Pregnancy with mastopathy

Mammalgia – These are rather unpleasant painful feelings in the area of ​​the breast, a feeling of weighting, swelling. With mastodynia, even a light touch to the chest brings an unpleasant feeling. Often mastodynia is detected as one of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, another indicator of this disease may be pregnancy, a nervous condition, as well as the transition of a girl to adulthood. But it can also occur as a result of certain disorders in the female body.

Pregnancy with mastopathy

According to statistics, any woman suffered this ailment at least once in her life. Over 50% of women every month feel signs of mastodynia. It causes a rather substantial damage to the psychological and physiological background. It can lead to depression, which adversely affects family relationships.

Mastodyniya reasons

Mastodynia is divided into two types – non-cyclic and cyclic.

Non-cyclic mastodynia refers to a number of diseases that are not hormonal disorders, but occur during the menstrual period. The cause of this type of disease can be various inflammatory processes in the chest, tumors, disturbed connective tissue, intercostal neuralgia.

Cyclic mastodynia is associated exclusively with the work of a woman’s ovaries and sex hormones, which affect in some way the mammary gland. Premenstrual syndrome also belongs to the category of cyclical species.

The manifestation of mastodynia may appear when using hormonal medications, such as oral contraceptives. Often, women taking drugs of this type show symptoms of mastodynia after the first dose, it is somewhere in the first three months of use. The symptoms disappear later. Mastodynia often becomes a flowing symptom of such a common breast ailment as mastopathy.

The main causes of mastodynia are hormonal disorders in the female body, violation of the menstruation cycle, as well as disorder of the thyroid gland. The problem is that work on the pituitary level of sex hormones is very similar to the work of the thyroid system, they are closely interrelated. And behind this are the consequences that can cause mastopathy.

Pregnancy with mastopathy

Malfunctions of the liver and digestive system can also cause the development of mastodynia. The liver manages many processes in the body, and the exchange of steroid hormones is one of them. If there are questions in the liver or digestive tract – this can lead to poor digestion of substances or, conversely, too intense.

Stressful situations and conditions close to depressive, also entail the development of mastodynia. The emergence of problems with the nervous system lead to the dislocation of the hypothalamus and the brain in particular. This entails discord in the endocrine system (disorders in the thyroid gland, ovaries and pituitary). This whole chain of poorly affects the tissue of the gland.

Abortion also often leads to the development of mastodynia. Mostly this concerns primary pregnancy. Artificial abortion disrupts the natural processes of the body, which are just beginning to rebuild in a new way. This is a terrible hormonal stress for a woman’s health, it disrupts many physiological processes, which often leads to serious consequences. Detection of malignant tumors and neoplasms is one of them.

Mastodynia symptoms

Symptoms of mastodynia can manifest as all at once, and separately.

The first thing that should be given due attention is pain. Significant feeling of weighting in the breast, aching dull pain, which becomes stronger during menstruation. This pain causes severe and constant discomfort. Typically, the pain of this nature is localized in the chest, or gives to the scapula. The feeling of pain in mastodynia can be constant, or subside for a while. As a rule, it is associated with the beginning of the period of menstruation. Contrary to the opinion that pain is the main symptom of the disease, up to 20% of women do not experience it to the extent that the rest percent of women experience it. It all depends on the pain threshold of each woman individually.

On palpation of the mammary gland, seals are felt, the contours and boundaries of which are difficult to follow.

There is an increase and swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpit. Breast sensitivity is increased in 10% of women who have mastodynia.

A significant increase in the breast in mastodynia due to the fact that the blood in the veins stagnates, the tissue swells. Because of this process, the breast may increase by 10-15%. The swelling process is accompanied by painful sensations and sensitivity of the breast tissue. Often mastodynia caused by severe headaches, migraine nature. Traceable sensations in the stomach, accompanied by dysbiosis, constipation, flatulence, bloating. The patient’s condition can be called restless – depressive, easily excitable and overwhelmed with fear. As a rule, these symptoms disappear from the first discharge of menstruation.

Also with mastodynia there can be various kinds of nipple discharge. The nature of such secretions can vary from abundant to moderate, they can be released spontaneously or only when you press on the nipple. The color of the discharge may also be different. The discharge may be clear, turbid, greenish, brown, and even bloody. Such secretions should be monitored and special emphasis should be placed on secretions of red and bloody shades and colors. The reddish color of such secretions from the breast can be serious. However, any discharge from the chest should be a signal to visit the doctor.

