Programs for pregnant women on iPhone

Programs for pregnant women on Android

Our site contains many interesting and useful applications for pregnant women, and for those who are just about to have a baby. During the planning period of pregnancy, you will probably find applications for tracking the cycle useful to determine the most suitable time for conception. And during pregnancy, programs with schedules of your individual weight gain, increase in waist circumference, with weekly articles about the stage of development of the child and counting his movements will help. By the end of pregnancy, an application will be very useful, with which you can determine the frequency and duration of contractions, and understand when you need to go to the hospital.

We also have apps for young parents that will help you with daily baby care tips: swaddling, feeding, bathing and much more.

Baby Dr. Komarovsky

Appendix A directory for already happy parents and those who are just going to become pregnant moms and dads waiting for a miracle. This interactive reference book of Dr. Komarovsky contains all the necessary information that parents should know about their newborn babies from mothers’ pregnancy, childbirth, the first 28 days of a child’s life and up to one year. All information is structured by […]

Pregnancy diary

Do you constantly remember what week of pregnancy you have? Then the application for you will be indispensable! Just fill in the required fields, in which you need to enter the correct data, and after that you just have to get the information you are interested in about pregnancy: what week or how many days, how much now your baby weighs, and what […]

Contractions counter (

Counter fights Is approaching the most important day in the life of any woman? Future mothers are always worried before the moment of birth. Nine months re

11 necessary applications for pregnant women on iOS / Android

A modern future mother can use her smartphone to calculate and foresee anything! At the same time, she now always has something to do in order not to focus in vain on the painful experiences and sweet dreams of herring with pickles.

Ask Mama (“Pregnancy: 33,000 questions” or “Pregnancy from A to Z”)

This is something like a kind of mega-forum on interests, where you can anonymously ask anything, even “people, is it my pregnancy or what?” And then, of course, they will not laugh at you, but they will answer you – based on my own experience. There is a search, with the help of which you can dig out the answer to the topic that concerns you, already successfully received by someone.

Programs for pregnant women on iPhone

Soon mom

A lot of useful information and instructions: how to prepare, how to breathe, what is impossible and what is possible during this period. Important contacts and ratings of Moscow maternity hospitals, as well as an equally important schedule for their closure. The list of things needed for the baby, the items from which are transferred to the list of purchased. There are sections “Cases” and “Diary”, “Music” and “Prayer”.

Something like “mobile pregnant social network”. Here you share everything that happens to you, you get likes and comments – well, you watch how the process takes place with, so to speak, colleagues. Questions and advice, general affection over photos, acquaintances and the exchange of useful information about midwives, babysitters and other things sacred for every pregnant person. With someone from the colleagues in an interesting position, you can make friends live – it will be more fun!

Pregnancy • Sprout

The application, which is designed to grasp the immensity in one bottle. Here you can keep an interactive journal of pregnancy on the go, make lists of cases and things, monitor your weight and love

Smart pregnancy: 10 applications for expectant mothers

In our technological age, no important event in a person’s life is complete without gadgets, and preparing for the birth of a new family member is no exception.

To monitor their state of health, to learn how the fetus develops in the womb, to get ready for childbirth and even mobile applications for expectant mothers will help to collect the necessary things in the maternity hospital.

The application considers the days remaining before delivery, and tells the expectant mother how she should feel at this stage of pregnancy. For example, on the 18th week, BabyBump Pregnancy will tell a woman that she may experience slight dizziness, and this is normal. Messages are accompanied by illustrations and diagrams. The app also shows how the fetus looks and how it should be located in the womb at a given time period.

The application in a simple and accessible manner explains to expectant mothers how the development of the fetus takes place in their womb. Interactive 3-D images are accompanied by curious facts, for example, that a child in his mother’s belly learned to hiccup. As in the previous case, the application warns a woman about possible changes in her well-being. In addition, Sprout allows you to monitor your own weight, keep statistics "kicking" fetus, plan visits to the doctor, make lists of necessary things (for example, for a trip to the maternity hospital) and track the frequency of contractions.

The app for adherents of eco-friendly lifestyle helps to compile a list of things necessary for childbirth and environmentally friendly – such as organic cotton diapers or a cradle made from natural materials. Peaceful Nursery also offers tips on how to make your home more "healthy" – for example, by regular airing.

The application helps to make lists of necessary things not only for the expectant mother, but also for

Applications for pregnant women on iPhone

When a woman is “idle miracle“She is interested in everything related to this stage. Some inquire about the nuances of girlfriends or moms, others prefer to draw information from books and magazines, and still others keep up with the times and study apps for pregnant women on iPhone.

