoices! In the hands of the children For joy dance Air. The answer is: balls

– 16 – You are not familiar with me? I live on the bottom of the sea. Head and eight legs, That’s all I -. Answer: Octopus

– 17 – Who is without notes and without pipe? The trills are the best, Hollow, more tender? Who is this. Answer: Nightingale

– 18 – At night I walk in the sky, I light the earth dimly. Bored, boring to me alone, And my name is. Answer: the moon

– 19 – The bear found honey in the forest, Little honey, a lot. Answer: Bees

– 20 – A log is floating along the river – Oh, and it is angry! Those who are in the river please, Nose bite. Answer: Crocodile

– 21 – This beast lives only at home. Everyone is familiar with this beast. He has a mustache like knitting needles. He purr sings a song. Only the mouse is afraid of him … Guess? It – . Answer: Cat

– 22 – In the hot sun dried up And breaks out of the pods. Answer: Peas

– 23 – Not fire – but it burns, It is not given into the hands. Grown under a willow, Call her. Answer: Nettle

– 24 – Lives quietly, not in a hurry, just in case wears a shield. Under it, does not know fear, Walking. Answer: Turtle

– 25 – Where to run – she does not know. In the steppe is flat, In the forest he wanders, Stumbles at the threshold. What is it? . Answer: Road

– 26 – My birthday is – Gave me a horse. Wonderful such! Blue-green. You need to drive carefully, You can hold on to the horns, It’s a pity that there is no mane. What a horse. Answer: Bicycle

– 27 – Quickly swims in the sky, Overtaking the birds flight. Man controls it. What. Answer: Airplane

– 28 – In summer – in the garden, Fresh greens, And in winter – in a barrel, Yellow, salty. Guess, well done, What are our names. Answer: Cucumbers

– 29 – Grandmother Night Stars began to pound the seeds. Baked kids cake. Come, grandchildren, to the window! How delicious is it? Golden Pie -. Answer: Moon

– 30 – Both green and thick. A bush has grown on the garden. Dig a little bit: Under the bush. Answer: Potato

– 31 – My portfolio is not great and not small: There is a book of problems in it, Primer and. Answer: Penalty

– 32 – In the black field the white hare Jumped, ran, made loops. The track behind him was also white. Who is this hare? Answer: Mel

– 33 – All migratory birds of blacks, Cleans arable land from worms. Back and forth on arable land gallop. And the bird is called. Answer: Rook

– 34 – If you sharpen it, Draw whatever you want! Sun, sea, mountains, beach. What is this? . Answer: Pencil

– 35 – Well done, this Lina: Sculpts everything from. Answer: Plasticine

– 36 – He looks like a red ball, Only now he does not rush away. It has a useful vitamin – It is ripe. The answer is: Orange

– 37 – Here is a mushroom dome on the leg, It will protect from rain. A pedestrian will not get wet if it hides under. Answer: Umbrella

– 38 – Early in the morning, in the yard, Ledo lay on the grass. And the whole meadow became light blue. Silver sparkles. Answer: Frost

– 39 – He walks his head up, Not because of a proud temper, Not because an important graph, But because he. Answer: Giraffe

– 40 – Island with palm tree, Say hello to me! He huffs offendedly: “I’m not an island! i am the same Answer: Whale

– 41 – And they do not bathe in the sea, And they have no bristles, But they are still called Sea. Answer: Guinea Pigs

– 42 – Grandma is soon 40 years old, But she jumps like a fool. Give the correct answer – Who is she? Answer: Snow Maiden

– 43 – A thin thread is entered into the narrow peephole, And swam across the ship quickly. Sews, sews and pricks prickly, A is called a boat. Answer: Needle

– 44 – You flew in the dark sky for a long time, Then you must be very tired And with your head hanging above us, And we all look at the flying one. Answer: Mouse

– 45 – A traffic light is lit on the garden, And people agree to wait, While green. Will not turn red. Answer: Tomato

