Pregnant Kate Middleton

Unlike most mortals, Queen Elizabeth has two birthdays. One, on April 21, she celebrates with her family. The second, on the “average” Saturday of June, is celebrated along with all the subjects. This second is called Trooping The Color, and on this day a parade of the Royal Military Forces takes place at the walls of Buckingham Palace, and the Royal Air Force is showing its strength in the air.

According to tradition, the Trooping The Color parade is broadcast live on BBC. And here we come to the most important thing: a long unwritten tradition has been established that family members present on the balcony should be dressed less brightly / brightly than the queen. And the point here is not in the arrogance of the monarchy, but in the fact that … so Elizabeth is better seen from the balcony even at a considerable distance (namely, at this distance there is the majority of the spectators who came to the square near Buckingham Palace). And so it is easier to identify those who watch the parade on TV.

That is why Elizabeth often puts on a bright costume for this holiday (previously, the same effect was achieved thanks to the red uniform). And this is why the rest of the family on the balcony usually looks so “faded”.

However, this year the Duchess of Cambridge, obviously not expecting it, became the brightest representative of the royal family. In her hot pink outfit of her favorite brand Alexander McQueen and wearing a hat to match the dress, Kate Middleton was noticeable even at a very respectful distance.

In fairness, I must say that Kate was not the only one who dared to have a bright demarche. Even more noticeable was this time the outfit of his wife Peter Phillips (elder grandson of Elizabeth II, son of Princess Anne). Autumn Phillips has chosen a dress rich in aqua. Too bright for an event featuring the Queen.

Kate was not the first to pull a blanket over herself during the celebration of the Queen’s birthday.

Princess diana’s fashion statements

Parade in 1981. This year for the first time Diana appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace as a bride (the wedding will take place in 1.5 months). The dress of the future princess (choker, jabot, shapeless silhouette) eloquently says that the stylists have not yet taken the girl.

Parade of 1982. Deeply pregnant Diana appears on the balcony in a bright emerald green outfit, in violation of the unwritten dress code. But in the 82nd year, the princess still had difficulties with fashion and a sense of style. And besides, she was very soon to give birth. So, Elizabeth chose not to pay attention to this random (?) Call.

Over the past year, Princess Diana’s style has begun to change for the better. But the relationship with Charles continued to deteriorate. In addition, Diana had bouts of bulimia renewed, so she looked very skinny.

1984 Diana is pregnant again (Prince Harry will be born in 3 months). And the main hero of that parade was the little Prince William (in the photo on the right, next to Diana). It is noteworthy that Charles was on the other side of the pregnant wife and son.

In 1985, all attention was focused on the family of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. On the balcony, they appeared in full force. Prince William settled in the front row with his cousins. Little Harry was initially sitting in his father’s arms.

However, the kid was spinning, capricious, so that, in the end, Diana took him from Charles.

Happy Elizabeth, surrounded by grandchildren. Perhaps this is one of the most exciting outlets of the royal family. On the balcony there are many children entertaining the crowd below. But, of course, stately Diana in a stylish dress in large peas and a red hat looks brighter than all.

At that time, Diana behaved somewhat strange. For example, her sons were eventually entertained by her aunt – Princess Anna. In the photo you can see how she gives little Harry to him so that he can see better what is happening, while Diana is standing aside.

Until 1992, the Welsh family obediently appeared at the Trooping The Color in full. Diana shone outfits, each year perfecting her style. The children delighted the crowd with their antics (in 1987, for example, Prince Harry was amused by everyone, who had climbed the column in order to see better). But only now, knowing the reverse side of this marriage, you begin to pay attention to the poses and facial expressions of Diana and Charles, when they were near.

1991 It is indicative of how far Diana is on the balcony from Elizabeth and Charles (far to the right of the photo). This year, she is already working on her notes, which will become the basis for the sensational book by Andrew Morton.

Pregnant Kate Middleton

In 1992, Princess Diana last appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace at the birthday of Elizabeth II as a member of the royal family. Just a few weeks after that, the book “Diana. Her True Story ”, which was written with her blessings. And this will be the beginning of the imminent finale of her turbulent marriage with Charles.

Of course, after 1992, no one canceled the tradition of celebrating the birthday of the Queen with the Trooping The Color military parade. But the fact is that, since 1992, the royal family started having problems not only with Charles and Diana. At first, Princess Anna (the only daughter of Elizabeth II) got divorced and remarried. Then it turned out that the wife of the middle son, Prince Andrew, had gone bad, (the couple officially divorced in 1996, at the same time as Diana and Charles). Scandalous book about Diana. And no less scandalous interview in 1995. Divorce Charles in 1996 The death of Diana in 1997. So, more than 10 years on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on a festive day was not particularly fun.

Enviable grooms and Camilla hats

It has been 11 years before sons of Diana and Charles reappeared on Trooping The Color. Prince William at that time was almost 21, and Harry 18. Of course, the heirs attracted increased attention on that day.

In 2005, Prince Charles’s new wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornish, became the main character on the balcony. Marriage with this woman was a logical continuation of a 35-year relationship that they could not break even when Charles married Diana. By that time, of course, the passion for Camille had subsided, but still not everyone liked to see her among the members of the royal family alongside Charles. Prince William arrived at the event and stayed with Camilla all the time, as if showing others that he was completely on the side of his father and respected his choice.

In 2007, hats became the most discussed subject. Camilla seems to have a weakness for big hats, she seems to have done a little over the top. But at that time she was not alone. The company was made up of young princesses Eugene and Princess Beatrice (daughter of Prince Charles’s middle brother).

Pregnant Kate Middleton

The girls already at that time had a special weakness for extravagant hats (recall their exit at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton). When Elizabeth II appeared, Camilla intelligently hid with her hat in the second row. But the girls eagerly posed next to the Queen.

In 2008, Camilla Parker Bowles almost repeated the exit of Princess Beatrice, appearing on the balcony in a hat similar in meaning, resembling a hummock with wildflowers. And again she became an object for jokes (although, to us, the hat seems quite attractive to herself, but we think the problem was not with a hat, but with Camille, who many consider to be indirectly guilty of Diane’s death).

New favorites: Kate, George and Charlotte

2011 can be called the beginning of the revival of public interest and journalists to what is happening on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. The reason for this was Kate Middleton. On April 29, she and Prince William played a magnificent wedding, and in June she participated in the celebration of the 85th anniversary of Elizabeth as a member of the royal family.

The most burning question for many was how Kate got along with Camilla. Especially in the light of rumors that this was due to the Duchess of Cornish, who considered the girl not the right party for her stepson, William initially decided to break off relations with Kate. But on holiday Kate and Camilla were first in the same carriage, and then nicely talked on the balcony in anticipation of their husbands and the Queen.

In 2013, Kate Middleton appeared at the festival, being on the 8th month of pregnancy. Many then compared her exit with the release of Princess Diana in 1982. The comparison, of course, was not in favor of the mother-in-law. Diana wore spacious, shapeless clothes during both pregnancies. Kate’s pregnant style was impeccable.

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