Pregnant by married

Hello! I am pregnant. Second month. Pregnant from a married man. I understand, both made a mistake. It happened. She took antibiotics and could not take postinor. Now a terrible depression. Constantly tends to sleep. It is clear that the father of the child will not divorce his family and will not help us – he offered to pay for an abortion. I am not ready to do an abortion – you can lose the opportunity to have children forever. I’m 33. Despair – this is what’s with me now everywhere, every second. I have a feeling that my life is falling into the abyss. All dreams about foreign countries, about making a career, finally, have sunk into the unknown. Fear, depression, loneliness – that’s all I can feel. I live with my parents. They said they would help, but I see their true attitude to this. Life turned into hell. Depression aggravated. I do not know where to look for a way out. How to proceed. How can I raise one child, how to handle it all psychologically. I have never really met anyone so that I have a relationship like a man and a woman. I do not know where to get the strength to exist, stop crying, so that this aching pain does not exist. Support the site:

Katya, age: 33 /

So you should rejoice, God blessed you with a baby! And you have stress. Well, you give. There are so many women who cannot become pregnant, they pay huge money to doctors for surgeries, surrogate mothers, for the process of adopting children. Did you even know how much it cost? Take an interest. On the contrary, your parents are glad that you are pregnant, I am sure of it. And “attitude to this” is most likely that they are angry with themselves about the father of the child because he wanted to get rid of in an easy way, they just don’t say it out loud. And you will have everything on the contrary with your child – both your career and abroad, everything will be. It all depends on how you will carry motherhood – with joy or sadness. If you are happy, then your thought will be clear, and the mode of the day will be correctly distributed among you, and everything will be argued. Do not worry. If the Lord has blessed you with a baby, He will foresee everything. And do not be offended at the father of the child, he just started to panic, just forgive him and release. In any case, he is the father of your child, and it is better to maintain a normal relationship with him, show wisdom. And read each day the prayer Our Father and the 90th Psalm for yourself, your parents, baby, health, finances, the upcoming birth, and

May God grant you the wisdom and strength to overcome everything, to stand.

Alina, age: 42 /

Give birth. The child will then be a joy to you and your parents. It is not known how then your personal life will develop – and the child, once it happened, and he asks for the world, he must give birth. So this child is destined to be born. We do not solve it – it is given from above. Having an abortion at 33, then forever you can lose the opportunity to have children. The main thing is that you are not alone, not on the street – but there is a roof over your head and support from your parents. A career, abroad – fucking is all, this thing is gainful. There are those who make a stunning career, ride abroad, and could not give birth or get married – they remain in their old age without children and with a devastated soul. Having given birth to a child, you can then make a career and meet someone who will love and accept you even with a child on your way.

Samantha, age: 36 /

Lucky you Kate, quite seriously. A lot of people can not get pregnant, but you could, especially in 33 years. Heartiest congratulations. Do not close, tell your parents, I think they will be happy. And in general, forget these scary words: "abortion", "postinor", "depression". You have the most interesting time in your life!

Dmitry CAESAR, age: 33 /

Katya, depression is still possibly connected with a hormonal shift – you are the future mom, the body is rebuilt, in pregnant women often even because of trifles, as they say "roof rides". Take it as a temporary occurrence. Believe, overseas, careers, and

Larisa, age: 42 /

Hello! I beg you to read the requests for help from other visitors. Stories of people who grew unloved and not necessary! Let you have the strength to change your attitude and attitude towards the baby very soon! It was your choice, your body, and now it’s his and your life! A child can so enrich your life if you yourself want it. And everything will turn out, the doors will open that you don’t even suspect now!

Manik, age: 27 /

Katya, and you try to look at things differently. You are now in the position of sacrifice, it is easier and more convenient. And you take responsibility for yourself – you entered into a relationship with a married man, knowing full well what you are doing, you are not 16. You have destroyed several lives at once – your own, his wife, your unborn child. Now it’s time to pay the bills. And thank God, not the highest percentage, you did not kill your child, and the man did not leave the family. Summed up, draw conclusions. Cry, it is not harmful. And the forces will be – so man is arranged, he gets used to everything. About "present relationship" parents to what is happening – it is unlikely they so imagined happiness for their daughter, perhaps they have the right to their opinion? It is good that your parents are wise and loving, so that you will not be alone, you should not over-dramatize. No one is sinless, but the ability to realize one’s mistakes and delusions and the desire to correct one’s life is a step. Just the first step on the long journey that lies before you. God bless you!

