Pregnancy five weeks

On the 5th week of pregnancy, a lot of important processes occur both in the woman’s body and in the development of the fetus. Consider what happens at this time with the mother and baby. Already this week, the future mother may show the first signs of early toxicosis. There comes a time when a pregnant woman will especially need care from loved ones.

5 weeks of pregnancy: what happens at this time

By medical standards, 5 weeks from conception are considered the 7th obstetric week. A pregnancy test with a sensitivity of 25 mIU / ml will already show a result with a “+” sign due to the high concentration of hCG in the blood – pregnancy hormone.

  • The uterus is still small. But in its muscle shell (myometrium) new fibers are formed daily, due to which its gradual growth occurs. Increasing, the body begins to put pressure on the rectum and bladder, causing the pregnant woman to run to the toilet more often.
  • The yellow body hormone – progesterone gradually increases. By the beginning of the second month of carrying a child, it reduces the immune response in a pregnant woman, in order to allow her body to safely embryo. Due to the “hormonal explosion”, the woman is faced with mood swings, increased fatigue and irritability.
  • From the 5th week, the umbilical connection between the mother and the embryo appears, due to which the female body undergoes changes. From this point on, a pregnant woman can notice various manifestations of her interesting position: the appearance of nausea in the morning, an increase and tenderness of the mammary glands, darkening of the area around the nipples (areola).

Fetal development in the 5th week of pregnancy

From this week, the embryonic period of fetal development of the child begins. Together with it, the first critical period of pregnancy comes into force, the formation of the internal organs of the future baby begins: the intestines, urinary tract, kidneys, and liver. Develops and improves the cardiovascular system of the fetus and brain. By the 35th day of intrauterine life, the nasal processes, the oral cavity and the upper lip are formed. The fetus at this time is especially vulnerable to the action of adverse factors – infections, toxins and hormonal disorders of the maternal organism.

(at this time)

What is important about the fetus?

  • the neural tube is transformed into spinal cord and spinal tissue;
  • the heart becomes a four-chamber, valves begin to form;
  • originates the most important process of formation of the placenta;
  • the beginnings of the tongue, parts of the lung, pancreas;
  • the esophagus separates from the trachea and becomes well marked;
  • increases the size of the auditory vesicles;
  • development of the lens continues;
  • olfactory (nasal) pits are laid;
  • genital glands are formed.

How is the development of the fetus

In the first month of pregnancy, the length of the embryo averages 5.5 mm. At the age of 32-33 days, the upper limbs are extended, the formation of hands and innervation of the hands are planned. The embryo forms a chord (the future spine) and a neural plate from which its entire nervous system will be formed.

A child at week 5 looks more like a tadpole than a little man. It is curved in an arc, the neck curve is visible, the head almost touches the tip of the long “tail”. Blood flows in its vessels, which through the rudiment of the umbilical cord exchanges blood with the forming placenta. The embryo membranes begin to produce amniotic fluid in which the baby will live in the womb until birth.

Changes in the body of the future mother in week 5

A small life grows inside a woman, and changes in her body are occurring every day, although pregnancy is still invisible to her mother and others. The uterus, which was smaller than mandarin before pregnancy, begins to grow; by six weeks, it will be the size of a large chicken egg. The chest becomes painful and very sensitive.

2500 – 151 000 mIU / ml

What does the belly look like

It is not necessary to wait for the external manifestations of what was born inside life. The photo of the abdomen at the 5th week of pregnancy is no different from what it was a month ago in a “pregenerative” state. The uterus of small size has not risen up yet, therefore, it is still impossible to recognize an interesting position by the appearance of a woman, even if it is a repeated pregnancy. But an increase or decrease in weight of ± 1 kg is quite possible.

What does a woman feel in this period of carrying a child

On the 5th obstetric week, sensations of a woman can manifest themselves very vividly, in the form of increased emotional sensitivity, moodiness, irritability. In many cases, the expectant mother does not feel the changes in her condition at all, right up until the moment when the tummy begins to grow. All purely individual, but still some typical emotional sensations can be identified. These include:

  1. an acute response to the most innocent domestic situations, tearfulness for no reason;
  2. emotions “over the edge”, arising completely unpredictable – anything can cause both an attack of joy and tears;
  3. mood is unstable, changes many times during the day.