Often with mastodynia you can find a node in the breast. New growth of this type can occur in the presence of nodular mastopathy. It is well perceptible during palpation, its edges are clearly marked, sizes may be different. Often, nodular mastopathy is confused with breast cancer. But in order to determine exactly what caused the tumor, a series of diagnostics and tests are carried out.

In order to identify mastodinia, you should carefully probe and examine the mammary gland. This should be done after the menstrual cycle. To understand the cause of the disease, you should pass a blood test for hormone levels. Usually, younger patients are offered to undergo an ultrasound, older patients are asked to undergo ultrasound and mammography. If the result is positive, the patient should undergo a biopsy.

Mastodynia treatment

The beginning of treatment of mastodynia is primarily aimed at stopping pain factors in the mammary gland. Often the patient and the doctor are faced with a problem – to treat the symptoms of mastodynia or try to get to the bottom of the cause of their occurrence.

Women who suffer from mastodynia need to categorically reject products containing caffeine, because they have a positive effect on the growth of fibrosis. Such products include: coffee, cocoa, chocolate, various teas, Pepsi and Coca-Cola drinks, energy.

It is necessary to diversify your diet with foods that are rich in fiber and vitamins A, C, E, B. Refuse food rich in fats and forget about alcohol. Such a diet normalizes the liver, contributes to the removal of toxins and estrogens from the body.

Very responsibly, you need to approach the choice of bra. It should be a shape that corresponds to the chest, not be too free and under no circumstances squeeze the chest. Women who have large breasts, it is recommended to wear this type of toilet constantly, except for bedtime.

If the patient already knows that mastodynia was caused by premenstrual syndrome, then a few days before it is worth starting to drink diuretics. For example, special teas with this effect are sold freely at the pharmacy. Removal of water will relieve swelling. It is necessary to abandon the use of table salt. A lack of magnesium and potassium in the body is better to fill cereals and broth hips. 1 tbsp. a spoonful of berries pour boiling water, leave to infuse. Drink a day three times – in the morning, afternoon and evening. It is better to brew it from the night, so that in the morning the decoction will be rich in good qualities. To eliminate puffiness, it is also recommended to use foods rich in vitamin P and C – these are citrus fruits, raspberries and black currants.

A woman who suffers with mastodynia, should monitor their state of mind. Stress and mental indisposition can adversely affect both the course of the disease and the general condition. For this it is worthwhile to use mild sedatives. These include Corvalol, Valerian or motherwort tincture.

Mastodine, which is caused by hormonal failure, is treated with the help of special hormonal preparations. This is a series of drugs that can include anti-estrogens that prevent the passage of estrogens in the breast tissue. The drug of choice is usually Fareston. Improvements are observed after the first month of treatment. Fareston take 20 mg daily, starting from the fifth day of the cycle, ending twenty-fifth.

In addition, hormonal oral contraceptives are taken. The drug is selected individually and only by the attending physician. This takes into account the age of the patient, her symptoms, how much hormonal disorder is.

To reduce the effect of estrogen on the mammary gland may appoint a means – medroxyprogesterone acetate. This drug is good because it has pronounced progestogenic qualities and almost no androgenic properties. Of course, any hormonal appointment is made by the attending physician, since the treatment is based on the diagnosis and identification of the degree of mastodynia. And what is optimized for one patient may not fit the other.

It is very important to avoid hypothermia. It is equally impossible to overdo it under direct sunlight. It is better to completely eliminate these factors. You should also avoid traumatic situations. At the slightest blows or injuries, check the chest themselves, with the help of probing and thorough inspection.

To the prevention of mastodynia can be attributed, and an independent identification of this disease. Monthly worth checking the mammary gland with palpation. This should be done on the 5–7th day of the menstrual cycle. It should take a vertical position and begin to probe the breast from the nipples, moving his hand in a circle. If with such movements any seal is found, you need to consult a doctor.

Mastodynia is easily amenable to medical treatment, which usually gives favorable prognosis. If mastodynia occurs due to neoplasms, then the outcome of treatment depends on the intensity of therapy and the correct diagnosis.

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