Poems happy birthday in prose

Let the wonderful puzzle of your wonderful life consist only of pieces of happiness and make up the overall picture of joy and success, and may all his happy pieces be glued to each other with good health, and with each new birthday let their number grow, making the life picture durable and beautiful .

Happy Birthday. With all my heart and soul I congratulate you! I believe that a person must fulfill only one main mission in life – to become happy! After all, together with this wonderful feeling, the world around becomes more beautiful and there are people who sincerely love you! I wish you successfully fulfill this mission!

Happy Birthday! I wish you a life no less beautiful than this bright day, may you have success, luck and love in it! I wish you to always stand firmly on your feet and hold on to the shoulders of true friends! Let no sadness look into your house, but the sun shines through the window every morning, promising the best day!

Congratulations on your day of jam! May always faithful friends warm you with smiles, like summer sun rays! To the warm breeze always protect you from all adversity! Be always healthy and let everything be OK. And also I wish you strong, strong love!

May your heart always be filled with inspiration and happiness, and the people around you will be delighted with you. I wish your home to always be cozy and understanding, and loved ones are always close by. Rejoice the world with your smile and never despair. Happy Birthday!

Among all the holidays created by God and people, the most important in all ages is the birthday. The day when a person comes into the world to announce the world to his birth. Today is your main day! And we are in a hurry to rejoice with your birth with you. Rejoice and wish good, bright solar heat. Wish love and affection of people close to you. The most incredible happiness and longevity. May your most cherished dream come true, and you will find all that you have dreamed of over long days and nights. Happy Birthday!

Heartiest birthday greetings in prose

On this significant, festive and promising day, my wishes will be concise, because their sincerity does not depend on the number of words. Let the most weighty decisions in your fate be made only at the behest of your heart and according to the voice of a clear mind. And may this harmony bring you satisfaction and inspiration for new achievements! With the birth of you!

Congratulations heartily on your birthday! Best wishes! Let dreams come true, wishes come true and your dreams come true!

Happy Birthday. Please accept my sincere congratulations on your birthday! I send the warmest wishes to you. I wish you close and devoted friends nearby, great mood for the next year of life!

Happy Birthday! We all appreciate and love you very much, and therefore to our congratulations and wishes we add our sincere desire that they be heard also in heaven, where good angels, having heard our words, could bring you more love and good luck, good health and sunny mood! And – let there be only happiness in your life!

On your birthday, I’m happy. After all, I can tell you once again how much I love you and wish you always to be myself. May your attractiveness, strength, beauty, intelligence, reliability, practicality, chastity always adorn you. I wish you good luck in all your endeavors, I wish you only exciting confessions. Let everything be with you just fine, no matter what.

Let only the most beautiful events and moments occur in your life, only the nicest people meet, the most cherished dreams and wishes come true. Let your home be a cozy warm nest in which faith, hope and love will dwell, and all the hardships, sorrows and problems will forever forget the way to it!

I congratulate you on your birthday! Let every day of your life be filled with positive and optimism, interesting ideas and pleasant meetings. Let your health never fails and gives you a cheerful mood. May success and success be your constant companions, and any small difficulties can be easily overcome. Happiness, good luck on your birthday!

Original birthday greetings in prose

I wish you happiness, health, smiles, inspiration, loyalty, delight, bright life, patience, steep ascents, prosperity, warmth, fire, dreams and its fulfillment, energy, love, intoxication from happiness, kindness, hope, good luck, success and all the best!

Poems happy birthday in prose

Happy Birthday! We wish you peace and good, warmth and sun, joy and fun, money and all sorts of goods, good luck and success in all your endeavors, true love and strong friendship, to dream and fulfill your dreams, good health and long life! Let life present only pleasant surprises and eyes sparkle from happiness!

I wish on such a bright and colorful day of your birth to pour sparkling joy instead of champagne with gentle bubbles of sincere smiles instead of champagne! I wish you passionate drunkenness from happiness and positive, colorful emotions! And for dessert, I wish only sweet, long-awaited success and incredibly tasty luck!

Happy Birthday to me. From this moment I wish you to become the happiest man of this planet! I sincerely believe that your dream is achievable and must come true! Be healthy, rich and influential, but do not forget about your kindness, which favorably distinguishes you from the modern generation!