Natalia, age: 39 /

Katya, remember one thing, abortion is murder, if you decide to do this, you will become a murderer !! A person is made happy not abroad, career, wealth and other material charms, love makes a person happy. Look at wealthy people who have traveled abroad, and have a career and wealth, and anything. Why are there so many alcoholics, drug addicts, suicides among them? What’s the matter? They have everything in "okay"! Okay, we have bad in Russia, and the well-fed West, why are there so many suicides? Why are they unhappy? Because the reckless fascination with the material, the renunciation of the spiritual, leads to the degradation of man. The spirit is primary, the body is secondary. If you want to find peace and peace in your soul, if you want to find the joy of life, I strongly advise you to stop at the study of the Orthodox faith. I do not call blindly to believe, I urge to spend a little of my time and reasonably figure out why this belief is true, read and search, understand. God really exists. He is the source of our being and of all good, and we protect ourselves from Him with our materialism and suffer so severely for it. Understanding the Orthodox faith and accepting God, you will receive such soul power that you can survive any circumstances of life.

Vyacheslav, age: 38 /

And what is the question? 33 years – there is a profession, there is a house, there are people who are willing to help and love, there is the most dear person in the world – your baby! Need to rejoice, Katyukha! Ask the Mother of God to help you bear and give birth to a healthy baby! As for antibiotics, everything will be fine, how many examples of this. She herself took the medication, not knowing yet that she was pregnant. And all is well over! And you will be very good! Listen to yourself, hear this new life in yourself, rejoice in it and thank God for such an invaluable gift – a baby! How much joy he will bring you more! And your wise parents too! God help him and you!

Pregnant by married

Elena, age: 56 /

Congratulations. Not everyone can decide on this crucial step. The fact that you are thinking about the possible consequences raises you even more in my eyes.

Right now, what happened can seem like anything. Even a mistake. Is not a fact. Wait, life will put everything in its place.

Leave the depression. There may be consequences from it. Sleep well, eat. Rejoice. Very many will never be able to. And you – well done.

Career. abroad. – dreams. Let it be. Not all at once. And you are no longer alone. Parents even said – also good. After all, help. And you – you can.

There is a good Jewish saying that a child is born with his own piece of bread. Checked – works.

Agree with Samantha: "Having given birth to a child, you can then make a career and meet someone who will love and accept you even with a child on your way" – There are many examples.

Love you. Happiness and patience. Congratulations again. Regards

Ivan, age: 33 /

Hello Katya! Do not dramatize the situation, but try to learn lessons for the future. It seems to me that you are a completely sober-minded person, you just got confused, went on about your feelings, and when you met this man, you didn’t quite understand what was happening. You can not create a family with a married man, you had no chance of happiness with him initially. But now you have a child. This is a lot. You will start a new life – beautiful. So take it. Do not regret that he did not go to you. Thank God that the family has not broken up. After all, he would have had to make his former family unhappy, cripple their destinies, their future. You know, it’s hard to survive a parents divorce; this leaves a lasting imprint. And even if this man suggested that you have an abortion, this characterizes him very impartially. At least as an irresponsible person. And unkind. And sorry, cowardly. See http: //

Margarita, age: 28 /

Katya, dear, God gives children – God gives on children. This is verified and not by the believers of my friends. The situation that happened is very difficult. But believe that there will be money for the child, it will be like the sun in your life, and you are a very good mother, because you did not kill your baby! Go to church for confession, pray to God from the heart – He will take you under His care, there will be those who will help you, you will be surprised how! Erase the tears, you have a little joy, live for him, give him life, and believe, God will not leave you, and it may well be that you will meet a person who will love you and accept your child! It seems that it is impossible, but ALL is possible for God, and these are not just words!

Oksana, age: 20 /

"I am not ready to do an abortion – you can lose the opportunity to have children forever." – so you want children, for what to have an abortion? And you already 33. "How can I raise one child" – also not clear. Parents have already said that they will help. Do not forget to file for alimony! "Clearly, the child’s dad will not help us" – did he say so directly, or are you thinking out for him?

