Pregnancy hurts lower back

Delayed menstruation and back pain can be interrelated phenomena. Very often, such pain is characteristic of a short gestational age, when the embryo fetus glued to the walls of the uterus begins to increase and this factor affects the mother’s nerve endings. As a result, usually girls go for screening diagnostics, analyze HCG, and find out the good news. But what if the reason for the delay is not pregnancy at all? It is very dangerous,

  • Inflammations In particular, any organ can be affected, from the ovaries to the kidneys;
  • Thyroid problems;
  • Polycystic. The presence of several cysts, due to which menstruation ceases to be regular, increases the risk of infertility;
  • Tumors in the genital tract;
  • Stress and other factors;
  • Pregnancy.

Sometimes as a result of stress, menstruation is different, cortisol destroys the walls long before the due date. Therefore, in fact, the monthly pass, but without discharge. And as a result, girls often complex about this.

If this happened 1 time, then it is not critical, you just need to get rid of stress and pass an examination just in case. But if this is repeated from month to month, or worse, the delay reaches a critical 8 days, you need to urgently run to the doctor.

Why does it hurt?

  • Oophoritis. This is an inflammation of the appendage of the ovary, which causes pain in the lumbar region.
  • Salpingitis. This is an inflammation of the fallopian tubes. It needs urgent treatment.

    The pain does not arise in the lower back itself, but in the organs adjacent to it, since neither the uterus nor the kidneys have their nerve endings, they give signals to the lower back. Depending on the aching, nagging or acute pain, you can determine the type of disease.

    What if pregnancy?

    No doctor will not draw conclusions about pregnancy based only on the results of ultrasound. First of all, a woman will be recommended to undergo a re-examination in a month, which will accurately show the presence of a fetus in the uterus.

    Secondly, when referring to a gynecologist, abdominal palpation will be performed, which already in such an early period can determine the presence of a baby. To confirm their guesses, the leading doctor will send the girl for a comprehensive examination. According to the results of this inspection, a final conclusion will be made about the possibility of the birth of a future baby.

    An important factor in passing tests is not even the fact of determining pregnancy, as the determination of the state of mother’s health at such an early stage, to prevent the development and transmission of pathologies to the future baby.

    And in no case should we forget about the analysis of hCG. It is he who is often the result of a woman’s pregnancy check.

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What you need to do in order to stop hurt the loins in the absence of menstruation?

Pregnancy hurts lower back

  • If this is a pregnancy, and you have passed the first screening diagnosis, then the answer is extremely simple. Wait for the baby.
  • If this is a problem with the kidneys. So you have to for some time refuse to accept coffee, tea and other diuretics. In addition, you have to remove all the sand, and understand the causes of renal dysfunction.
  • If it is tissue necrosis, then you will have to go for an operation until settlement, it is quite possible that you have to remove one kidney. But remember that kidney diseases brought to such a state are rarely limited to back pain and delayed menstruation, so do not panic, although you can refuse coffee for a while.
  • If this is not a pregnancy, then only a trip to the doctor. Remember that any self-medication during menstrual irregularities always ends up badly.
  • If this is a slight delay, it is possible that menstruation is failing and without infection, but because of the nerves. In this case, the treatment of pulling and aching pain of the abdomen occurs only with the help of sedatives and normal rest. Often this is enough to stop pulling the belly, and the period began again. But when the situation recurs, it is still worth going to the doctor to help him cope with the fact that his back hurts in the absence of menstruation.

Pregnancy hurts lower back

If there is no menstruation and lower abdomen hurts – this is a serious cause for concern. Monthly no only for two reasons, illness and pregnancy. And sometimes for young girls, pregnancy is an even worse response than illness. But you should not have an abortion or self-medicate. Remember that you are taking away this new life.

In the case of disease, the situation is harsher. If you ignore the disease is high risk of infertility and other unpleasant diseases of the uterus.

Delay of menstruation, in which the back hurts – the phenomenon is frequent, but do not panic,

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