Pregnancy 6 weeks from conception

In the seventh week of pregnancy, the active development of the placenta begins, and the intensity of blood flow increases. Amnion is growing. The evolutionary meaning of the amnion is the creation of a water shell around an embryo developing on land. Amniotic waters are food for the fetus (the fruit swallows them) and the product of its vital activity (primary urine excretion), and the zone contributing to its protection – in the waters the fetus floats, moves, grows in all directions, in birth the front waters like a wedge help the disclosure cervix, promote the removal of the fetus from the uterus. By the time of birth, its volume reaches 1 l.

Sensations and symptoms in the 7th week of pregnancy

For the seventh week of pregnancy, lethargy and nausea – the usual physiological state of the expectant mother, caused by hormonal changes in the body. Very often new gastronomical preferences or a desire to learn something new (for example, getting closer to art) appears. Despite this, others are not yet able to determine pregnancy by external signs.

Breast changes and figures

A typical symptom for most pregnant women is breast augmentation and pain in it. Hormonal adjustment helps redistribute fatty tissue. The female figure takes on a more rounded shape. But at the same time, a change in hormonal levels worsens the skin condition. It may become fatter and more friable. Acne and pigmentation can occur.

Discharges may become yellowish. This is a consequence of the rapid renewal of the vaginal epithelium and an increase in blood flow. If the discharge is bloody, the woman should immediately consult a doctor. Perhaps the uterus is in hypertonia and there is a risk of abortion.

Fetal development

By the 7th week of pregnancy, the size of the embryo is already 18 mm. / P>

The embryo acquires species-specific features of a person. Formed kidney, adrenal glands, ureters. Separated fingers on the hands and feet. The handles are seen moving towards the face, the thumb is touching the mouth, the first sucking movements appear. The eyes are wide open, since the eyelid is not yet. Milk teeth are laid.

The blood flow increases due to the expansion of the vessels of the placental bed. In the lumen of the spiral arteries giant cells accumulate that prevent the penetration of the mother’s red blood cells. With the formation of placental-embryonic blood circulation, the fetus grows even more intensively.

The eyes are still wide open, eyebrows strongly developed. Phases of sleep and active movements appear, isolated hand movements are observed. At this time, all the main partitions of the heart are already formed. Heart rate – from 130 to 160 beats per minute. On ultrasound, it is still impossible to determine the sex of the child. Such an examination in the seventh week is prescribed only in cases of suspected multiple pregnancy.

The future mother will have to get used to the fact that you need to change your diet to ensure the normal development of the fetus. This does not mean that you have to eat for two. Good nutrition should include a sufficient amount of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements.

About fatty foods

The total amount of fat should not exceed 90 g per day, while protein intake increases to 200 g per day. The need for vitamins increases 1.5 times. Do not get involved in fatty foods, as the body has its own reserves (with the exception of women with underweight).

Vitamin and mineral complex

The diet should be adjusted to the seasonal characteristics of the vitamin composition of products. It is recommended to take special vitamin-mineral complexes for pregnant women. It is recommended every day to include in the diet of dairy products.

Strangeness in gastronomic desires is a frequent companion of a pregnant woman. Doctors sometimes allow them to make concessions. If the body constantly requires sweets, they can be replaced with more useful dried fruits, and chilled yogurt with berries can replace ice cream.

To cope with toxicosis

If, due to toxicosis, a woman can not tolerate meat, it should be replaced with other proteins: legumes and dairy products. In the morning, it is advised to eat without getting out of bed. It helps to cope with nausea. Yogurt, fruit, crackers or breads are suitable for such breakfast. It is advisable not to burden the liver with fried food. It is better to use foods cooked by steam.

Ultrasound on the 7th week of pregnancy

According to the ultrasound, the gestation period is considered, not from the moment of conception, but on the first day of the last menstruation, the head is seen as a separate anatomical formation, fetal movements are seen, the yolk sac is 0.6 cm. The heart rate is 140-160 beats / min.

At this particular time it is necessary to get registered in female consultation. The objectives of this visit are:

  • the establishment of uterine pregnancy and its duration,
  • inspection on the chair,
  • cervical evaluation, especially for abdominal pain,
  • taking smears on flora and infections,
  • drawing up an individual survey plan,
  • recommendations on nutrition, labor, rest.

Given the active development of the fetus, multivitamins are prescribed, containing and trace elements-antioxidants. Be sure to fix the weight of the mother. No weight gain yet.