If you have this technical miracle and you are preparing for the birth of a baby, be sure to explore the capabilities of your phone and connect interesting themed applications. For example, for such a model http: //

Applications for pregnant women on iPhone

When the family is waiting for the first child, then everything is new for them. Stages of pregnancy and new sensations – all this completely takes the thoughts of parents. How does the baby grow inside my mother’s tummy? Is it developing and gaining weight? What awaits a woman on the day of birth? You will find answers to these and thousands of other pressing questions in mobile apps for iphone.

Programs for pregnant women on iPhone

“I am pregnant”. This application is similar to the encyclopedia for future mothers. It has everything to monitor the evolution of pregnancy, monitor your body and the correct weight gain, as well as monitor the developmental stages of the baby during each week of pregnancy. In addition, there are valuable tips on the right behavior during childbirth, breathing exercises and proper preparation of the muscles of the body.

Mother Health. Thanks to this modern application, the expectant mother can maintain her own pregnancy calendar, record the most significant moments (first push, sex determination and

3 best apps for expectant mothers

Expectant mothers no longer need to beg for advice from senior girlfriends and study glossy magazines, because an assistant who is always at hand – a smartphone can answer all the questions that arise during pregnancy. Applications for pregnant women from the AppStore and Google Play will teach future mothers to monitor their health, tell you how to prepare for childbirth and when you need to visit medical specialists. The latter is extremely important, because pregnancy must necessarily occur under the supervision of an experienced doctor.

I am pregnant

This application for iOS is a real encyclopedia for future mothers! The program allows you to find out what the height and weight of the baby at a certain stage of pregnancy are, what symptoms are considered normal for a particular trimester, how the body of a pregnant woman changes as it approaches delivery.

The girl needs only to enter the initial data (height, weight, date of the last menstruation), after which the following useful tabs will be available:

“Child’s development” – here it is described in detail about the sequence in which the internal and external organs of the fetus are formed.

“Fights” – the program allows you to detect the duration of contractions and the time interval between them. In addition, the program will analyze the trend and comment on whether it is normal.

“To the doctor” – in this tab you can find out when the expectant mother should visit this or that medical specialist. For example, an ultrasound scan is recommended at 5-6 weeks to make sure that the pregnancy is uterine – the program will definitely notify about it.

“Diary” – a mother can record in her diary subjective feelings, weight changes, recommendations given by a medical specialist. Later, the diary turns into a beautiful PDF report with photos.

My child has pharyngitis. At all

An application that will help organize your wardrobe without having to dig into the closet. Comfortable separation by type of clothing, seasons and events. You can create your own image and share it with friends in social networks. Also available are examples of the perfect wardrobe and wish list.

An easy-to-use, free application that helps you store information you need to remember on all your devices. Tidy up business, save your ideas and work more productively. Evernote allows you to take quick notes, save photos, create task lists, record voice reminders and copy entire web pages and quotes, all with the ability to search for the right information, no matter where you are: at home, at work or on the go.

Virtual board for images, drawings and photos. The popularity of this service is growing literally by the hour. With it, you can organize all the most beautiful and interesting that surrounds you, and share it with others. Make-up, manicure, hairstyles and simply beautiful photos: create albums, watch photos of others, discover new interesting things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

Smart Budget helps to monitor the state of finances. With it, you can finally solve the issue "Where does the money go?" and great to save, such as travel or car.

The author of the books “Recipes” and “Dietishi”, which are bestsellers in Russia, Nika Belotserkovskaya, has created her own mobile recipes application. Step-by-step instructions, a list of required products, constantly updated recipes, and even a feature such as sending a recipe via email.

Women’s calendar, which contains all the necessary functions: the cycle and period of menstruation, the forecast of ovulation and fertility, a summary of the 3 months (you need to rotate the screen horizontally), BMT schedule,

Pregnancy calendar download for free on iPhone

All basic functions are available through the calendar application. When you tap your finger on a calendar date, you can add and edit settings for each day.

The developers of the application are not liable for any direct or indirect damages that arise or may arise in connection with the use of this application.

Predictions of the gestation period should be taken as theoretical predictions, which may not coincide with the real gestation period of new gadgets. The description of pregnancy by week is general and theoretical; it may not correspond to the actual state of development of a real pregnancy.

I’m pregnant – an application for future moms

We recently reviewed the application MomentDiary – a diary in your iPhone that allows you to capture the most important moments for you in life. Now we bring to your attention another diary that will be useful for future parents.

You recently learned that you will soon become a mother and now you want to know everything about how your baby develops in your stomach? Then the application “I’m pregnant” is designed just for you.

I am pregnant – this is a multifunctional calendar of pregnancy for the future mother. Having set up all the functions of the application for your time and your own taste, you will receive an excellent program that will constantly inform you about what is happening with your baby and you at any particular time period.

Due to its functionality, the program provides a chart of the weight and height of the unborn baby in each week of pregnancy, as well as full information about which organs and skills the baby develops in one week or another. In addition to information about the fetus, the application also provides data on the young mother. You will be informed about what changes your body is waiting for.

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