Polysorb breastfeeding

No one person can be insured against food or drug poisoning. During lactation, the situation is dangerous, since it can negatively affect the health of the baby. The situation manifests itself in the form of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Symptoms can lead out of the usual rut of any person. Polysorb for nursing mothers – an excellent drug that will eliminate the negative manifestations. An additional advantage is the lack of influence on the newborn.

Polysorb with breastfeeding has the properties of cleansing the body from pre-accumulated toxic substances. It can be used to eliminate bacterial, food or other types of poisoning. Doctors also prescribe a drug to eliminate intoxication of various origin.

Drug description

The drug can be used to eliminate the symptoms of intoxication. The drug contains sorbing components that help naturally remove the cause of the poisoning. A negative effect can be caused by the penetration of chemicals or metabolites into the body. A positive effect on the body can be felt just five minutes after ingestion.

For ease of use, Polysorb is produced in the form of a dry mix. She has no smell. The color of the composition is white and blue. The drug is easily dissolved in water. Pyrogenic silicon dioxide is used as the main active ingredient. In the pharmacy, you can find different packaging. Each bag contains 3, 12, 25 or 50 grams of active ingredient.

When breastfeeding Polysorb has the following positive effects on the woman’s body:

  • removes toxins that get inside in various ways;
  • cells that are not viable will be destroyed;
  • helps to accelerate the process of regeneration;
  • toxic substances from the body are excreted naturally.

For children up to one year, Polysorb helps resist harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. Due to the positive effect of the sorbent, toxins, harmful cells and allergens are eliminated. The drug should be used in case of poisoning with poisons or heavy versions of salts.

It is allowed to use at the excessive use of alcohol and its processing.

  • Polysorb should be used to treat the following adverse effects:
  • a person has acute poisoning with various negative compositions;
  • the presence of infectious bacteria that are in the intestine is recorded;
  • there is an acute disorder of the digestive system;
  • bacterial flora has been affected by the entry of harmful substances;
  • intoxication of the body, which manifests itself in the form of accumulation of pus or inflammation of certain parts of the digestive system;
  • intoxication was caused by poisons, drugs, alcohol or other substances;
  • allergies, the cause of which could not figure out;
  • an increase in the level of bilirubin occurring against the background of hepatitis due to the presence of a virus is recorded;
  • The patient is additionally diagnosed with liver disease.

The drug is recommended to drink to people who work in hazardous industries. Polysorb is also used as a preventive measure against colds or infectious diseases of the skin.

Polysorb is sold as a powder. However, you can only drink it diluted in water. It is best to use a liquid that was previously passed through the filter.

Nursing mothers need to know how to calculate the dose of the drug. Depending on the degree of poisoning, it is necessary to take from one hundred to two hundred milligrams of powder per one kilogram of weight. The calculated volume is necessary to drink three times a day. Due to this, it will be possible to get rid of intoxication within a short period of time.

The resulting composition must be drunk an hour before meals. You can use it after 1.5 hours after it. The dose must be fresh, so it will need to be re-cooked each time.

Depending on the degree of poisoning, the duration of therapeutic effect is assigned:

  • a strong intoxication of the organism was noted – the intake is made for a maximum of five days;
  • poisoning is allergic – at least two weeks.

Polysorb breastfeeding

Main contraindications for use

Mommy should not use the drug in the following cases:

  • an ulcer in the gastrointestinal tract was previously detected;
  • a history of hemorrhages in the digestive system;
  • the intestine is characterized by atony;
  • the woman had an increased sensitivity to the individual components of the composition.

Some patients developed polysorb with constipation. You can avoid the situation only if you use at least 2.5 liters of water during the day.

Prolonged use of the drug can lead to avitaminosis. The situation arises because of the removal of useful components, along with harmful ones. To fill the deficiency is recommended to take Vitrum or other vitamin complexes.

Features of admission during lactation

Polysorb is a universal component that is used to treat various types of intoxication. It is allowed to drink during lactation, since it will not be able to harm the newborn. Sorbent improves the patient’s condition, regardless of the cause of the poisoning. Relief woman can feel within five minutes after admission.

The drug is often prescribed to pregnant women, nursing mothers and babies. Components will not be able to harm the baby. They are not absorbed into the blood, so do not affect the composition of milk. The drug has a positive effect on the body and eliminates the symptoms of poisoning.

The main active component of Polysorb is silicon of natural origin. Mommy within 24 hours is allowed to drink one tablespoon of powder an hour before meals. In case of severe poisoning, the dose is taken every hour five times. The next day, you need to eliminate one approach.

For the rapid removal of harmful components, it is recommended to additionally drink three liters of water per day. It is necessary to use only pure or well purified liquid.

Polysorb has a positive effect on a woman’s body. It is allowed to drink during breastfeeding. Its active components are not part of breast milk, so they can not adversely affect the health and development of the baby. Mom will be able to continue the normal mode of breastfeeding. The details of the course of treatment, dosage and other features of the reception must be obtained from your doctor.

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