Pregnancy Tests Before Delay

To establish which pregnancy test is the most sensitive before a monthly delay, you need to evaluate its properties and characteristics. This will help a lot of reviews of girls who have already used it and were pleased with the result.

Features test pregnancy tests

When confirming the fact of the “interesting situation”, the girls always focused on the intrinsic features:

  • delay of menstruation;
  • pulling pains in the lower abdomen and lower back;
  • enlargement and tenderness of the mammary glands;
  • frequent urination;
  • nausea, sometimes vomiting;
  • mood swings.

Hypersensitive or routine tests

But today, girls can independently use the methods of early detection of conception. There are a sufficient number of tests that determine pregnancy, when a short period of time has passed since the moment of fertilization. To understand which is the most sensitive pregnancy test before the monthly delay, you need to find out which parameter of hCG they are able to recognize.

Pregnancy Tests Before Delay

The outer shell of the ovum (chorion), immediately after its introduction into the wall of the uterus, begins to produce a pregnancy hormone, its magnitude increases exponentially, increasing every 1-2 days twice. Approximately 5 days before the beginning of the next menstrual period, the figure reached by the test reagents is reached.

Rating of trademarks by reviews

Based on the reviews, it can be argued that the most sensitive pregnancy test before the delay is Clearblue Digital. This is a digital mini device with a deadline indicator in weeks. Used 5 days before the next menstruation.

Clearblue Digital – a digital test that shows the duration of pregnancy on the scoreboard

But statistics show that testing conducted 1 day before the start of critical days gives the correct result in 98% of cases, and in 4 days – 65%. The analysis procedure is as follows:

  1. The absorbing end of the strip must be held under the urine stream for 5 seconds (the second option is to lower it into the container for 20 seconds).
  2. Put on the cap and set aside for 3 minutes.
  3. The entry “pregnant” will appear on the screen and the term 1-2, 2-3, 3+ (meaning weeks) or “not pregnant”. The answer will be on display 24 hours.

On the test screen if you have a pregnancy, you can find out the time in weeks.

Clearblue Plus is also able to show a positive result in the same period. It is more simple and economical.

Some girls believe that they are releasing the most sensitive pregnancy test until the delay by Farmaco. Here in the first place is Sezam – an ultrasensitive test cassette in a plastic case. It has two windows: for inserting the sample and reading the answer.

Sezam – ultrasensitive test cassette for determining pregnancy after 7 days from the moment of conception

The fact of conception can be confirmed already after 7 days from the moment of fertilization (5-7 days before the delay in HCG – 10 mIU / ml). Comes with a pipette that measures 3 drops of urine and a container for collecting it. The result is displayed after 3 minutes. This test strip Ultra is also in demand and has a similar reaction.

Ultra – ultrasensitive test strips for quick pregnancy determination

The most sensitive pregnancy test to delay

Some women prefer inotec “

The most sensitive pregnancy test before the delay, according to many women, is considered to be Inotec ”

Reviews and Tips

When you have a question, how to choose for yourself the most sensitive pregnancy test before a delay, the reviews on the forums may help you find the right solution, and tell you which brand will suit you. Although opinions quite often diverge.

In the responses to any test, most of the girls are satisfied with its quality, since the indicated result was soon confirmed. But there is also a small percentage of those who are dissatisfied, whose results did not agree with the answer of the test. The reason sometimes lies in the violation of any item instructions or improper collection of urine. Part of the ladies are dissatisfied with the price, considering it to be too high, which is quite understandable for supersensitive reagents.

Every girl has a story with the purchase of the test, but many note that it is better to buy a sensitive test for early determination of pregnancy

Experts also recommend not to hurry with testing and hold it 15 days after ovulation and conception, or after the first day of delay. At this time, the amount of hCG reaches the normal level readable by all tests.

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