Pregnant with sore throat

Even, it would seem, such an insignificant disease as a sore throat is a great nuisance during pregnancy. Every future mother needs to be attentive to health, because now she is responsible not only for her body, but also for the developing baby. In addition, the sore throat is not always caused by ordinary toxicosis or acute respiratory infections. A symptom may indicate an allergy, bacterial or fungal infection, or other serious lesions. An appeal to the therapist is strictly necessary anyway, because only a doctor can determine the diagnosis and prescribe medications that are harmless to mother and fetus. Self-medication often leads to unpleasant complications.

Today, to make things easier, pharmaceutical companies make a lot of tasty pills for sore throat. They do not replace a full-fledged treatment, but are prescribed as adjuvants.

Multicolored lollipops in beautiful wrappers, inexpensive, in convenient packaging and urge to buy and try them. There are even candy with antibiotics. True, not all of them are harmless to pregnant and lactating. Most of these sucking candies really help, and not only eliminate pain, but also treat angina, pharyngitis, laryngitis, as well as chronic forms of diseases of the respiratory organs.

Pregnant with sore throat

What lollipops for sore throat are prohibited for pregnant women

The weakened body of a pregnant woman should be treated carefully. Before buying and taking medications, you should carefully study the instructions and contraindications, not trusting the advice of pharmacists at the pharmacies, but following the recommendations of the obstetrician.

Lollipops with medicinal herbs, essential oils, honey and other useful additives, let them produce, based on the recipes of traditional medicine, contain dyes, fragrances, fragrances that are harmful to expectant mothers.

Some herbs and berries, roots and leaves can provoke uterine contraction and, accordingly, miscarriage, therefore it is not recommended to buy lozenges with the following medicinal plants. For example, you can not eat pregnant: oregano and sage, wormwood and celandine, nutmeg and marsh mint, viburnum, as well as echinacea and ginseng. They are widely known among traditional medicine advocates, however, their effects on women in the situation have not been thoroughly tested. Only after consulting a doctor can you take herbal candies and nutritional supplements.

But lozenges or tea with chamomile, fennel, rosehips, raspberries and some others are very useful for pregnant women – they alleviate the condition of the expectant mother during gestation and childbirth. However, the abuse is also not worth it.

Also during pregnancy, antibiotics, anesthetics, strong analgesics are prohibited, unless they are prescribed by a doctor.

Candies like Hols (Halls), Sula and Tüns are advertised with lemon, honey, mint, eucalyptus relieve a sharp sore throat, but only for a few minutes. In addition, do not have a therapeutic effect. It is better to buy ordinary mint-eucalyptus caramel, in them there is nothing but the sugar and plant extracts, and the effect is the same.

Pharmaceutical Strepsils, Falimint and the like cause a lot of controversy, because multi-component drugs, their effect on pregnant women is unknown. In children, there are cases of anaphylactic shock, a severe allergic reaction. So it is better not to risk it. Candies with sage Dr. Theis helps to stop lactation, and therefore also not recommended.

So, there is no safe medical lozenges for sore throats for pregnant women? Of course, they are, just their list is very limited.

What lollipops for sore throat are safe for pregnant women

Any disease is a threat to both the woman who is expecting a child and her fetus. It is easier to overcome the initial stage of the disease than to clear up the complications. Especially today, pharmacological companies offer a variety of drugs that help instantly deal with any disease, not to mention a simple cold. Pregnant women also have an impressive list of sore throat remedies. Obstetricians are prescribed most often:

  1. Faringosept, his only contraindication is intolerance to the components of the drug. At all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding tablets can be taken. According to the instructions, you need to dissolve 3-5 lozenges a day half an hour before meals or 30 minutes after eating. Do not increase the dosage – it will only aggravate the condition. For a 5-day course of treatment, pharyngosept usually cope with the disease.
  2. Chlorophiliptic is permitted for pregnant and lactating women, but tablets should also be negotiated with the attending physician. Pastils are taken every 4–5 hours, 1 pc. Treat them for a week. During this time, the drug completely inhibits the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and microbes, inflammation passes, and injured tissues heal. Tablets are also effective for tonsillitis (sore throat).
  3. Lizobact and Laripront have no contraindications for women in the position. The composition of the tablets contains a natural enzyme lysozyme, safe for the body, which quickly treats both cold and more serious diseases of the respiratory organs. Lozenges facilitate swallowing, reduce perspiration. Resolve 2 pcs. 3-4 times a day.
  4. Very few lollipops of Isla (from Icelandic moss) are nursed even by seriously ill patients with tuberculosis. Pastils are natural, do not contain dyes and flavors. They protect the mucosa from reproduction of microbes and bacteria, raise local immunity, relieve lump in the throat and hoarseness. Lollipops are useful as a preventive measure. The composition does not irritate the gastrointestinal tract. Negative indications for use by pregnant women are not fixed, however, it is necessary to consult a doctor before use. The maximum dose of 6 pcs. according to the instructions do not exceed.
  5. Licorice candies are excellent at the initial stage from sore throat and cough. At the heart of candy is licorice root and lactitol, no sugar (diabetics allowed). It is recommended not to dissolve more than 6 lozenges per day. Candies are taken not only as an anti-inflammatory agent, but also as a sedative, adjuvant in the treatment of gastric diseases.
  6. Travisil is contraindicated to future mothers only in the form of a solution and ointment, the tablets contain non-hazardous elements: long and black pepper extracts, ginger, licorice roots, emblica, turmeric, basil, alpini and menthol. Take pills for 1-2 pieces. 3-4 times a day for 2 weeks.
  7. Breast collection number 4 is sold not only in tea bags, but also in lozenges. Such lollipops are very useful for pregnant women, as they contain only medicinal herbs: chamomile, calendula, licorice root, peppermint, rosemary, violet. Often take the pills do not need, no more than 1 pc. 4 times a day, because licorice in large quantities affects the water-salt balance, causing swelling.
  8. The healing effect of the Dr. Mom lollipops with propolis and eucalyptus. Often, young mothers are assigned these absorbable candies, however, they contain a dye and they should not be abused. More than 10 pcs. a day is better not to dissolve. Antibacterial lozenges relieve irritation in the throat, reduce pain, and alleviate cough due to the following components: ginger and licorice root, and levomentol in lozenges. Indian gooseberry helps to strengthen local immunity. They are treated for no more than 3 weeks.
  9. Mukaltin or, in other words, Althea root extract quickly copes with a sore throat and is completely safe for pregnant women. In addition, these pills are the most economical option. They soften the throat, fight inflammation, and promote expectoration. Treat the sore throat for two weeks, 1–2 pcs. 3-4 times a day.
  10. Grammidin taken during pregnancy with caution and only with the decision of the attending physician. Tablets effectively fight bacteria and germs, quickly eliminate pain. Use 1 pc. 3-4 times a day.

For lozenges containing essential oils, pregnant women should be treated carefully. They are effective against germs and viruses, but can cause a strong attack of allergies.

In a pharmacy, it is better for a pharmacist not to ask what kind of lozenges help with sore throat – it is profitable for pharmacists to sell expensive medicine, since they receive interest from the sale. Advice to ask the obstetrician. And if the fever has risen, it is not necessary to run to the pharmacy, but to receive a doctor who is observing the pregnancy. Cure in this case, the disease itself will not succeed. Delay will negatively affect the internal organs (heart, kidneys, liver, etc.). Moreover, one should not even think of using antibiotics without a doctor’s recommendation.

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