Pregnancy calendar, 7 week of pregnancy

7 obstetric week of pregnancy corresponds to the 5th week of development of the baby, that is, it is this period that has passed since conception. In the body of a pregnant woman hormonal changes occur intensively. They cause the emergence of new sensations, which are often normal for this period. Therefore, fatigue, increased sleepiness, weakness and other early signs of pregnancy appear. Externally, pregnancy is invisible. Therefore, others can not guess what is the reason for such a woman. Sometimes even a pregnant woman does not know about her new status. However, the period of 7 weeks of pregnancy according to the obstetric calendar already adds a special depth and attractive mystery to the female view.

If you calculate your term of pregnancy from conception (and it is wrong to do so), then week 7 from conception will automatically transform into the ninth week of pregnancy according to the obstetric calendar.

Pregnancy leaves a definite imprint on lifestyle. The elimination of adverse factors allows pregnancy to proceed more smoothly. This is especially important in the 7th week of pregnancy, since at this time the main organs and systems are laid. When exposed to damaging agents, certain developmental abnormalities may develop that may be incompatible with life. And this will be the main cause of miscarriage in such a period.

How does a pregnant woman feel on the 7th week

At the 7th week of pregnancy, subjective signs of pregnancy appear. They make a woman suspect possible fertilization. As a result, she does a pregnancy test and makes sure that a new life lives inside her.

So, the main signs that probably indicate early pregnancy are:

– delayed menstruation (no menstruation), especially if earlier the menstrual cycle was regular; – A change in taste (a woman may prefer sweet or salty dishes, as well as love those that were not interesting to her before); – change in olfactory sensations, which leads to the development of aversion to tobacco smoke, some perfumes; – nausea and vomiting; – a pregnant woman has a frequent change of mood — either joy or tears; – insomnia may be replaced by increased sleepiness; – due to the fact that there is expansion of blood vessels, there is a tendency to pre-unconscious states, flashing flies before his eyes, and in some cases there may be a loss of consciousness, the pressure during pregnancy decreases; – the breast at the 7th week of pregnancy becomes somewhat larger, there is a breast engorgement and slight soreness; – on the face or body may appear during pregnancy pigmentation.

As a rule, only a pregnant woman can identify all these signs of pregnancy. They do not find objective confirmation. Therefore, the doctor finds out the presence of these symptoms, and then determines the future plan of examination of the woman.

How does a baby develop in the 7th week of pregnancy

At this time, the most significant changes occur with the brain of the baby. This is characterized by the fact that the formation of connections between the nerve fibers and the internal organs, or rather their buds, takes place. From the general tab of all internal organs (that is, from the primary intestine), the rectum and bladder are separated, and the esophagus and trachea are separated.

Code men. Conception outlaw (Law Rita 2009) – about TE.

At the 7th week of development, the spine grows in length, which leads to the appearance of physiological bending. The fetus at 7 weeks gestation is asymmetric. The growth of the handles is ahead of the growth of the legs. Also at this time, the germ cells are sent to the sex rollers, that is, the rudiments of the child’s reproductive system.

If you have not started taking folic acid, then it’s time to start.

Future mother’s belly

The seventh week of pregnancy is outwardly imperceptible, since the uterus is rather small in size. Normally, at this time, it should correspond to the size of the human fist, that is, slightly larger than its normal size.

If a woman has a stomach on the 7th week of pregnancy, then it is only the deposits of the subcutaneous fat layer. There are all conditions for this, since a woman’s appetite can dramatically increase due to hormonal changes.

In parallel, the activity of metabolic processes slows down. Therefore, there is a “fatty” layer. In this regard, a pregnant woman should carefully control the caloric content of food and its qualitative composition in order to avoid the development of obesity and all the negative consequences associated with it.

Ultrasound and tests at week 7

Usually at this stage of pregnancy for the first time a woman can turn to an obstetrician-gynecologist. There is still no definitive confidence that the pregnancy is developing properly, therefore, a woman is not yet taken to the dispensary account. Spontaneous abortion at week 7 is not uncommon. All examinations that are appointed at the 7th obstetric week of pregnancy pursue one single goal – this will make sure that there is a pregnancy and it is developing correctly. Therefore, it is mandatory to pass the analysis for hCG. It is produced exclusively by placental tissue (the organ that precedes the placenta is called the chorion). If the level of hCG corresponds to the expected date, then with a high degree of probability it can be concluded that the pregnancy is developing well. If there are deviations in the level of the hormone, then you can think about the following situations:

– HCG below the norm indicates either a non-developing pregnancy, or a pronounced threat of termination of pregnancy, or an ectopic pregnancy; – HCG above the norm usually indicates a vesicle skid (this is a complication of pregnancy, in which the chorionic villi significantly increase in size, and the fertilized egg usually dies) or a multiple pregnancy.

