Pregnancy Test Sensitivity

Regardless of whether the pregnancy is long-awaited or unplanned, it is extremely important to know about its occurrence as soon as possible. At the current time there are many different tests to determine pregnancy at home, but, unfortunately, not all of them can provide accurate results. According to merit, Clearblue’s electronic pregnancy test is considered the best of its kind. He has an indicator of conception and allows not only to establish the presence of pregnancy, but even to determine the timing at an early stage. Let us examine in more detail the features of this test and other products of the company to determine how effective and accurate they are.

Description and features of the test

Clearblue is a subsidiary of the Swiss company Procter and Gamble. It has gained popularity in the field of pharmaceuticals, because it has a high level of product quality. The central office of the company is located in Geneva. Since 2008, Clearblue has been releasing various tests, not only for pregnancy, but also for ovulation. The principle of operation of the considered devices is based on determination of chorionic gonadotropin hormone in female urine. It is known that as a result of conception, the level of hCG increases. The highest hormone level will be displayed in the morning, but the Clearblue device can detect it at any time of the day. The sensitivity of the products for testing this company is unusually high and is 25 mIU / ml.

Fluid after entering the test moves through the tubules, which are located in the paper indicator, and gradually rise to the top. After it reaches the set value, it will be possible to determine the result.


The main advantages of the Clearblue tests are:

  • the admissibility of the application for a couple of days (4-5) before the onset of menstruation. For this, the regularity of the cycle is important;
  • sensitive pregnancy test “Clear Blue” is much higher than other similar devices;
  • You can see the result literally two or three minutes after the procedure;
  • Any person can decipher the result, since the notation is the simplest: one or two lanes (the “Compact” version) or the “+” and “-” signs.
  • time of day does not affect the effectiveness of testing;
  • A digital model will not only determine the presence or absence of pregnancy, but also help to establish the time limit in the event of a positive result.


The company “Clearblue” currently presents three models of devices for determining pregnancy. Let us consider in more detail each of them.

  • Clearblue Plus. The option is simple and, at the same time, as convenient as possible. The design has a curved handle and a wide tip that allows you to simplify the process of sampling in order to obtain analysis. This type is the most hygienic of the proposed. A feature of the model can also be considered the possibility of changing the color of the tip, as a result of which it becomes clear that the device began to work. In the control window, which is also located on the case, a strip of the vertical direction is formed in the event that the testing procedure is carried out according to all the rules.
  • Clearblue Compact. The model is also easy to use. This is a one-stage inkjet test, for the use of which there is no need to collect a sample in any container, as the device is equipped with a moisture-absorbing sampler. Testing using this model is possible on the first day of the delay. There is one window where you can see one or two lines, thereby revealing the result.
  • Clearblue Easy Digital. The digital pregnancy test, which is less ergonomic than Clearblue Plus, but at the same time has several unique advantages. The test result can be understood by the signs “+” or “-“. In addition to the status indicator on the device is located the conception indicator. It is he who helps to know the duration of pregnancy. The indicator will be listed in weeks, and the result will remain for about 1–2 days.

How to use: step by step instructions

Each model is accompanied by instructions, where there is information on how to use the Clearblue pregnancy test and how to decipher the results. It also indicates the main errors that may be made in the testing process and which may lead to invalid results. The liner is necessarily illustrated with detailed images, using which, anyone who is willing to be able to test correctly.

Different models of devices have their own characteristics in the application. But there is list of rules, which need to be followed in each case.

  • Hermetically sealed packaging should be opened only before the testing procedure. If the package was damaged earlier, then such a device is impractical to use.
  • Wash your hands well before performing the procedure. If the test needs to be immersed in urine, then the sample container must be completely dry and, of course, also clean.
  • The test can be performed at any time of the day or night, but morning time is preferred.
  • The jet test should be placed under urine for 5 seconds. If the device needs to be immersed, then when using the Plus model it is necessary to wait 5 seconds; using the “Compact” model it is necessary to wait 15 seconds and for a digital test it will take 20 seconds.
  • Only the tip should be in contact with the urine. After the sample is collected, the tip must be closed with a cap.
  • It is unacceptable to turn the test tip up. While the result is expected, the fixture should either be placed horizontally or held tip down.
  • The result will be displayed within 3 minutes. The Plus and Compact models show the current results 10 minutes after the procedure, while the Digital model displays 24 hours.

Could there be a mistake?

Of course, when meeting with the products of the company “Clear Blue”, the most interesting question is whether the test can be wrong. The manufacturer claims that the accuracy of the results of the tests it produces is 99%. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the error is still not excluded, even in those cases when the instruction was followed with maximum accuracy. The conditions under which a false result can be obtained are:

Pregnancy Test Sensitivity

  • HCG at the time of testing has not yet reached the desired concentration in the female urine. In this case, you should repeat the testing later;
  • the presence of diseases in the kidney area. In such situations, the level of hCG will not be able to rise to the necessary concentration at any stage of the pregnancy;
  • ectopic pregnancy, the threat of miscarriage, placental insufficiency;
  • Before testing, a woman drank a large amount of water, or she took a drug that has a diuretic effect;
  • Expired shelf life of the device.

Pregnancy Test Sensitivity

In general, as evidenced by reviews of women who have already experienced the test in question, the device deserves attention. It can help identify the pregnancy at the initial stage, and you can use it at almost any time.

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