Preparing to conceive a child for men

We have already talked a lot about the preparation of women for the upcoming pregnancy. We will dedicate the same article preparing men for conception. We will give you nine essential things that your spouse needs to do before attempting to conceive a child with you.

You are unlikely to find a man reading books on pregnancy and childbirth, or those who will be stocked with vitamins and minerals, to avoid hidden dangers that can harm their unborn baby. But this kind of man with this type of behavior should become more common! When a couple tries to get pregnant, the focus is on the woman, but men are responsible for exactly half of this process!

If you are thinking of becoming a father in the near future, here’s a list of things you need to do before trying to get pregnant:

A visit to the doctor is the first step to successful fatherhood.

Make an appointment with a doctor, especially if you suffer from chronic diseases, are constantly taking any medications, or you have problems with erection, ejaculation, loss of libido.

Some drugs (including steroids or hormones, some drugs to increase pressure, some antibiotics, and drugs used to treat fungal infections, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, peptic ulcer and epilepsy) can affect the quality or quantity of sperm, than lead to a violation of male fertility. Also in most cases, when a man is forced to take narcotic drugs, this leads to irreversible consequences for his reproductive health. Talk to your doctor about your plans to become a dad, and find out if it is possible to replace this drug with another one.

By the way, many people mistakenly believe that the treatment of folk remedies can not do any harm. Studies have shown that this seemingly harmless St. John’s wort and some other herbs affect the sperm negatively.

Anabolic steroids, which bodybuilders often use to build muscle faster, can reduce sperm count and reduce the size of the testicles. Therefore, if you play sports, then give up all steroids during preparing men for conception.

Also, tell your doctor if you are in doubt about whether you have sexually transmitted infections (STDs) that, if left untreated, can lead to male infertility. Therefore, it is best to check (to pass tests for various STDs) and receive treatment if necessary. Your health care provider can also refer you to a urologist or a male fertility specialist.

Talk with your doctor about your family history. If your family has had births with children with birth defects, including genetic or chromosomal impairment, mental retardation or other developmental delays, you and your partner should be consulted by a geneticist to get special screening tests and find out Is there a risk of transmitting such diseases to your baby?

Finally, ask your doctor about possible dangers to which you may be exposed at work or elsewhere. Exposure to pesticides, heavy metals and organic solvents can adversely affect sperm quality and quantity.

Learn about your family’s medical history.

Ask your parents, brothers and sisters or other relatives to find out if someone in your family has a genetic or chromosomal disorder, such as Down Syndrome, sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease, or blood clotting disorders.

Also find out if your relatives had no cases of births of children with mental retardation or other developmental delays, anatomical defects at birth (for example, defects of the heart or neural tube).

All your information should be discussed with the doctor at the first prenatal (before conception!) Visit. This will help the doctor decide which prenatal examinations are best for you to pass on before conceiving a baby.

Eat healthy foods and stock up on vitamins.

If you think you can continue to eat convenience foods, chips and pizza, while your wife eats boiled meat and steamed vegetables, think again. First, if you go on the same diet as your wife’s, it will be much easier for her to give up her favorite grilled chicken and grilled chops. Secondly, healthy eating is one of the main stages. preparing men for conception. From such a lifestyle, the quality of your sperm will significantly improve!

Studies have shown that poor nutrition can affect the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of sperm. For example, males with low levels of folic acid in the body have identified a small number of sperm. You can get the required amount of this vitamin (400 micrograms per day) from special dried cereal breakfasts, lettuce, legumes, and orange juice. It also does not hurt the intake of multivitamins or folic acid separately. In addition, men with poor function or insufficient sperm count are also encouraged to take vitamins to increase fertility, which contain antioxidants and amino acids, such as L-arginine, for example.

Zinc is another very important trace element, the content of which in the body must be very carefully monitored. Studies show that even a short-term zinc deficiency can reduce sperm volume and decrease testosterone levels. In addition, a low level of this mineral can affect the absorption and metabolism of folic acid. Eat meat, seafood, eggs in large quantities to get the required amount (11 mg) of zinc per day, or drink multivitamins, which also contain zinc.

And do not forget about vitamin C, which is essential for increasing sperm motility. The easiest way to accumulate this vitamin is to eat vegetables containing it (broccoli, asparagus, sweet peppers) and fruits (oranges, melons, kiwi, tangerines, grapefruits).

Give up parties and bad habits

As soon as you decide to have a baby, refuse to visit various entertainment venues and parties. Sperm suffers from nicotine, alcohol and drugs just like a woman’s egg.

Studies show that this “trio” leads to a decrease in both the number of spermatozoa and their mobility. This means that you should completely eliminate everything, including soft drugs, such as marijuana, stop drinking and stop smoking before trying to get pregnant. In addition, passive smoking is a dangerous “neighborhood” for your wife and your children, both in the womb and after birth. Note that even the use of chewing tobacco leads to poor sperm function.

Reducing sperm count is not the only reason for your refusal to drink! Studies have shown that under the condition that a man drank alcohol every day during the month before conception, his children are much lighter than the children of non-smoking parents. Low birth weight is a serious illness that can affect your baby’s health and behavior for the rest of your life.

Preparing to conceive a child for men

Find out how safe your workplace is.

Very often, the hidden danger to sperm lurks and where you work. Regular exposure to chemicals such as organic solvents (which are often found in dry cleaners and car shops) and pesticides can make conception extremely difficult. They can also change the composition of spermatozoa, which leads to birth defects in the fetus and premature birth. Since the maturation of sperm lasts about three months, it is for this time before the intended conception to reduce the effects of chemicals on your body.

Get boxer shorts

Scientists are still discussing the effect of underwear on the ability to conceive. Some argue that the testicles can overheat in shorts, thereby suppressing the production of sperm. Others say that it is not so important a problem, as, for example, reducing the number of sperm. In principle, wearing boxer shorts can potentially increase your chances of conceiving. Therefore, you can call this change of underwear the simplest point preparing men for conception.

Stay away from the hot tub.

If you plan to start trying to conceive a child in the near future, give up the hot tubs, saunas, or take a hot bath. Heat kills sperm. And because they need about three months to recover, your hot bath, taken in January, will affect those sperm cells that you will erupt in April!

The testicles work best if kept cool (the body temperature in the scrotum is a couple degrees lower than normal body temperature). To protect your testicles, avoid hot baths and saunas for at least three months before attempting to become pregnant.

Try not to ride a bike

Of course, a short bike ride once a week does not affect the quality of your sperm. But if you spend a long time on the hard seat of a bicycle, it can lead to a decrease in sperm volume and a decrease in the number and mobility of sperm. This applies to those cyclists who spend more than 2 hours a day in the saddle, six days a week.

Remember that prolonged driving can damage the scrotum and testicles, which is a potential threat to fertility problems. Moreover, wearing special cycling shorts can kill your sperm just as effectively as swimming in a hot bath.

The scrotum area becomes hot and sweaty because it is sandwiched between the rider’s legs and the bicycle seat, and this can lead to a decrease in sperm count. Therefore, if you are not able to completely abandon cycling, then at least limit your time on the bike, wear loose, not-fitting shorts, and choose a softer seat.


The idea that you will begin to conceive a child, incredibly excites a man, but such arousal can cause stress! This is especially true of those men who are trying to conceive a baby for 4 months or more.

Take time to relax and unwind (swim, sunbathe or just take a walk). And only then all the other ways preparing men for conception will bring the desired result – and you will no longer worry about the fact that you can not get pregnant, but because of how pregnancy will develop. Only such experiences are much more pleasant …

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