Therefore, it is necessary to conduct additional research methods that either exclude or confirm the diagnosis.

The question as to whether fluorography can be performed during pregnancy at week 7 and another x-ray examination is very relevant. The answer is unequivocal – there are no options. If it is very necessary, then it is forbidden to conduct it before the second trimester.

Ultrasound scan at 7 weeks of pregnancy is prescribed only if a pathological pregnancy is suspected. Gender of the fetus by ultrasound can not be determined.

Typical complaints and how to interpret them

7 weeks of pregnancy are characterized by the appearance of subjective sensations. They can be both a sign of a normal course of pregnancy and a symptom of a particular complication. Let’s talk about the main features from this point of view:

– Nausea and vomiting, which is not repeated more than twice during the day – this is a variant of the norm. If vomiting occurs more often than 2 times, then this is a sign of early toxicosis; – frequent urination – a variant of the norm. However, if it is accompanied by pain and pain, then it is necessary to exclude an infectious lesion of the urinary system; – increased drowsiness, weakness and

Is it possible to find twins on the 7th week

Pregnancy 7 weeks, twins detected either by ultrasound, or by laboratory research (level of human chorionic gonadotropin). However, the final diagnosis can be set later, when visualization in the uterine cavity becomes much better. The diagnosis of multiple pregnancy must be made by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.

During ultrasound, it is very important to assess the chorinity of the twins, that is, how much placent is present. This will be necessary later in the preparation of the delivery plan. If twins are monochorial monoamniotic, then this is an absolute indication for cesarean section. In other cases, it is necessary to evaluate other factors when choosing the optimal mode of delivery.

Risks of the 7th week of pregnancy

The dangers of the 7th obstetric week of pregnancy are quite large. They are as follows:

– the appearance of developmental abnormalities; – violation of the placentation process; – abortion.

This is due to the great vulnerability of the developing and differentiating organism, as well as those processes that are intensively proceeding in order to form the placenta as an organ. At week 7, the structure of the vessels that go from the placenta to the uterus is complicated. This is necessary in order to later fully meet the growing needs of the fetus for food and oxygen delivery. For this, the spiral arteries must completely lose their muscular coat. As a result, they lose the ability to contract in response to various stimuli. Also, this process leads to the fact that a sufficiently large volume of blood flows to these arteries, therefore, uteroplacental circulation increases.

What kind of lifestyle should a pregnant woman lead

The main recommendations that relate to lifestyle in the seventh week of pregnancy are as follows:

– frequent walks in the fresh air; – normalization of nutrition; – rejection of bad habits; – sufficient rest, which is combined with a moderate mode of activity.

Thus, the 7th obstetric week is very important in the proper development of the baby. Therefore, it is important to observe the basic recommendations given by the doctor. This will minimize the possible risks and complications.

We offer to watch the video guide of pregnancy from the Pampers! 7 week, signs of ectopic pregnancy, video:

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  • What happens to the body of a woman in the 7th week of pregnancy

    Fetal egg in this period is fixed on the wall of the uterus. Usually the cervix after conception is in a relaxed state. The mucus in it becomes thick in the form of a mucous plug, which separates the uterus from all kinds of invasions of the outside world and provides protection. At this time can go brown small discharge. These are symptoms of pregnancy. If even a little lower abdomen, in any case can not lift weights and it is better to make an ultrasound.

    At 7 weeks after conception, it is necessary to pay special attention to any selection. If the discharge is white, odorless – it is whiter, which is quite normal in the seventh week, they should not be frightened. They may be abundant, slippery or liquid at this time, but the woman does not hurt or pull anything. During this period, bloodshed, brown or yellow-green, cheesy or frothy discharges should be alerted. If the stomach pulls, there is an unpleasant smell, discharge causes burning and itching in the intimate area, you should immediately contact a gynecologist

    How does a baby feel at 7 weeks of pregnancy

    With the onset of the seventh week of pregnancy, an important stage of fetal development of the child begins. This is no longer an embryo, but a fetus – a little man.

    During this period new changes begin to happen to him:

  • Intensive development of the brain
  • Dividing the heart into chambers and arteries
  • Appearance of veins
  • Formation of the digestive tract – the appearance of the rectum
  • The beginning of the formation of the sternum and small intestine
  • The development of the lungs, esophagus, trachea, anterior abdominal wall.
  • Education, liver, gallbladder and spleen (their functions while they can not perform).
  • The pancreas is laid, the endocrine gland is the cortical part of the adrenal glands,
  • Sex hormones are formed
  • Already almost developed the central nervous system.
  • The beginning of the development of bone cells.
  • The development of the intestine, the appearance of the appendix.