123, age: * /

Katia, Leave the child and do not spoil the life of that

sk, age: 33 /

Absolutely agree with Natalia, this whole situation should teach you to take responsibility for your

Olga, age: 40 /

Katerina! I congratulate you with all my heart! Your life is a value! The life of your baby. priceless! You did not make a mistake with this man, but conceived a new life! Calm down, listen to yourself, everything will be fine! And a child is not abroad and a career

Nat, age: 31 /

Tatiana, age: 40 /

Katya, hello! Believe, you are a very happy person! After the birth of a child, life changes beyond recognition. Salvation of a woman through childbearing, give birth and be happy, the Lord will rule everything! If you are not baptized, be baptized and go to the temple, pray for yourself and the baby! This baby is God’s mercy! And if you suddenly still have bad thoughts about the murder (abortion) read the book by Vera Presenokva "Don’t kill me mom!" God bless you!

Andrew, age: 39 /

Katya! Anxiety "how can I raise a child" – this is normal for every pregnant woman. Even if there is a husband, parents and a child is not the first. About the nervousness of pregnant women go jokes and remove sketches. Just do not inflate these feelings in yourself, but calm yourself: there are parents who will help. And they will love. Daughter love, and grandchildren usually love even more. Watch good movies. For example, "Moscow does not believe in tears." This Soviet film is the only one that received an award "Oscar"! Because neither London nor Washington do not believe in tears either. Drowsiness is not a sign of depression, hormonal changes in the body. This is also natural and will pass in a couple of months. Do not cheat on yourself, please what is not! You have anxiety and drowsiness – and this is the norm for the first trimester of pregnancy. The break in work for two or three years, believe me, will not greatly affect your career. On the contrary. The incentive to work and earn will increase, since you have a child in your arms. Let’s be realistic. You want to have children in the future. The clock is ticking. Up to forty years there are another seven years. Yes, and after forty give birth, but the risk of being left without children is very high. Now we look at the career. Suppose exactly one year later (job search-documents-clearance) you go abroad and start building a career there. What can you achieve there in six years, up to forty ?! – I assure you, from scratch – practically nothing. You will work at the lowest positions. In a foreign country, without parents, without friends, without children, in a rented apartment. At best – you will have a man. Relations with men abroad is a separate song. Everything is very pragmatic, I can even say formally. Neither mind nor heart. Well, yes, until you come across – you will not understand what I mean. Judging by the story, the father of the child is your first man and you fell in love with him very much. Is this not a reason for having a baby? It turns out that God did not punish you with this baby, but gave it to you. You must understand this. Only then will you stop suffering, and feel happy moments. No one says that everything is easy and simple. But when you know why you suffer and work, why "missing opportunities" work on my uncle and lie down on the couch after work. why do not sleep at night. When you know, then the strength is added. All the best to you, Katerina!

ElenaEasy, age: 37 /

Your parents. They will be happy when the baby is born. They will already be grandparents. Must rejoice. Their attitude is scary. and this is understandable. After all, all the circumstances and the like. Everything will be fine! Do not doubt! You have a little life in you. He was conceived in love .. let and temporary. You will have a child. It is your happiness! Pray! Rejoice! Get out of coma! Rejoice! You are a woman! And you will be happy! I wish you happiness and good luck!

Themis, age: 14 /

Katyusha, well, you knew that he was married. God gave you a child, it’s happiness! This is your part, your soulmate, happiness to you)

N, age: 39 /

Dear Katya. You all can. Everything will be fine. Give birth. And without options. But if you go the other way – it will definitely be difficult to survive, believe me. Hold on! Everything will get better, now you need to think about your child, wake up, because you are the closest person to him now. Pull yourself together. God bless you.

Elena_Verda, age: 30 /

You are 33 – if you do not have a career by this time, and dreams are only dreams – what dreams you have about giving birth abroad is not too late, and everything else will wait, if you are a good specialist, then you will not lose your career anywhere, you can hire a nanny eventually Children are important in the life of a woman.

Irka, age: 28 /

Katya, I am your namesake, the situation is one on one with yours, only my parents refused to help me, I am alone, in a strange city. Answer how you do it? Is everything alright?

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