Pregnancy Products

Changes in the endocrine system of the female body during pregnancy leads to increased hormonal activity. Hormones are responsible not only for maintaining the development of the child and preparing the body of the future mother for childbirth and the period after them, but also for her mental state. The results of changes in the hormonal background are insomnia, mood swings, tearfulness and irritability in pregnant women.

If there are unpleasant symptoms associated with changes in the endocrine system, a pregnant woman should consult a doctor who will select the appropriate therapy. In this situation, it is forbidden to engage in self-treatment, since there is a huge list of drugs prohibited for use in future mothers.

Safe sedatives for pregnant women

Glycine is an amino acid in many foods and medicines. This drug normalizes the processes of inhibition and excitation in the central nervous system by normalizing the levels of calcium and potassium in the body. Glycine is sold in the form of tablets and powder, begins to have a therapeutic effect on average a week after the start of the reception.

Due to its properties, glycine helps to improve sleep, develop mental abilities, eliminates the feeling of anxiety and anxiety. Some studies show that the drug reduces hyperactivity in the brain and even plays a role in the treatment and prevention of mental disorders. According to other data, the joint intake of glycine and additional supplements reduces the risk of stroke and seizures.

The use of glycine during childbirth should occur strictly after consulting with a specialist, since there are no reliable studies on its safe effect on pregnancy. Despite the fact that the amino acid is part of many foods and is naturally reproduced by the human body, it is possible in the form of a medication it may differ from the biological type. There is also the possibility of the presence of drugs with glycine and other excipients unsafe for use during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Products

Active ingredients and substances: the plant contains alkaloids, flavonoids, iridoids, tannins (5-9%), terpenoids, citric acid, malic acid, oleic acid, choline and phenol glycoside.

Motherwort is an effective tool in the fight against psycho-emotional stress: lowers blood pressure and improves heart function. However, the pharmaceutical form of the release of the drug in the form of tablets and infusion are forbidden soothing during pregnancy because they contain substances harmful to the body of the fetus. Expectant mothers are recommended to use only teas and decoctions of motherwort, which must be made from pure grass without impurities.

In addition to the sedative effect, motherwort helps to cope with stress and anxiety, cleanses the blood of excess fat and lowers blood pressure. The use of the decoction of the plant is prescribed for multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, neuralgia, hypothyroidism and insomnia. The herb also has a mild diuretic and antibacterial effect.

Melissa officinalis

Melissa officinalis – a perennial herb with a pronounced lemon flavor. For a long time, its leaves are used to make infusions, added to teas and medicines. Experts advise to use melissa for problems with digestion (stomach upset, bloating, flatulence and colic), headache or toothache, in case of mental disorders or frequent insomnia.

Pregnancy Products

One of the advantages of Melissa is the absence of contraindications for use in pregnant women. The plant has the ability to stimulate sleep, relax the body and provide a calming effect, preventing the main unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy.

Doctors do not recommend to use lemon balm for a long time and use it in a small amount: 2-3 cups of the leaves of the plant being cooked a day for 1 week. Too frequent consumption can cause side effects: dizziness, vomiting and nausea. Before use, consult a doctor.

Pregnant sedatives based on valerian extract should not contain ethyl alcohol, therefore, expectant mothers are recommended tablets and decoctions with this active ingredient, while the form of infusion is strictly prohibited. Valerian preparations improve sleep, relieve headaches, stimulate heart function and excessive excitation of the central nervous system. Sedation of the drug occurs a few days after the start of use. When treating valerian in the form of tablets, you need to carefully monitor the dosage.

Novo Passit

Novo-Passit is a sedative for pregnant women in the second trimester and later terms. This preparation contains herbal ingredients: extracts of valerian, lemon balm, St. John’s wort, hawthorn, passionflower, hop and elderberry. It has a depressing effect on the central nervous system, improves sleep, a positive effect on the heart. Available in the form of syrup and tablets, pregnant women recommended 2 form of the drug, because it does not contain alcohol.

Persen is a combined herbal preparation containing extracts of mint, lemon balm and valerian. Sold in pill form. Persen has a sedative effect, relieves insomnia, improves heart function. Not recommended for use in the early stages of gestation.

Validol in addition to the favorable dilating effect on the vessels of the heart has a sedative effect. It causes CNS depression, improves sleep and normalizes the psyche. This drug is available in the form of drops, capsules and tablets, the last form of release is recommended for future mothers. However, it is worth considering that Validol is forbidden to receive in the first trimester and to persons with low blood pressure.

Magne B6, as the name implies, contains in its composition magnesium and vitamin B6. This drug is available in the form of tablets and powder for solution. Magne B6 activates the normal functioning of the nervous system, thereby positively affecting the mental state. Also, the drug has a positive effect on the intestines, heart and muscles. Pregnant women are recommended to use this drug only under strict indications.

Alternative to Medicines

It is not recommended to take any sedatives during pregnancy in the first trimester, in the later stages of gestation a woman should avoid taking any medications whenever possible. In an unstable emotional state, pregnant women should spend more time outdoors, try to isolate themselves from stress, normalize their daily regimen, and spend at least 7-8 hours daily for sleep.

Also an effective tool in the fight against psycho-emotional stress is proper nutrition. The diet should include foods rich in proteins, vitamins and microelements: fish, milk, fruits, lean meat, vegetables, nuts. Essential oils have a positive effect on mood and sleep, so you can place jars with these substances in the room. However, when using aromatherapy, you should carefully monitor your health, as it often causes allergies.

Banned sedatives during pregnancy

Barbituric acid preparations (Phenobarbital, Hexamidine) are strictly prohibited to receive at any stage of pregnancy. These drugs cause congenital malformations of the fetus, bleeding, respiratory failure.

Pregnant women are prohibited from any tranquilizers, especially benzodiazepine derivatives (Phenazepam, Diazepam). Drugs in this group cause congenital malformations of the fetus, inhibit its nervous system. When taking benzodiazepines before birth, a child has a breath hold, weakness of muscle tone, low blood pressure.

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