The fetus still has a “tail”, having seen it on the ultrasound, do not be afraid, it should fall away soon. The placenta becomes more thickened, the umbilical cord is attached to the wall of the uterus. The right umbilical vein disappears. Left – while remains.

The head of the fetus at this time has a size much larger than the body and is tilted to the chest. On her face is already made out: mouth, nose in its infancy, which can be clearly seen with the ultrasound. On the sides are tiny brown pigment circles, which in a few months will move to the face and become the eyes.

How does a woman feel at 7 weeks of pregnancy

Often, the expectant mother, when the seventh week comes after the beginning of conception, learns about the onset of pregnancy. During this period, the following symptoms appear: the general state of health worsens, the next menstruation does not occur within two to three weeks. In some pregnant women, the seventh obstetric week increases with nausea, pulls up and aches the stomach a bit, there are headaches, brown or white discharge.

Pregnancy 6 weeks from conception

The woman begins to tire quickly, she manifests nervousness, touchiness and irritability. Any little thing causes a violent reaction. This period is especially difficult for mothers who are waiting for their first child. Any discharge, pain, and other strange manifestations of pregnancy frighten them, so pregnant women become extremely suspicious.

Sometimes at 7 weeks after conception a woman feels that she does not have enough oxygen. She is constantly drawn to sleep. A feeling of heaviness appears in the legs, a stomach aches, a swelling occurs due to stagnation of blood in the lower extremities, as its amount increases at this time.

There are no noticeable external changes in the term of the seventh obstetric week yet, a slight weight gain may appear and the areola around the nipples of the breast become brown. Due to hormonal changes in some women, if you pay attention to the stomach, you can see the dark line running from the navel to the lower abdomen. Breast, when the seventh week comes, may begin to pour, many pregnant women note that there is a significant increase in it, and it hurts a little. It is advisable at this time to replace the bra with a special one – for pregnant women.

Sometimes due to toxicosis, weight does not increase, but decreases. This is quite common.

At this time, the stomach is not yet visible, but the size of the uterus is already slightly increasing, which causes an increase in urination, a tendency to constipation, sometimes there are small brown spotting as the increasing uterus puts pressure on neighboring organs

In the seventh week is required to stand on medical records.

Having learned about her position, when the seventh week came after the conception, a woman should be registered in the antenatal clinic. Thanks to timely medical supervision, many problems can be avoided in the future. At this time, the doctor offers to be examined and pass the following tests:

  • Blood to determine its group and Rh factor.
  • Blood for syphilis, HIV infection, hepatitis.
  • Blood to determine hemoglobin level.
  • Blood clotting.
  • Smear on the flora.
  • Smear to determine the presence of genital infections

Sometimes at the 7th week of pregnancy, women are offered to undergo an ultrasound to make sure that the fetus is fine. Expectant mother with the help of an ultrasound can see the beating heart of her baby. But, many believe that ultrasound at this time is too early to do, and during this period of pregnancy, ultrasound is usually prescribed if it is necessary to confirm the fact of pregnancy.

Such an examination will confirm the fact of pregnancy, and if there are symptoms of a developmental pathology of the fetus or there is a threat of miscarriage, the pregnant woman will be offered to go to the hospital.

Prevention at 7 weeks gestation

To pregnancy proceeded correctly, you need a balanced diet. If a woman suffers from toxemia, heartburn, stomach upset is often present, her stomach hurts constantly, there are such sensations that she is pulling, she still needs to try to eat a little of everything and not leave her stomach empty. In the diet of a pregnant woman should be present fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Pregnancy 6 weeks from conception

To replenish the supply of trace elements, you need to take a multivitamin, which the doctor prescribed. The kid gets energy from food, so a healthy diet is very important. It is very important to exclude products with preservatives and dyes from the diet. Be sure to take folic acid to prevent serious fetal malformations. This is a very powerful prophylactic.

Already at this time, a woman should be able to fully relax. It should be more fresh air, find time for a relaxing holiday and try to be always in a good mood. For a pregnant woman now it is very important, as well as sleep and nutrition. You need to sleep at least eight to ten hours. It is necessary, when the seventh week has already begun from the beginning of pregnancy, to give up high heels. During this period, their height should be no higher than 4 cm.

In the first eight weeks there is a laying of the organs of the child, so you must be very careful with taking medication.

Some women at this time trying to change their lifestyle, bringing under the ban sports and sex. But this is not necessary, the stomach is still quite small and it is impossible to cause harm to the child. Those who have previously played sports, you just need to reduce the load. Sexual intimacy can not be avoided if the pregnancy is normal and nothing hurts. Sex is even good for the future mother’s health..

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