What may worry the future mother to the middle of the first trimester

The signs and sensations of a physical nature confirm that under the heart of a woman wears a little growing little man. Of the most common can be noted:

  • persistent uncontrollable drowsiness;
  • inability to concentrate at the right moment;
  • the appearance of atypical fatigue, rolling even after the morning awakening;
  • breast tenderness, habitual underwear becomes uncomfortable;
  • The first signs of toxemia make themselves felt: the nose becomes sensitive to extraneous odors, favorite foods that are before cause nausea, appetite is lost, transport becomes unbearably bad and

If conception was planned, then the listed signs will only be proof that everything turned out and there is a pregnancy. Otherwise, the woman may not guess her position, and write off the symptoms and discomfort to other circumstances. This often happens with irregular menstrual cycles.

5 week of pregnancy – mom’s diary (video):

Menu pregnant on week 5

Child’s health is laid literally from the first weeks of intrauterine life, so a woman needs to take care of good nutrition. From the 5th week it’s time to start a healthy lifestyle, acquire healthy eating habits. For example, include in your diet a variety of cereals, complementing them with dried fruits, nuts and berries. Vegetables and fruits should prevail in everyday food, at least 1/3 of the total amount of daily food. Of the sweet preferred marshmallows, candy and natural marmalade.

Do I need to keep myself from the vagaries of food?

In the first trimester, food preferences often change, and a woman can be completely “pulled on salty”. You should not limit yourself to wanting to eat something specific – now a pregnant woman can afford to eat almost everything she wants, but just not forgetting the sense of proportion. For the intestines to work like a clock, eat foods high in plant fiber every day (whole grain bread, legumes, cereals).

Calcium at the time of carrying a child is your best friend, so enrich the menu with milk and dairy products. Especially useful low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, “live” yogurt and drinks (kefir, acidophilus, etc.). Also at the beginning of pregnancy, folic acid and iodine are very important for the prevention of the development of defects in the fetus, so take care of the choice of multivitamins.

Woman’s lifestyle

Having learned that replenishment is coming in the family, it is necessary to objectively evaluate your life and set priorities. First of all, it is important to take care of the health of the mother and the unborn child.

Pregnancy five weeks

In order for the baby to develop comfortably and receive the necessary amount of nutrients and oxygen coming to him through the mother’s blood, you need to devote sufficient time to rest and sleep. 8-10 hours of sleep per day is the minimum that the expectant mother must adhere to. If possible, you should go to bed early, try to rest more during the day. Before going to bed it will be good to take a walk in the fresh air with your spouse.

Five weeks is a time when the future mother does not yet have “full force” toxicosis, but the first manifestations of pregnancy are already being felt. I always want to sleep, there is no appetite, and everything around seems to have conspired, not realizing what is happening with the previously energetic and full of strength woman. You should not do “labor feats”, if there is no physical possibility for this, you should bring a certificate from the antenatal clinic about confirmation of pregnancy, and the employer will provide more comfortable and easy working conditions.

Intimate relationships

At 5-6 week, women often begin to suffer from toxemia and a sharp change of mood. Weakness, malaise and general “aversion to life” – such signs can characterize this period of pregnancy. At this time, female libido for obvious reasons decreases. Nature itself took care of this, because the risk of losing a child in the first 12 weeks is much higher than in the next two trimesters.

According to obstetricians – gynecologists, sex at the beginning of pregnancy may be present, but only with the careful and non-aggressive nature of the actions. With well-being, the future mom’s personal life can continue exactly the same as before, only with a more attentive attitude of the partner.

Threats of abortion at week 5: what you need to know

There are a number of medical problems that can complicate the course of pregnancy, and even provoke its interruption at an early period. Consider them in more detail in the table below.

What else can provoke a threat of miscarriage:

  • the presence of bad habits in a pregnant woman (smoking, drinking and

Preserving early pregnancy (video):

When to sound the alarm

Pain is the main symptom of threatened abortion, regardless of the obstetric week. Feelings at the time of a dangerous condition can be very different: they are due to the severity of the woman’s condition and the individual threshold of pain sensitivity. Light pulling pains in the lower abdomen or strong attacks even with a slight uterus tone – all this indicates the emerging pathology of the course of pregnancy.

