Prizes for contests for children

Cartoon hero

In this competition, the main thing is the quick reaction of each of the participants. Whoever first raises his hand, he answers. The presenter calls the hero of the cartoon, and some of the participants should name the cartoon in which there is this hero. One correct answer is one point. At the end of the competition, whoever collects the most points will receive a prize. Heroes can be both modern cartoons and old ones, for example, Leopold the Cat, Asterix, Simka, Vupsen and Pupsen, Artemon and so on.

Letter cartoons

The guys are divided into 2-3 teams. For each team, you need to prepare the same number of letters, from which you can put the names of cartoons so that it is not too difficult, you can take three cartoons, for example: “Luntik”, “Fixiki”, “Masha and the Bear”, which means each team should receive such set of letters: luntikfixikimasha and bear. Letters can be cut or drawn on separate leaves. The team, which will be the most shrewd and quick guys, will be the winner.

Find the right color

Children are in a circle. The presenter thinks of a color, and then says its name out loud. Children should immediately find an object of the named color near them. If someone fails, he is eliminated from the game. And the presenter makes a new color. The player who will be the last to receive the prize.

Prizes for contests for children

Kittens and piglets

Children are divided into two teams: the first team is “pigs”, the second is “kittens”. All players are blindfolded and then mixed together. With the help of grunting and meowing, the children must once again sort out the commands.

Prizes for contests for children

The leader includes music, under which the children will dance, but this music will constantly change, which means that the dancing must also change. You can put as children’s songs, and just music without words. The child who does not get confused and fun to dance, receives a prize.

Catch the tail

All children are lined up with a snake, each player is taken to the belt standing in front. The task of the first player to catch the last one, and the task of the last one is to dodge. From the outside the spectacle is quite interesting. And the players themselves are very interesting and fun.

Players are given long strings at the ends of which are attached cars. The task of each player is that he must quickly wind up his tangle. The players will coil with funny music. Whose machine came first, he won.

All the way around

All children are divided into two teams. Among them, choose the driver. The driver must show different exercises, and children must do the opposite. If the driver raised his hand, then the children give up; if the driver did the inclination to the right, then the children should lean to the left, and so on. Whoever fails will take the place of the driver.

Circle of laughter

All participants line up in a circle. One of them becomes the center of the circle. He picks up a handkerchief and then throws it up. As the handkerchief flies, everyone should laugh out loud. But when the shawl is on the floor, everyone should calm down at once. If someone does not hold back and laugh, it will pull the fant and carry out the task of the lead.

Prizes for contests for children

Each participant receives an album sheet on which the same picture is drawn, namely, all the smeshariki (Krosh, Nyusha, Hedgehog, Losyash, Sovunya, Kar Karych, Pin, Pandi). But, next to each smesharika there is a missing place, where there is not enough of an object. All children know smeshariki and with the help of their imagination and knowledge of these heroes will remember and come up with what needs to be drawn. So, at the “start” command, the children take a felt-tip pen in their hands and begin to draw each item on one smesharik, for example, Krosh – a carrot, Hedgehog – glasses, Pandy – a bow, Sovunye – a ladle and so on. The participant who is the first to cope with the task and will finish drawing everything on the subject will be the winner. The prize can also be given to the most creative participant, who will finish drawing the most “interesting” items to the smeshariki.

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