Pregnancy 8 months

Second pregnancy after cesarean. And in just 10 months!

Early pregnancy after cesarean – this is what doctors primarily frighten women after surgery. “And when can you get pregnant after the COP?” – I asked. “Year after 2-3” – the doctor replied. But fate decreed otherwise.

My first pregnancy was unforeseen and unplanned, but, nevertheless, the baby was very desirable. True, in the shortest possible time they prepared the wedding and got used to new realities.

Pregnancy proceeded calmly, without any complications. But until the sixth month, he was tormented by an eerie toxemia, even fainted several times and stuffed cones on his forehead. Independently from the house did not go even to the nearest stall for bread. And so all the tests were normal, so I was going to give birth naturally, not worrying about it. Given my type of figure (tall and wide hips), no complications were foreseen, the attending physician even joked about this, that the child would fly out, not even notice. But it happened exactly the opposite.

Weak labor activity, alas …

Two weeks before the appointed time, water began to flow away from me. This lasted several hours, but since there was no pain or contractions, I didn’t hurry in the hospital either. In order not to tempt fate, in the evening I still gathered. After the examination, the doctor said that I could still sleep at night. Before lunch the next day, the situation did not change qualitatively, but since there was practically no water left, it was decided to stimulate.

Ten hours of stimulation and terribly sick contractions yielded practically no results, the opening of the uterus was not foreseen. Therefore, it was decided to caesarean section. I was already so exhausted that I agreed right away. Anesthesiologist recommended local anesthesia. And an hour later I had a beautiful son, weighing 3100g, absolutely healthy.

Caesarean section for some reason, most women perceived as something very scary and highly undesirable, but, in fact, this is just another way of giving birth to a child. Yes, often unexpected and having its consequences, but after all, natural childbirth does not always go smoothly.

Pregnancy 8 months

There were no complications after the operation, but the rehabilitation period is quite difficult and difficult. It’s good that my mother was around all the time: she was cooking and bathing the baby and dressing / changing the first weeks.

And when, a few months later, I finally returned to a normal lifestyle, the seam did not make itself felt, there was a delay. At first, I somehow did not even attach any importance to this fact, since after birth anything happens, but after a few days I bought a test and saw an awesome two strips. To say that it was unexpected is to say nothing. My husband and I were in a panic.

My early pregnancy after the COP

Pregnancy after cesarean in a year – I read about this. But we have only about 10 months! After all, everyone knows that after a cesarean it is allowed to give birth in two or three years. Immediately rushed to the doctor. Thank God, he reassured us, said that this is not an isolated case and women successfully give birth by cesarean section, even with such a short period. But everything was exactly somewhere on a subconscious level, fear remained that suddenly the seam would disperse or I could not bear the child.

The second pregnancy was normal, there was no toxicity, but in the last months my back began to hurt very badly. The situation was aggravated by the fact that I had a one-year-old child in my arms. Appealed to a neurologist, he prescribed pills for back pain, but did not recommend abusing. Last month I went out into the street only once or twice a week, since it was very painful to walk and, in particular, to go down steps. The husband left work and was engaged in the son.

When the term of cesarean arrived, the doctors again recommended local anesthesia, although I was more inclined towards the general. The surgery took place, as for the first time, well, the boy was born healthy, the only caveat – the skin was yellowish. For several days he was kept under some special lamp and everything went away.

So girls, you know, two cesarean sections – it’s not as scary as it may seem. The old stitch is cut and made new, you will not have two scars.

The rehabilitation period after the CS was more difficult and lengthy; it even seemed to me that I would never get out of this state. It was very difficult to get up on my own, not to mention the fact that children were screaming from both sides. The head was splitting, and there was not enough time for quality rest.

But now it’s all over. I have two charming sons growing up and, although their harmfulness sometimes goes off scale, but it is such a happiness!

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Pregnancy after cesarean section

Many women worry about pregnancy after cesarean section, because not everyone knows how much to wait before conceiving a child. A woman may want to become pregnant again for several reasons:

  • the woman wants the children to have a not very big age difference;
  • A woman is almost 40 years old and she wants to give birth to another baby before the risk of developing certain complications increases significantly.