What to do if you have symptoms of threatened miscarriage

In order to make a diagnosis, you need to do an ultrasound of the uterus. The examination will show the presence or absence of hypertonus, the state of the embryo, the appearance of hematomas or chorionic detachment. If the ultrasound examination does not reveal pathology, in this case the woman is examined on a gynecological chair in order to identify the root causes of bleeding (the presence of a polyp, erosion, etc.). Such an examination will help determine whether it is really uterine bleeding and whether there is a danger to the development of the fetus. If there is a pronounced threat of termination of pregnancy, the woman is prescribed medical therapy in the hospital.

Doctor visits and examinations at week 5

After seeing the two cherished strips on the test, the expectant mother often rushes to consult an obstetrician-gynecologist to confirm pregnancy. The doctor at the first reception conducts a manual examination and makes marks in the woman’s visit card. From this point on, the female consultation should be received at least once a month.

On the account of pregnancy at 5 weeks, as a rule, experts do not put, preferring to wait 10-11 weeks. This is due to the fact that at such an early date miscarriage due to chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo incompatible with life is not excluded. Nevertheless, the doctor gives directions for the necessary tests and examinations, and specifies when the woman will come with the results for registration.

Mandatory list of tests assigned at this time

  • Vaginal and cervical smear;
  • general and biochemical blood tests;
  • general urine analysis;
  • coagulogram;
  • analysis for the determination of blood group and Rh factor;
  • analysis for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases and hidden infections (HIV, syphilis, hepatitis).

Ultrasound on week 5

Medical indications for ultrasound in the fifth week of pregnancy include:

  • complaints of bleeding from the female genital tract;
  • severe pain in the abdomen with an unclear clinical picture;
  • the need to clarify the duration of pregnancy;
  • the use of assisted reproductive technologies;
  • operations on the fallopian tubes or ectopic pregnancies in history.

An ultrasound study for 5 weeks helps determine the presence of the ovum in the uterus, its size and shape. The first photo with ultrasound will not yet be informative for mom, but it will show the most important thing – the life that originated inside it.

Top 7 Tips for 5 weeks gestation

On the term of 5 obstetric weeks, the woman in most cases finds out that she is in an interesting position. It’s time to revise habits and lifestyle! It is necessary to exclude from the diet of coffee and alcohol, stop smoking. Habitual activity will even require serious analysis: now the expectant mother should avoid serious emotional and physical exertion.

In order to make the pregnancy easier in the future, pay attention to the following tips:

  • make sure that your body has received enough fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and red meat. If for some reason it is not possible to control your diet, pay attention to multivitamins for pregnant women (an obstetrician-gynecologist will help you choose the best option);
  • Remember that doctors call the first 90 days of pregnancy critical for fetal development. Monitor your health, putting everything else aside as possible. Don’t be a hero! Now you need more time than ever to rest;
  • any pain in the lower abdomen and bleeding at this time are signs of threatened abortion, miscarriage, and other complications. If the stomach is strongly drawn (as with menstrual pain), you should act immediately in this case – call an ambulance !;
  • In the fifth week, the woman begins to pursue unpleasant symptoms of toxemia – nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, and lack of appetite. Cool sour drinks – water with lemon, cranberry juice, citrus fresh juices will help to cope with the sudden nausea. It is worth avoiding carbonated drinks, including mineral water. Relieve discomfort can be fractional meals and small portions;
  • mammary glands become sensitive and painful to touch. Seamless underwear with cotton-free cups on cotton basis will help reduce discomfort;
  • Aversion to the usual odors – another manifestation of early toxicosis, which may bring the future mother a lot of trouble. This is a temporary nuisance, and by the end of the first trimester it will pass. In the meantime, try to avoid those scents that provoke poor health, often ventilate the room where you are and go out into the fresh air;
  • pet lovers should temporarily entrust pet care to other family members. Especially if the cat is in the house – the animal can be a carrier of a dangerous disease for the fetus called toxoplasmosis.
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