Happy Birthday! It is a pity that I can not hug you now, but know that in my mind I’m with you on this wonderful holiday! So accept my congratulations and wishes to be a very happy person! May your life and the life of your relatives be magnificent, without which you cannot imagine your happiness! Let the wishes come true, and every day there will be only a good mood!

Happy Advent Day! Strive forward to perfection, to the highest goals, and always achieve them! Let good, sincere and interesting people always come across your path. The desire to live and travel charges with the necessary energy and health! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Know that today you are held captive by your family and friends, and we will not let you go until we say enough congratulations and wishes to make your whole life truly happy and even magical! Therefore, accept my friendly advice – always combine in your character seriousness and daydreaming, carelessness and inspiration, and every day do so — as if it were today Fate is especially favorable to you!

Poems happy birthday in prose

Dear nephew, with all my wide heart, I want to wish you a happy birthday and wish you new ideas, dreams and hopes! Because while a person lives and hopes – he is alive, he is always young! I want to wish you the main thing – the youth of the soul! Congratulations!

Happy Birthday! I wish you that your life be full, with pleasant cares, brilliant ideas and brilliant victories! May the fountain of kindness never cease in your soul! Go bold and straight through life! Let your relatives and friends be close to you in difficult moments, may those who want to share your joy always be near at hand! I wish you health and long life, joy and laughter, respect for others and love of your relatives! Let everything go as it was intended in his youth! Happy holiday! Be happy

Poems happy birthday in prose

Happy Birthday! I wish the sun, warmth, peace, fun, money, success in all your endeavors, love, prosperity, fulfillment of the most cherished desires, health and inspiration! Let life give you many pleasant surprises, friends always surround you, and your eyes sparkle with happiness!

New birthday greetings in prose

Congratulations on your birthday, I do not want to repeat everything that I wish you year after year. After all, my sympathy for you is known to all. Let fate pleases with new feelings and impressions. I wish you new turns and only pleasant, necessary meetings on your way. Constant rises and prosperity in all its senses!

You have become one year older, this is no reason to get upset! If you think about it, you have become smarter and more attractive for one year! Do not stop on this amazing way! Congratulations!

Happy Birthday. Let little miracles happen to you as often as necessary. The goal is always on time. Awareness of happiness does not leave you even in difficult days. Travel and enjoy every passing day!

Travel, grow, reach, surprise, hello, rejoice, smile, charge, in general, enjoy life! A good person deserves loyal friends and good luck! Let all this goes with you in life together! Happy Birthday!

Today we are walking on your birthday, today is not the time to skimp on congratulations, and if you add that you are just a miracle, then I think it would be appropriate to wish you a life that pleases all five senses and gives your heart the desire to sing with happiness! May for many years your faithful friends be good luck and inspiration, may laziness and gloom never go to you, and love, having once come to your world, will never leave it!

Happy Birthday! Let this holiday be remembered to you as a cozy meeting of the closest people, congratulations and wishes of which really helped to become happier! Let everything go smoothly in your life, but there will be no place for boredom, let there be time for surprises, small adventures and daring plans that are crowned with dizzying success.

Congratulations on a wonderful holiday – the day of your birth! Let every new day begin with a smile, walk through life with your head held high. Let all your cherished dreams come to life, even the most ambitious plans are realized. Love, dream, live to the fullest!

Happy Birthday!! I wish you to swim in the ocean of positive, live on the island of Joy, do not know sorrow and evil! I wish you a lot of money! So that there are always three whales in your life: happiness, health and luck! Let them carry you along the course of your life and never let go!

Happy Birthday! I want to wish that life was full of pleasant events, brilliant ideas and real victories! Let your soul shine from a positive and good mood! And in difficult moments of your life, friends and people close to you will always be near you! Of course, health and long life. Joy and laughter, respect for friends and love of relatives! Happy holiday, happy birthday!

I wish you happiness, love, health, joy, success, satisfaction from life, faith in yourself and in your future, a great desire to create and love! A sea of ​​cornflowers and marigolds, many loyal friends and one love!

I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish the fulfillment of even the most unrealistic desires, good luck and success in all things, bright and positive emotions! Let every day of life be filled with joy, smiles and happiness!

Happy Birthday! I wish you that everything that your thoughts and efforts are directed towards is surely fulfilled! Love and let love you! Let energy beats in you with a key, and may every moment and every meeting be filled with indelible impressions and unprecedented colors! I want to wish triumph, courage, favors of fortune, true friends and incredible events!

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