That is why it is useful to know how much time you have to wait to get pregnant again after a cesarean section. It is important to remember that while planning a future pregnancy, several important factors need to be considered, since this should be safe not only for the health of the woman, but also for the future baby.

Pregnancy 3 months after cesarean section

It is necessary to take into account the fact that during the first pregnancy, the body experienced severe stress, while in the body there is a major restructuring, and in order for it to return to its former form, it is necessary to give it some time. That is why it is not recommended to become pregnant after 3 months, after a new birth, as the body is not yet ready for such tests.

The most important thing is to adhere to one important rule, from the time of cesarean section to the next pregnancy at least 18 months must pass. In addition, this period of time is recommended to wait even if the birth was natural.

Before you panic, having heard these terms, you should consider several important factors at once. First of all, the female body is a very fragile and delicate mechanism, which must be taken care of with increased attention.

This period of time is necessary for the body to fully recover, as it must gain strength, because there is another serious stress ahead. When a caesarean section, in contrast to the birth naturally, blood is lost three times more. As a result of severe blood loss, there is a possibility of development of iron deficiency in the body (anemia). This condition is very dangerous, since during pregnancy one of the main minerals is iron, which is necessary for full development and growth of the fetus (this is most important during the first trimester of pregnancy).

In addition, the emotional state of a woman is also extremely unstable. However, if there is confidence that the psychological state is stable, before a new pregnancy, you must first consult an experienced specialist.

There are cases that a woman simply cannot wait for the recommended 18 months, so before pregnancy you first need to consult with the gynecologist, since the body may simply not be ready for a new test.

The fact is that conception does not always happen the first time, so you will need to consult a doctor who can personally tell you when it is worth planning a pregnancy.

Pregnancy 6 months after cesarean section

After a cesarean section is made, a characteristic scar will remain on the uterus, which can disperse during a new pregnancy, and this is a real catastrophe that results in inevitable death of the fetus, and in the most severe cases, women. That is why it is recommended to refrain from a second pregnancy for some time (preferably two years, since it is during this time that the formation of a full-fledged scar tissue occurs).

Natural childbirth after cesarean section

After a cesarean section, it is necessary that the second pregnancy is planned, and of course, it proceeds correctly, so that undesirable consequences can be avoided. Even before the second pregnancy comes, a woman needs to consult a specialized specialist who can make an objective assessment of the resulting scar. Today, research techniques such as hysteroscopy and hysterography can be applied.

Hysteroscopy is a visual examination, during which a scab formed on the uterus is examined. For this procedure, an endoscope is used, which is inserted directly into the uterine cavity about 8 or 12 months later, after the last operation.

Hysterography is the procedure for creating x-rays, both in side and in direct projections. For this, a special contrast agent is injected into the uterus. However, this study can be carried out not earlier than half a year after the last operation, and in some cases at a later date.

A favorable time comes at a time when there is practically no visible scar on the uterus, which is the main sign of recovery of the body. Other indicators will also be evaluated, for example, the fabric from which the scar itself has formed. It is desirable that not mixed or connective, but muscle tissue should prevail here.

It is advisable to undergo such a procedure no earlier than half a year later, after the last operation, and these two studies are important. A year later, the scar will not change.

It is important to remember that before planning a new pregnancy, it is imperative to undergo a hysteroscopy procedure, since only after this it becomes possible to determine as accurately as possible whether it is a good time for pregnancy or it is worthwhile to wait a little longer.

Pregnancy 12 months after cesarean section

Childbirth is a completely natural process, but at the same time there are situations where you just can not do without a cesarean section. However, you should not worry, because even after such an unconventional method of childbirth, in the future it will be possible to give birth to a baby again, but for this you should wait a bit.

Without fail, after the second pregnancy, it is necessary to plan a new one and go through a consultation with your doctor. In the event that the child was born with a caesarean section, it is desirable to plan a second pregnancy no earlier than two years later, but in some cases it is possible earlier.

