Pregnancy 9 weeks photo

Of course, others could not even notice external changes in your body, and changing mood was considered one of the signs of PMS or a feature of your bad temper, but you know for sure that you are pregnant and, quite possibly, have already noticed a slight increase or, on the contrary, weight loss.

It is from week 9 that the third month of your pregnancy begins, and the fetus already reaches the age of seven weeks. Its height is more than 2 cm, and its weight reaches about 4 grams..

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Signs of pregnancy on the 9th week

On the 9th week, as a rule, the woman retains the main signs of an interesting situation:

  • Increased fatigue;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Nausea;
  • Dizziness;
  • Sleep disturbance;
  • Breast sensitivity (it is in the first trimester that all changes in the mammary glands occur, so it remains not long to endure!)

Feelings of the future mother on the 9th week

Many women report improved well-being, although some unpleasant sensations do not leave:

  • Expectant mother more and more often feels the desire to rest and lie down;
  • Toxicosis continues to torment (although from this week nausea should gradually recede);
  • Dizziness still worries;
  • A nasal congestion may appear;
  • There is a sleep disorder, inability to sleep.

As for external changes, then:

  • the waist increases inexorably;
  • the breast swells and becomes even more sensitive than before (it is in the first trimester, especially at its end, and there is a sharp increase in the breast);
  • a blue mesh of veins appears on the chest; these are dilated saphenous veins (but this can occur later than 9 weeks).

Pregnancy 9 weeks photo

Forum: What did you feel on the 9th week?


The mood is good, vigorous, despite toxicosis. I can not look at food at all, there is no appetite. During the day, I only eat cracker and apples. Today I noticed a pinkish discharge, but I read what happens. I’m still worried.


The mood is depressed, I do not want to do anything. I have a breakdown and a constant desire to sleep. Toxicosis slowly releases me and I am very happy about it.


He began to bulge tummy, and the chest becomes larger. I’m already starting to look like a pregnant woman. Little by little passes toxicosis. Feeling great.


I can sleep for days on end, but I have to work … It’s also not so easy with food, because desires change quickly … I want apples, and in 10 minutes I dream of a cheburek.


The problem is that I feel sick 24 hours a day. Infinitely stirs up, sometimes to dizziness and apathy. After work I come as a squeezed lemon. There is no power, neither to eat, nor to drink, nor to move. Nutrition normal, balanced, a little bit of everything.

What happens in the mother’s body on the 9th week?

The woman’s body works in a strengthened mode, ensuring the restructuring of all organs and systems:

  • The level of hCG in the blood increases;
  • An increase in the uterus is observed (at week 9 it reaches the size of a grapefruit);
  • Due to hormonal changes, the skin of the woman becomes smoother and cleaner;
  • The level of hormones increases significantly, thereby ensuring the normal course of pregnancy;
  • The mammary glands cause pain; nipples darken;
  • The urge to urinate gradually subsides;
  • Constipation occurs (reason: bowel work slows down);
  • The heart, lungs and kidneys work in an intensive way, since the amount of circulating blood increases by 40-50% (compared to a non-pregnant woman);
  • Fat stores accumulate for later breastfeeding;
  • The skin and hair becomes drier as the baby requires a lot of fluid;
  • The occurrence of anemia (as a result, increased fatigue and drowsiness);
  • A yellowish discharge from the vagina appears;
  • The placenta begins to function, i.e., it adapts the mother’s organism to the needs of the inexorably developing fetus.

Fetal development on the 9th week


  • Growth reaches 2-3 cm; weight ranges between 5 -15 grams;
  • The head of the baby gradually acquires the typical outlines., but still does not look proportional to the calf of the baby;
  • The child has the neck begins to develop, the spine straightens and the tail turns into the tailbone;
  • The eyes of the child are still closed (they will open at the 28th week of pregnancy, be patient);
  • One can already notice the cartilaginous auricles and subtle, but already formed, earlobes;
  • The corners of the fetal mouth become thinner, the edges become thicker, and the mouth is already reminiscent lips;
  • The extremities of the child are lengthened fingers grow and become more like the fingers of a newborn;
  • Elbows are formed;
  • Feet increase;
  • As a result of the baby’s epidermis compaction already visible marigolds, which first appear from the side of the palms and soles, and then move to the tips of the fingers of the arms and legs.

The formation of organs and systems (organogenesis):

Pregnancy 9 weeks photo

  • Brain sections and central nervous system are formed;
  • The cerebellum develops – part of the brain stem, located in the back of the skull and regulating the balance of the body and coordination of movements;
  • Formed middle layer of adrenal glands, who is responsible for generating adrenaline;
  • In the brain pituitary gland laid down, affecting the growth, development, metabolic processes of the body;
  • The thyroid gland begins to function;
  • Such parts of the nervous system as nerve nodes, cranial and spinal nerves are also formed;
  • The muscles of the mouth begin to function, and now baby can move lips, open and close the mouth;
  • He already able to swallow a liquid, in which is located. The swallowing reflex is the very first reflex formed in a baby;
  • The abdominal and chest cavities increase in volume, and the heart is no longer bulging;
  • The child develops breast rudiments;
  • In the lungs is already observed development of a bronchial tree (i.e. its branching);
  • The umbilical cord does not remain unchanged, it also grows and develops;
  • Heart the fetus continues to evolve and is already committing order 130-150 beats per minute and drives blood through barely formed blood vessels;
  • Atrial septum is formed;
  • In the baby’s blood, the first cells begin to form, which are responsible for immunity – lymphocytes;
  • The child has lymph nodes are laid;
  • Have crumbs kidneys begin to work actively, which, through my mother’s body, remove unnecessary substances;
  • Baby already appear genitals. If your baby is a boy, then his testicles are already formed, but they are in the abdominal cavity, and after a while they will descend into the scrotum.

Formation of the placenta. At the beginning of the third month (that is, just at week 9), the placenta begins to function fully. It is a “means of communication” between the maternal organism and the baby’s body. Through the placenta, the mother can adapt to the needs of the little “puzozhitel”.

The placenta is a very responsible organ that protects the baby. It should be mentioned that the placenta has two surfaces: maternal and fetal. The fetal surface of the placenta prevents the fetus from drying out and damage, since it is completely covered with a water jacket,

At week 9, the mother begins to communicate with the future baby, as signals are sent from the baby’s brain, notifying the mother of their needs and requirements. It is for this reason that very often pregnant women give preference to such products and drinks that they have not tolerated before.

Ultrasound on the 9th week of pregnancy

Your baby is already officially referred to as a fetus, not an embryo, with which we congratulate you!

Pregnancy 9 weeks photo

On ultrasound of the fetus at week 9, the thickness of the placenta and the general condition of the umbilical cord are determined. With the help of Doppler, the expectant mother can note the baby’s heart rate. Although many internal organs are already sufficiently developed, it is not always possible to see on ultrasound at week 9.

The internal organs of the baby can still appear as an umbilical hernia, but there is no cause for concern, because this is completely normal.

On ultrasound at this time is required a general assessment of the state of the ovaries..

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