Pregnancy Polina Gagarin

A big scandal erupted around the popular singer Polina Gagarina because of the canceled performances at the concert. The organizers wrote off everything on the “interesting position” of the artist, which she categorically denied.

For several months, journalists from various publications have persistently called Polina pregnant. They tried to make out under the shapeless robes and behind the Maldivian palms the rounded belly of the performer. Gagarin denies everything and in social networks asks to respect the inviolability of her personal life.

However, it was the alleged pregnancy of the star that caused the big media hype. Polina’s organizers of the EuropaPlusTv concert, which took place in Minsk on February 20, are dissatisfied with Polina’s behavior. More than eight thousand spectators waited for Gagarin on the stage, but she did not come, citing circumstances. But she was declared almost the headliner of the show and the month was mentioned in the advertisement of the event. On the website of Polina also hung the announcement of her performance in Minsk.

But Gagarin, two days before the show, suddenly canceled her arrival. The host of the concert, Alina Artts, who holds the post of editor-in-chief of EuropaPlusTv, explained to the audience the absence of the performer by the fact that, perhaps, Polina will soon have a “miracle”. Such an explanation angered the artist to the depths of the soul. In her Instagram, Polina accused the concert organizers of lying.

“At a concert in Minsk-Arena, which was held under the auspices of Europa Plus TV in Minsk on February 20, a situation occurred that compels me to make this statement. From the stage, during the concert, the host Alina Artts on my behalf (.) Stated that I was not able to participate in the concert due to the fact that I am right now “waiting for a miracle that can happen from minute to minute” and so on etc. With this false report, the representatives of the channel misled all the viewers in the hall at that moment, as well as my fans, partners and numerous media, ”Gagarin resents.

Pregnancy Polina Gagarin

She tried to avoid conflict, but did not. “At my request for a refutation of this information, I received a categorical rejection of representatives of Europa Plus TV. I officially deny this information as the fact that my participation in the concert was confirmed is not true. We abandoned this speech a month before it! I sincerely regret that partners are not responsible for their words and deeds and do not value friendly relations. I am not acquainted with a woman who, I repeat, on my behalf communicated with the hall. Moreover, the first time I hear about it. This is unprofessional, it’s just beyond good and evil – speaking on my face with such certainty is such nonsense, ”says Polina.

The organizers, in turn, found a lie in the words of Gagarina. According to their version, the singer announced the cancellation of her performance not a month, but just a couple of days before the show. “It’s strange to read with Polina that she refused to participate in the concert a month ago, because it was a month ago that the main advertisement of the concert was launched, which Polina herself posted on her official website. But on the evening of the 17th, a letter arrived on the official form, where, without explanation, Pauline wrote that she would not be able to fly. At the same time, she didn’t even remove the poster from her site, ”Alina Artz quotes the site

Pregnancy Polina Gagarin

However, the most remarkable thing in this scandalous story is the “interesting position” of Gagarina. According to Alina, after her statement from the stage, the PR manager of the star called the editorial office and assured that Polina was not pregnant, demanding an official denial.

“I officially apologize to everyone who bought tickets for Gagarina, everyone who was waiting for her. I decided to justify Polina, knowing how her body and its forms had changed. I thought that this excuse would cause more respect, and explain its absence, – explained Artz about her “miracle”. “When the singer’s manager, Natalya, called and said that Polina was not pregnant, I realized that I had made a mistake.”

The chief editor sees no reason to disbelieve representative Gagarina. “I have no right to doubt the words of Natalia, of course, Polina is not pregnant. Of course, my hint was completely inappropriate. In that case, let’s wish Polina so that at least a new song will be born to her soon. Artists are responsible for those who love them and buy tickets for them. And if not a pregnant Polina Gagarina can simply afford not to fly, then let it be on her conscience, ”Alina reasoned.

The journalists contacted the above-mentioned press officer Polina Natalia. In an interview with reporters, she again began to deny that Gagarin may be pregnant. “Polina is not going to give birth from day to day or from hour to hour. It is incorrect to mislead spectators who were at the concert, and as a result all the fans, subscribers and partners on behalf of Polina, ”said Natalia.

By the way, earlier, the singer on Instagram made it clear that she was tired of discussing her rounded forms. “It’s pointless to ask me endlessly under each post – it’s meaningless, I’m not going to discuss my personal life with you, as you have noticed. Still, I dare to ask you to wake up a sense of tact in yourself, ”Gagarina wrote on her page on the social network. And accompanied the post with an eloquent hashtag “got it”.

She decided to stop commenting on her publications, as not all fans supported and understood her. “Polina, no longer hide your beautiful state – do not hide! Be proud! Better, on the contrary, emphasize! And then there is an opinion that you are shy, ”“ Why so hard then climb into the public professions for a huge loot, so as to resent the fact that they pry into private life. I would have sat as an accountant in my home country, no one would touch it, ”“ A post about interference with journalists and curious journalists in your personal life is a sign of illness. Go to teach at the music school, and then you will tell the journalists whether or not to go into your life, ”the discontented users of the Network booed Polina.

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