First of all, this is due to the fact that after cesarean section a scar is formed, which must be fully formed. It is worth remembering that if the pregnancy comes about a year later, after the first pregnancy, when the muscle tissue did not fully heal, then there is a threat of a rupture gap. This situation is dangerous not only for the future baby, but also for the most pregnant woman.

After cesarean section, pregnancy planning should begin with a trip to the doctor, who can examine the condition of the scar on the uterus. This examination is carried out approximately six months later or a year after the operation.

With the help of the hysterography procedure, in which the X-ray picture is taken in two projections, the doctor will be able to determine the condition of the scar and whether it is safe to plan a new pregnancy at the moment. If necessary, in order to more accurately examine the scar on the uterus, a hysteroscopy procedure may also be necessary, during which an endoscope is inserted into the uterus and a thorough examination of the suture is performed.

The doctor can give permission for a second pregnancy, after a cesarean section, only if the scar itself is fully formed from muscle tissue and has become almost imperceptible. The situation when the scar was formed directly from mixed fibers may be slightly worse. In the case when it is the connective tissue that prevails significantly in the rumen, it is considered insolvent, therefore, the second pregnancy is strictly prohibited, since the risk of scar divergence significantly increases.

Second pregnancy possible after cesarean

As a rule, in almost all cases, the course of pregnancy in a woman who has undergone a cesarean section will be no different from a simple one. However, the main difference is that before being able to get pregnant again, it is necessary to undergo an examination by a gynecologist, who will be able to assess the condition of the scar on the uterus.

There are cases that the second time a woman can give birth not only by cesarean section, but also naturally. But at that time it is necessary to remember that such a decision can only be made by a doctor, who monitors the course of the entire pregnancy, since even during birth there is a chance that a scar will occur.

You can give birth in a natural way if the following conditions are met:

  • the scar is in perfect condition, and there is no risk of its divergence;
  • localization of the placenta is observed outside the rumen;
  • a transverse scar was created, which may still be called a “smile”;
  • there is only one not very large fruit, the weight of which does not exceed 3.5 kg;
  • indications for cesarean section were directly related exclusively to the course of the pregnancy itself (for example, with placental abruption, toxicosis, abnormal presentation of the fetus, etc.).

Pregnancy 8 months

If the second pregnancy occurs later than one year after cesarean, then it is likely that the birth will take place naturally. However, if the pregnancy comes a little earlier than a year later, then the doctor simply will not allow to give birth in a natural way and you will have to resort to a cesarean section again. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that physicians, as a rule, do not allow more than three operational methods of delivery. The fact is that each subsequent surgical intervention will be much more difficult, and it is more difficult for the woman to transfer it.

After the caesarean section is done, the woman will have to register, preferably as soon as possible, and all the necessary research is also carried out. When conducting a routine ultrasound examination, without fail, the doctor determines the condition of the postoperative scar.

In each case, a strictly individual approach is needed, a thorough study of the indications for the previous operation, since resolution of natural labor is possible. In the event that a caesarean was prescribed due to the presence of a disease such as myopia, poor labor or an abnormal development of the pelvis, then it is not recommended to give birth naturally, as this can result in serious negative consequences for the health of the woman.

If the second pregnancy is over, the doctor may suggest that the woman should have a tubal sterilization procedure, of course, if she does not plan to have another child in the future. The fact is that in this case, the third pregnancy can end up again with a cesarean section. An obstetrician gynecologist will never allow a woman to give birth on her own, because from these births the risk will be much higher, unlike the third cesarean.

Particular attention is paid to the pregnancy of twins, which can occur after cesarean, as in this case the uterus begins to stretch much stronger, because now two fetuses develop simultaneously in it and the probability of thinning and divergence of the scar increases significantly. In the case of a third pregnancy, which occurs after the first two cesarean sections, it should end at 37-38 weeks with the help of surgery.

