Quest for a child’s birthday at home

Drawing up a festive menu for a child of 7-9 years is an important step in preparing a children’s holiday. The little ones are waiting for the birthday of a whole year, so it is very important to think through every moment of this momentous day.

Not all dishes that we prepare for adult meals can be suitable for children. For kids aged 8, a special kids menu is required, which can be easily prepared at home or outdoors.

How to plan?

To make the holiday table a whole storm of positive emotions, call your attention to a few tips on organizing:

Quest for a child's birthday at home

Plan your menu in advance. It is better to do this in advance, at least one month before the birthday. Talk with your child in which topic he wants to see his holiday. Specify his wishes about what dishes are needed on the holiday table. Be sure to consider all the wishes of the baby in the preparation of the menu.

  • Discuss with your child an idea for a birthday cake. It is possible that your baby really wants a cake with an image of a particular cartoon character or fairy tale. Such a decoration will look great on multi-tiered mastic cakes. Decide which cake to bake or order. For kids 7-9 years old, you can choose different options: from sponge cake to “Napoleon”. Impregnation try to choose not very fat. It is better to prefer sour cream or yoghurt cream with the addition of fruits or berries.

Quest for a child's birthday at home

  • Make a list of products for the holiday table. Try to buy the freshest products. If possible, do not use anything from the freeze. Check the expiration dates of fermented milk products, which you will use for salad dressings or cooking desserts.
  • Include in the menu several types of appetizers, a couple of salads, hot and dessert. An excellent addition to the holiday table will be a vegetable plate and a fruit vase. Use curly cutting methods. So the dishes will look more interesting and appetizing.

A variety of canapés are great for snacks. For them, take different types of bread, boiled chicken, turkey or cooked in batter fish. Cut into portioned squares and string on special multi-colored skewers, alternating with each other. Multicolored pieces of bell pepper or carrot look very interesting. This appetizer looks great and is very useful!

Quest for a child's birthday at home

You can see several recipes for preparing canapes in the following videos.

On the hot a great choice would be a bird or low-fat veal. You can cook rolls with different fillings or bake food in the oven with vegetables. The garnish is perfect multicolored pasta with vegetable sauce.

All kids love pizza. If you are not sure what to cook for the hot, remember this. Homemade pizza, decorated with olives and cherry tomatoes, will be an excellent main dish for any children’s holiday. To accurately please the kids, prepare a few options with different fillings. Kids love pizza with sausage or boiled sausages. Such a dish will be an absolute hit of your holiday!

Drinks for children’s parties are best prepared at home. It is better to choose not sweet carbonated drinks, but ordinary fruit juice, made from berries, or fresh juice. For a special holiday entourage, buy a bottle of children’s non-alcoholic champagne. This drink will cause a storm of positive emotions among the guys.

Holiday recipes for children’s table

Turkey mini rolls with cheese filling

Take 1 kg of turkey, cut into pieces 1 cm thick. Well repel. Salt and pepper a little on both sides.

Separately, grate hard cheese, mix with 1 clove of garlic and a small amount of sour cream.

Put on each piece of turkey a little curd, roll up the straw. Prepare a baking sheet, grease with butter or vegetable oil. Put the straws on a baking sheet. Bake at a temperature of 220 degrees (for 30-35 minutes).

For the sauce, mix the sour cream with the grated cucumber. Salt a little. Place the turkey on the plate, add the sauce. The side dish is perfect boiled crumbly rice or mashed potatoes.

Melon fruit basket

Take a big round melon. It is better to choose a sort of “collective farm”. Thoroughly wash the melon and pat dry with a towel. Cut it in half, remove all seeds.

Cut large bananas, strawberries, kiwi. Fold into the groove in the melon. Sprinkle with powdered sugar on top. In the fruit stick colorful skewers. Decorate with whipped cream. Such a dessert will surely cause wild delight among the little ones!

To make the holiday really cool, you should pay attention to the menu. Interestingly designed and delicious dishes will delight the little ones and will remain in the memory for a long time.

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