Pinworms treatment in children

All parents should be well aware of what enterobiosis is, what its symptoms are and how the disease is treated in children. After all, the child, in whose body the worms live and multiply, does not feel any pain. Only when the disease becomes acute, can the individual elements of its behavior suggest a worm invasion of high intensity.

The main symptom of worms is severe pristine itching in nighttime. The child pulls his hands to the anus, worried, does not sleep well. This is also one of the ways to find a disease in a child.

Further in the article it is told in detail how to identify pinworms in a child, all the main symptoms are given, photos are given.

Ways of Enterobiasis

Pinworms usually enter the gastrointestinal tract household contact or fecal-oral route. When worms at night crawl out of the rectum to the outside to lay their eggs around the anus, severe itching occurs in this area.

Then combing the itchy area with the hands, the child puts the parasite eggs under his fingernails, the skin on his fingers becomes covered in abundance. The fact that pinworms settled in the body will be prompted by simple symptoms that are clearly visible in children.

Fell back into the intestines of a child pinworm eggs in a few days turn into larvae. In two or three weeks, adult individuals grow from the larvae. The average lifetime of adult worms in the intestine is about three weeks.

If you begin treatment and strictly follow the rules of personal hygiene, then self-infection (reinvasion) is terminated, and the intestine is freed from pinworms.

In this case, we must not forget how you can identify pinworms in children, their symptoms. Photos in the article will help to understand everything.

Only at school age, the parents manage to teach the child to observe the rules of personal hygiene. And while he attends a kindergarten and is in close contact with other children, it is almost impossible to get rid of pinworms. Even being completely cured, the child quickly gets reinfected with helminthic invasion.

Despite the fact that the pinworm eggs are distinguishable only at high magnification, the fact of infection by worms can be detected without a microscope.

Often parents find pinworms directly on the skin or on the clothes of the child. it small wriggling worms (up to 10 mm) white. The shape and color of pinworms are very similar to scraps of white thread.

As soon as pinworms are found in a child, it is not necessary to monitor the symptoms of the disease and immediately begin treatment. A photo of live pinworms is shown below.

White curved worm with sharp edges on the photo – pinworms. They look like pieces of thread scattered across the surface. These are adult individuals that are clearly visible to the naked eye, both on clothing and in the newly dropped feces. In the next few seconds, they will begin to hide deep into the fecal mass, and it is already not so easy to find them.

Symptoms of the child’s illness

It is possible to detect enterobiosis in children only knowing its symptoms and signs well. Much here depends on the persistence of parents, on their observation.

Pinworms treatment in children

Hairbrushes in the area Anus also talk about the disease.

Often infection with worms creates the prerequisites for allergic reactions of the child to various stimuli. This is also a signal for research on helminthic invasion.

It is important that parents know well what pinworms are, the symptoms of this disease and what is their treatment in children.

The fact that pinworms settled in the child’s body, manifested in the elements of his behavior:

  • falling asleep, the baby is naughty every time, often reaching hysterics;
  • if he falls asleep without hysteria, he still turns and twists his legs for a long time;
  • in the area of ​​the anus, he is experiencing severe itching, from which the child’s hands are constantly pulled to the perineum, this sign is the most obvious;
  • headaches in a child, often dizziness;
  • against the background of refusal to eat, there is suddenly increased appetite, there is a copious salivation;
  • abdominal pain, mainly in the umbilical region;
  • gnashing of teeth in sleep at night;
  • most infected children come prolonged indigestion, constipation alternating with diarrhea.

Another, and a clear symptom of infecting a child with helminthic invasion is the presence of sexually mature parasites in his feces. White thread worms, being on the surface of feces, make movements in order to bury themselves in its mass.

Pinworms treatment in children

Often exploring the feces in the pot, you can detect helminthiasis in a timely manner. But pinworms only in the first minutes are noticeable on feces falling from the rectum. Very quickly, they hide inside the feces.

Enterobiasis treatment

If pinworms are found in a child, then All family members must undergo treatment.. Individual treatment in this case will not give a sustainable result, since there will be a continuous process of re-infection of the recovered people with the help of helminth eggs. If the helminths get started again, then the already pinworms symptoms in a child will tell about this.

In the initial stage of infection can do enema before bed with soda solution. At the same time for 200 grams of warm water you need to take half a teaspoon of soda. In this way, individuals of the female worm will be flushed out of the human rectum. Itching around the anus after an enema is greatly reduced.

The process of infecting others will slow down dramatically, since the baby’s clothing and bedding will no longer be sown with parasite eggs. How pinworms reproduce in children, the first symptoms and what should be directed treatment, shown in the photo.

A faster way to escape is treatment with special medicines. This Vermox, Nemazol or Pirantel. The drug is taken once in the appropriate weight of the child dose. For the final destruction of parasites need repeated use of this drug in 10-12 days. These powerful drugs destroy pinworms in a child, and their signs will disappear.

But it is safer to destroy pinworms in children with complex treatment. This combined treatment of worm infestation looks like that:

  • four days in a row the child is given Laktofiltrum;
  • on completion – water enema and ingestion of the anthelmintic drug (Vermox can be used);
  • second cleansing enema;
  • repetition of the entire course in two weeks;
  • a week after the completion of the delivery of a new sample of invasion.

Pinworms treatment in children

Important! After receiving antihelminths, pinworms massively die, but they are not actively excreted from the intestines, most of them remain there. At this time, intoxication of the body is possible, which manifests itself in abdominal pains, dizziness, nausea, and liquid stool.

In order to remove toxins formed during the mass death of helminths from the intestines, it is necessary to take sorbent substances of the Laktofiltrum type with subsequent cleaning enemas.

Disease prevention

It is very important not to get enterobiasis again after undergoing a course of treatment for helminthic invasion. To do this, it is necessary to strictly follow the strict rules of personal hygiene of the child. After all, it is much easier to recover from the easy stage of the disease than from the severe one.

For the treatment of mild stage medications are usually not used.

Hygiene rules to prevent enterobiasis:

  • shortly cropped nails;
  • twice a day – in the morning and in the evening – to wash the baby with warm, soapy water;
  • wash hands thoroughly each time after using the toilet and before eating;
  • after evening washing up, put on clean, ironed linen;
  • change linen in the morning;
  • at a temperature not lower than 90 degrees Celsius, stretch all underwear and bed linen of family members;
  • iron all clothes that are not to be washed with a hot iron;
  • door handles, toilet and the rest of the room should be wiped with a damp cloth.

As you can see, the fight against worms is not so easy. But there is no other way if you want the child and the rest of the family to reliably get rid of the parasites.

Only the constant observance of the rules of sanitation and hygiene will give a positive result. Washing the underwear of a child regularly, and after drying, ironing it with a hot iron is one of these rules. And, of course, thoroughly wash the baby with soap before bedtime and after stool.

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