– 46 – Drinks gasoline like milk, Can run far, Wears rubber shoes, And her name is. Answer: Machine

– 47 – Comes to people again and again A great feeling called. The answer is: Love

– 48 – Instead of needle fur all over, enemy of mice is prickly. Answer: Hedgehog

– 49 – “Shhhhhh! I’ll swallow it! ”- Snapping his teeth. Answer: Pike

– 50 – Not that stall, not that hut. In her cattle horned. Horns are afraid to stick out. Do not mumble and do not milk. Not a cow, not a goat, It is not clear where the eyes. For her, a walk is torture! And her name is. Answer: Snail

– 51 – Redhead walking, drinking from a puddle, Not afraid of fierce cold. The tail is shaggy, black nose. Who is this? Redhead Answer: Dog

– 52 – If you are tired of playing, You lie down on. At sunrise and sunset Sweet sleep on. Answer: Bed

– 53 – Oh, and the sharp subject – Will cause any harm. Behave with him with him – Be extremely careful. One has only to gape – Ranit, nowhere to go. Although it is dangerous, but still, Everyday need. Answer: Knife

– 54 – He wields so quickly: Gently, subtle, clean. Cuts, cuts everything: fruits, vegetables, salad. On a saw a little bit like. Careful, sharp. Answer: Knife

– 55 – The distance of the fields turns green, the nightingale sings. The garden is dressed in white, Bees are the first to fly, Thunder rumbles. Guess what month is it? Answer: May

– 56 – Like a whirlwind flies fleeing From the enemy shy. Answer: Hare

– 57 – On the nose the beast wears a horn And is called. Answer: Rhino

– 58 – I am not lucky enough to have my own House. Answer: Snail

– 59 – A lot of dresses, A lot of crunch. What is her name? Answer: Cabbage

– 60 – Clap – and the candy shoots like a gun? It is clear to everyone: it is. Answer: Clapper

– 61 – Here is a steel bird Into the skies is seeking, And leads her pilot. What kind of bird? Answer: Airplane

– 62 – In space, through the thickness of years, the Icy object flies. Its tail is a strip of light, And the name is the object. Answer: Comet

– 63 – Four wheels, Rubber tires, Motor and brakes. And what is it? Answer: Machines

– 64 – I take off without acceleration upwards, I remind Dragonfly. I’m going to fly, Who is it? Answer: Helicopter

– 65 – Mother walks with a haughty face. Near daughter – proud gait. With a long hair daughter and mother, Their whole family is called. Answer: Lama

– 66 – It is big and very strong, Very powerful and beautiful. Everyone is familiar in Savannah he, Who then? African. Answer: Elephant

– 67 – He lives in Australia – This marsupial animal, He builds nests on the ground. He is omnivorous. Earth is digging. Garden and meadow – he is here and there long-nosed. Answer: Bandicoot

– 68 – We made a snowball, Hat made on it, Nose attached – and instantly turned out. Answer: Snowman

– 69 – He looks down on you – You will not find a proud flower. He is in the autumn garden of the lord, It is a bright color. Answer: Dahlia

– 70 – Not prickly, light blue In the bushes hung. Answer: Frost

– 71 – This little baby Sleeps without sheets and diapers. Under the cinnamon ears Do not put him a pillow. He has four legs, But walks without a coat, He has galoshes and boots He won’t wear for anything. He can not say: “Mom, I want to eat!” And because all day Muttered obstinately: “Muh!” This is not a child at all – This is a small one. Answer: calf

– 72 – Favorite children’s toy, Naughty prankster. Answer: Parsley

– 73 – In his crown of red He walks like a king. You listen to him every hour if you please: – I’m here! I’m on the alert! I’ll do all of you! The children fell asleep. The light went out. Shut up, gorlalenky. Answer: Rooster

– 74 – She flew over the flower, And collected the pollen from the flower. She stripped. And her name is. Answer: Bee

