Poems for aunts birthday

I will kiss my mummy today, “On the 8th of March!” – I’ll tell her, To the heart of a child, hold me!

On March 8, congratulations to your little mummy. I wish a lot of happiness, and I will give you some candy.

On March 8, congratulations to my Mom. Most of all in the world I love you.

On March 8, Mommy, You are our sweetheart, I love you, Give, rather hug!

For mommy’s favorite, I read poems. Be always happy, And love me.

I draw a postcard to my mother. My mother is the best of all! I love her smileAnd kind, beautiful laugh.

I congratulate her on March 8, I will hand a bouquet of tulips. I want to please my mother every day And I want to hug.

Mom’s smile is the light in the window, Even if mom scolds a little, I will not be offended at all, I will smile back, Because my mom is better – no!

Let this day be bright, Let the drops ring for you, Let all the flowers bloom for you And wait for all the gifts at home.

Poems for aunts birthday

I will draw a drawing for my mother, I will give a cute flower. After all, my mummy is my dear, I congratulate and love!

In the morning mom gave me a bouquet. I don’t have a bouquet for mom. I’ll go quietly and gently hug, And I’ll say in my ear: “I love you!”

I will collect the toys myself, I will wash the plates, the mugs, While the mother is resting, Paul is quietly sweeping, It will be seen by the mile Beauty and cleanliness, Let everyone know today, How I help my mother!

My mom, I love you, A small bouquet — My love is a secret!

I didn’t sleep with my brother for a long time, We made a gift to mom. Let everyone know today. Our mom is the best!

Our dear granny, Beloved Mommy, We love you so much, Congratulations to you now!

My bouquet is small, Very small, I will give mommy With feeling and soul, Mom is happy: Well done, son, Your bouquet is small Slovno – light!

Mom, I love you, I just adore. With a delicate holiday of spring, I congratulate you!

Mom dear, Grandma favorite. I congratulate you with beautiful colors.

On March 8, congratulations, Mommy, And today I say, That I love her!

I have been loving my mom a long time ago. On March 8, mother will give you flowers.

Birds joyfully sing, All with flowers there and here. I embrace Mummy, Congratulations on March 8!

Poems for aunts birthday

Why are spring so happy? Our grandmothers and mothers, Aunts, our all sisters? On March 8, you girls!

I will read these lines, I will stand very early, I will draw three flowers for my beloved mother.

Poems for aunts birthday

I will bring a gift on the morning of March 8, Mom will smile sweetly — Mom will be glad!

Flowers in the bouquet – bright, They will be – gifts, For mother dear, beloved and dear.

Mom, I love very much! I kiss, hug, and tell her: “Mom, you are my main one!”

There are no flowers on the street, I will paint with colors. My surprise is ready for my mother, Congratulations on the holiday.

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