Pregnancy and the sea

When a woman expects the appearance of a baby, she is forced to limit herself in many ways, refusing her beloved, but not too useful food, playing sports, the usual rhythm of life. Concern for the health of the still unborn child makes the future mom worry about on many occasions. When it comes to going on a long-awaited vacation, many people prefer to forget about their plans, even if the voucher for the sea has already been paid.

Pregnancy and the sea

Let’s see if a beach vacation is dangerous for pregnant women and their babies, or is there no need to worry about it?

Is rest by the sea useful for a pregnant woman?

The answer to this question can be unequivocally – the time spent on the shore of the warm sea will have a positive effect on the health, mood and general well-being of a pregnant woman, like any other person, especially if he spends most of his time indoors or is a resident of northern latitudes. .

First, moderate sunbathing allows the skin to produce vitamin D3, which is indispensable for the absorption of calcium, and therefore is the best prevention of rickets in the baby, and prevents the deterioration of the bones, teeth, hair and nails of the very future mother. In addition, the sun’s rays have a tonic effect and activate the metabolism and the work of all body systems. That is why in the warm season, we usually feel a surge of energy and good mood.

Secondly, the salty sea water is incredibly rich in minerals that are necessary for the body during pregnancy in large quantities. Daily bathing in seawater can partly even replace the intake of multivitamin complexes (especially when combined with regular consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits). Micro- and macronutrients saturate the skin, beneficially affecting its condition, increasing blood circulation and strengthening the walls of blood vessels (this is one of the best ways to prevent edema and varicose veins). In addition, swimming – the safest option of physical activity for women in the position, because water makes movement smoother and removes the extra load from the joints. The main thing to comply with the measure and at the slightest sign of fatigue to get out on the beach.

Thirdly, the sea air is known for its healing properties. It is incredibly useful, as it almost does not contain impurities, but it is saturated with oxygen and ozone. In addition, it is rich in iodine ions, which is necessary for proper functioning of the thyroid gland and the production of its hormones. Almost everyone faces the deficit of this element, with the exception of residents of coastal regions.

In addition to all of the above, a positive change of environment and the absence of everyday worries have a positive effect on the future mom’s psycho-emotional state, helping her to get rid of stress and unnecessary anxieties.

Is it possible to sunbathe during the pregnancy?

Being under the scorching sun for several hours, definitely not worth it. Overheating will have a negative effect on the health of the future mother and her baby, which can provoke tachycardia, a sharp decrease in blood pressure and syncope. Nevertheless, it is unequivocal to say that sunbathing for pregnant women is contraindicated, it is impossible, because a moderate amount of sunlight strengthens the immune system, improves mood and, as already mentioned, is necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D3.

In order for the time spent on the beach to be pleasant and useful, and not to turn into unpleasant consequences, it is important for a pregnant woman to follow a number of simple rules:

  • avoid direct sunlight and try to spend more time in the shade;
  • use a sunscreen with a high protection factor (not lower than SPF 40);
  • Do not sunbathe at lunchtime, the safest period is until 11 am and after 5 pm;
  • drink more fluids to prevent dehydration;
  • at the first sign of discomfort, leave the beach and, if necessary, seek medical help.

In many women, during the period of pregnancy the pigmentation of the skin and even the hair increases, in order to avoid the growth and enhancement of the coloring of pigment spots, it is better to abstain from sunbathing. However, this phenomenon is purely cosmetic in nature and does not bear any harm to the health of a woman or a child.

Is it possible to swim in the sea during pregnancy:

Sea water and quiet swimming are very useful even separately, but in combination they will help restore strength, relieve tension and prepare the woman’s body for the upcoming birth. What period is considered the most optimal for recreation on the coast?

Pregnancy and the sea

– first trimester

The beginning of pregnancy is a difficult period for a woman’s body, only beginning to adapt to the changes occurring in it, which in turn are often accompanied by such an unpleasant phenomenon as toxicosis. The first three months are needed to form various organs and systems of the baby, moreover, at this stage, the placenta is not yet formed to protect it from the effects of harmful substances that may be present in the mother’s blood.

Considering all of the above, the first trimester is considered unfavorable for long journeys, especially if they are accompanied by long flights, climate change and temperature changes. Therefore, it is better to give up rest on the sea at least until the 14th week, and to this point ensure yourself as comfortable as possible, avoiding stresses and increased exertion as much as possible.

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