– 75 – Beware of the mouse race, Out on the hunt. Answer: Cat

– 76 – The source – in the Northern Urals (perhaps you knew about it). First runs to the southwest, Is called the mountain river. Then, rushing to the north, Acquires and peace. Flowing quietly to the sea soon Her Majesty. Answer: Pechora

– 77 – Vereschunya beloboka, and her name is. Answer: Magpie

– 78 – Blue kerchief, dark back. Little bird Call her. Answer: Titmouse

– 79 – Yellow-pink flank, And in size – with a cam! He hung on a branch, And under the southern sun matured. And in the spring and summer grew Delicious. Answer: Apricot

– 80 – Sour-sour! But – useful! And, probably, all known. He is in the country, and in the forest. I will give Narva and bring Smooth, as if grain of rice, Red berries. Answer: Barberry

– 81 – Flowers openly look at me, And look in the morning, and during the day. I also look at them with surprise, After all, I find a resemblance to a face in colors! Called beautiful! Here is a wonderful word – Name is a clear-eyed flower -. Answer: Viola

– 82 – Radish is different. And who knows this? Long tail – delicious it! Is called. Answer: Daikon

– 83 – Next to the affectionate raspberry We recently planted a wonderful Berry, Very interesting! The color – as if ink, Never “face” soap. Only this is not blueberry, This is ours. The answer is: Blackberry

– 84 – Oh, what a prickly man you are! Fins and tail are sticky! You won’t take me! – I’ll catch you. Answer: Ruff

– 85 – The branches of the tree – like hands, silver sheets. And from flexible, thin rods One can weave a lot: And sofas, and baskets, Chairs, armchairs and curtains. And useful and beautiful Forever weeping. Answer: Willow

– 86 – And sometimes in the country There may be trouble. Smash your knee if you do not find it more useful! At least a little and pozhzhet, But it will help. Answer: Iodine

– 87 – Burns like fire! You see, do not touch her! Unraveled under the old plum Very burning. Answer: Nettle

– 88 – They love wires very much, and they always sit on them. Here again they sat down in a row, And they talk about something, And God’s birds gently chirp -. Answer: Swallows

– 89 – He is looking for a lighthouse in the darkness, because he is. Answer: Seaman

– 90 – The beast rushes faster than the wind. – It was here, but where is it now? Instantly taking a great start, Already at the finish. Answer: Cheetah

– 91 – Both in winter and in summer He is dressed in a black coat. Very important lord by last name. Answer: Penguin

– 92 – Very ancient inhabitants live on the earth, The old ancestors of their mammoths have seen. People did not live when. For many years, the planet went. Answer: Crocodile

– 93 – Look at me, How I look like a horse! But for being low, Everyone calls me. Answer: Horse

– 94 – Wool is like silk in pussy, And on the ears of the brush. Only hardly say “scat”, More serious pussy. Answer: Lynx

– 95 – He walks through the desert, The load carries, does not eat, does not drink. To pass two or three dishes For the unfortunate. Answer: Camel

– 96 – Crawling very slowly, Long, they say, lives. Head pulling in fear, Hid in the shell. Answer: Turtle

– 97 – Wide, squat, muscular, Strong and strong as a weightlifter. Handsome, however, does not mean Big-Big. Answer: Hippo

– 98 – Hanging and sleeping on a tree. His food is eucalyptus. – You have such a good food, Teddy, funny. Answer: Koala

– 99 – Under the water a whole warehouse! The raft is made of branches. Their teeth are so sharp! Sharpen the tree. Answer: Beavers

– 100 – Cute, gray, mustache, Tail – strip barrier. Dirty food does not gnaw – Wash everything in water. Answer: Raccoon

– 101 – The squirrel is a little bit like – Spina in stripes, small, nice. The storeroom is full, like a chest – Throwing in a baby. Answer: Chipmunk

– 102 – Thick, wrinkled, two fangs. He looks like an old man. He lies on the ice – and well? Do not freeze thick-skinned. Answer: Walrus

– 103 – He is thick-skinned and clumsy, He is a river – no deeper than puddles. All his life carries his powerful horn – For what is punished. Answer: Rhino