If the pregnancy occurred earlier than two years after the first cesarean, there is a risk of a postoperative scar discrepancy, then an abortion may be prescribed. In this case, both medical and instrumental abortion can be used.

The use of medical termination of pregnancy is possible only in a period of up to 49 days. However, this method can lead to the formation of prolonged bleeding, so there is a need for therapeutic and diagnostic curettage of the uterus.

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Girls, hello! I’m sorry, of course! but where do you find such doctors? I have a third cesarean. the first daughter is 11 years old (large fruit 4400.58 cm) second 7 months and now I am pregnant for 19 weeks)))) and the doctor didn’t even hint about an abortion! she said that everything is good, that you need to eat well, because the body has not fully recovered. but at the expense of the seam I consulted at the head of the department and she said that over the 25 years of her work, the seams never once diverged! so believe in yourself. my

Tell me please, how is the pregnancy? I passed after an extra KS 6 months, I really want a child, my daughter was not saved. But I am very afraid. They said on the ultrasound that the seam was almost invisible, the size was 7 mm. I live in Kmchatka, practically there are no qualified doctors. Thank. New September 27, 2012, 05:40

Oksana, please tell us how you gave birth and how a baby, at what period of time, I ask you very much! We, too, send all doctors to abortions. New September 23, 2011, 13:06

Girls, today was on Uzi, I have twins, I’m in shock, 4 weeks, not 8, tell me what to do, I am ready to give birth to them, but I’m very afraid about the seam on the uterus, said that it was not yet considered in what condition is it (((((((New September 25, 2011, 18:25 Girl, today was on Uzi, I have twins, I’m in shock, 4 weeks, not 8, tell me what to do, I am ready to give birth to them , but I am very afraid, about the suture on the uterus, said that it still has not been considered in what condition it is (((((((

This is so beautiful, congratulations. Easy pregnancy to youNew September 24, 2011, 23:59

Olga, it’s so great. Congratulations. I repeat. you need to take care of yourself))) especially you. with two children. but at the expense of the seam, I think you do not need to boot. Finally (the doctor told me) the seam is formed by 3 months. so I think this is happiness. I was also in shock for a week, but now I understand how great that baby will be))) it was also scary for the seam .. I just think about the good))) New September 25, 2011, 18:24

I had a COP 4.5 months ago for 27 weeks (pre-eclampsia), the baby lived a month in intensive care. I really want the baby, but I want to wait so much, then to give birth to the most. Who gave birth to himself after the COP and after what time? G told me that cases of seam divergence are very rare and this does not happen abruptly and not in one second, just in the later stages to examine the seam and go to the hospital early. New September 30, 2011, 11:13

The girls are very scary, the problems have already begun, in the early period, unimpressive discharges, they said it was a threat (I am keeping to conservation. My doctor said that she doesn’t even imagine how I was going to bear them (((((New January 11, 2012, 12:41

hello my name is nastya first pregnancy twin cesarean section, the second one boy went through a year of pregnancy 12 weeks hope for a girl, with twins the threat is present always relax more, drink vitamins and try not to gain a lot the norm 15 17 kg maximum, I smeared my belly with holy oil I bought in churches good luck to you NewOctober 10 2011, 10:45

Hello everyone. Girls, tell me 1 kc in 2005 to my daughter 5 years 9 months 2 ks 2007 baby was born dead (((the reason for placental abruption, 4 years have passed I can give birth again? NewOn October 12, 2011, 21:01

Ksenia, of course you can. I had a COP 2.5

ATP means we will give birth, but our doctors can not raise panic and send everything to the interruption)))))))))))) NewOctober 30 2011, 00:57

Why should someone listen!) Now, not doctors, but some pests! my daughter is 8 months old and my tummy is 21 weeks old. I’m sure that talking about the seam divergence is nonsense. It all depends on the health of the future mother. drink vitamins and more hiking) New; October 31, 2011, 21:46

Laparoscopic myomectomy with argon plasma.

Evgenia, I totally agree with you. my youngest is also 8, only my tummy is bigger))) 25 weeks))) move more and eat well)))

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