– 104 – Fruit is like a cone ate, We took a chance – a cone was eaten. The best, the highest class – Ripe, juicy. The answer is: pineapple

– 105 – Today I am the co-pilot. Ready to fly the plane! Scorching, meeting me, guns. And I shout: – Hi,. The answer is: toys

– 106 – On the River-River in the Springtime, the Hut was built by the Amicable Family. Vetka yes brushwood, Trees – a pile, So the dam-dam is ready. In a quiet little river At the very water They washed their feet, ears. Who are they? The answer is: beavers

– 107 – The sun is shining – it is silent, The rain will start – it rattles: Bom, bom, bom, bom! It rumbles. Answer: Thunder

– 108 – Bush with thorns – but not a rose, Afraid of the wind and frost, Loves a lot of light, Berries are large, black. “In our garden,” said Vika, “already ripe.” The answer is: blackberry

– 109 – I asked a tree: – Why are you sad, leaning into a pond, put the braids in the water? All the earrings dropped. See, they are floating. “And you are beautiful without them, Weeping.” The answer is: willow

– 110 – His house is underground – Ceilings are low, And turnip and radish hang over his head. Who lives without light? Guess? It – . The answer is: mole

– 111 – In the sky spinning, On the ground lie, White, carved, Cold such Stars as fluffs What is it. The answer is: snowflake

– 112 – In the field, rye swings, Spikes are poured. There is one animal here – Cut a ripe spikelet. He threw grain, For the cheek he wore home. Look, there is a fat man. Call him -. The answer is: hamster

– 113 – I am in a hurry for a holiday, I hold them for a string: Red, yellow, blue – Float above your head, Not better for children, Than air. The answer is: balls

– 114 – I sit on the bench, I hold it by the wand, I will not go to the cinema, Until I eat. Answer: popsicle

– 115 – I’m spinning all day, As Yula is spinning. Mom, mom, look, One, two, three – one, two, three. I would still twist, Until the head spun. – Oh, – Lyubka sighed, – It is to blame. The answer is: skirt

– 116 – Flexibly bends the neck, And beautiful, and slender, Dexterously tail raises, What is the figure? Numeral. The answer is: two

– 117 – What a heron, everyone knows, For the six steps. Yes, she is known to all. This heron is a figure. The answer is: seven

– 118 – Someone at night, the old chair turned back down. And now in our apartment He became a digital. The answer is four

– 119 – Got numbers, like a squad, In a friendly numeric number of their own. First in order the role of Nam will play the figure. The answer is: zero

Riddles for kids 5 years old rhyme

– 120 – You don’t score a goal so easy, A stake is on the gate. And in a fight with him not to fight, This is a figure. The answer is: unit

– 121 – The sun is shining, the pond is in bloom, The swan is floating on it, Closer it swam barely – It turned out the figure. The answer is: two

– 122 – I will circle the letter Z, I will bring guests to the numbers. You look carefully – It turned out the figure. The answer is: three

– 123 – We decided to remove the movie about the numbers. We began to turn on the cameras. Where is the letter H on the air? Do not be afraid! The figure is me. The answer is four

– 124 – At school, one should not be lazy: Draw, write, learn, Answer the lessons And put in a diary. The answer is: five

– 125 – I arranged a parade, Figures are building like a soldier! And there is a clear order – After five steps. The answer is: six

– 126 – It looks like an ax, But it does not split wood into the yard. Like a scythe, but not quite, Just a figure. The answer is: seven

– 127 – Each other has two rings, Two lads removed. In their numerical series, ask and get a number. The answer is eight

– 128 – Oh, what a comma. On the sheet is a big one! You can even measure it, it’s just a figure. The answer is: nine

– 129 – Keeps up in the hot summer And at the same time he becomes like a round ball, But you will not let him jump. It is heavy and big, Ripe, strong, bulk, Sweet, juicy and resilient, Wonderful to the taste, It is useful for everyone. The answer is: watermelon

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