Pills for worms during pregnancy

Worm infection is a common ailment. According to experts, more than seventy percent of the population, both children and adults, are infected with helminths. Therefore, in the period of bearing a child, any expectant mother may face such a nuisance. As a rule, invasion by parasites is detected during the delivery of routine tests. Independent and unsystematic treatment will not lead to anything good. Only a doctor can make a decision and prescribe worms tablets during pregnancy.

Types of parasites

In the human body can parasitize up to two and a half hundred species of worms. First of all, the intestines experience negative effects and harm from parasites. Helminths settle in the human organs, simply destroying them, cause an irreparable blow to the brain and circulatory system.

There are three main types:

  • trematodes – flat worms;
  • nematodes – round worms;
  • Cestodes – tapeworms.

To get rid of parasites and treatment, a pregnant woman can start using antihelminthic drugs immediately after testing. But in order to avoid the threat of miscarriage, a woman refuses to take medication and starts drinking anthelmintic drugs only after the birth of a child. While carrying a child, it is possible to treat worms with folk remedies.

Symptoms of worms in pregnant women

Woman anthelmintic measures must be observed at a time when pregnancy only appeared in the plans of the family. But worms during pregnancy – not at all uncommon and is an everyday thing. Pregnant women can become infected with helminths, contacting a sick person at the time they receive contaminated, unwashed fruits and vegetables, from talking to their pets (dog, cat), in public places, and counting money.

The main manifestations of the presence of parasites in the future mom’s body are expressed in the form:


  • unbearable itching of the anus;
  • sudden weight loss or weight gain;
  • sleepiness;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • weakness and digestive disorders;
  • irritation of the skin of the fingers, eyelids;
  • gnashing of teeth in a dream.

In the presence of the above conditions, pregnant women should pass the necessary tests confirming or refuting infection by worms.

Features of therapy during pregnancy

Before carrying out antihelminthic measures in pregnant women, it is necessary to undergo research and identify exactly which parasites are present in the body. Depending on the type of nematode, you can build the correct treatment regimen. According to the doctors, the most dangerous worms are roundworms, which can cause irreparable harm to the future baby.

Depending on the order of trimesters and the condition of the pregnant woman, specialists develop a treatment regimen:

  • 1st trimester is the most dangerous period. At this stage, all systems and organs are laid in the embryo. As a result, the emergence and development of various pathologies in the fetus from the use of anthelmintic drugs is very high. The use of drugs in the early stages of gestation can lead to miscarriage. The best treatment option during this period is the use of folk, safe means: pumpkin seeds, beet and pomegranate juices, garlic, ginger;
  • 2nd, 3rd trimesters are more acceptable stages for prescribing medication for worms. At this time, only the development takes place, the systems laid down, the organs of the body of the future baby, the threat to his vital activity is not so great.

Drug therapy

Pills for worms during pregnancy

It is strictly forbidden to self-medicate at any time of gestation. The local therapist will develop a therapy regimen and prescribe a remedy for worms based on the results of the tests, for the health of the pregnant woman.

Medications for worm infestation

Modern pharmacology has a fairly large number of medical preparations for parasites and worms tablets for pregnant women are no exception. Before the future mother immediately a question arises – is it possible for pregnant women to take tablets for worms at the stage of carrying a baby and what tablets for worms they can take. In this case, the therapist who selects the best medicines will take care of the women, their well-being and the health of the fetus.

Pills for worms during pregnancy

Such preparations from roundworms (nematodes) are usually prescribed:


  • Pyrantel – a remedy for worms, which blocks the muscle and nervous system of worms, contributes to their expulsion from the gastrointestinal tract. Destroys both adult and immature parasites. Effective with necatoriasis, enterobiasis. From the body excreted by the kidneys and intestines. This drug for ascaris infection is applied according to the instructions for use, regardless of the meal time. Getting rid of pinworms requires re-treatment after 21 days.
  • Piperazin – different minimum price and toxicity. Recommended for use in pregnant women during breastfeeding. It has a paralytic effect on nematodes, is effective in enterobiasis, ascariasis. The medicine is taken strictly according to the instructions for use. For a complete cure of worms, it is required to drink the tablets in courses (2–3 times) with an interval of seven days. The drug does not require the use of laxatives and dieting. It is necessary to strictly adhere to hygiene measures.
  • Gelmintoks – has a musculo-nervous blockade of worms – ascaris, hookworm, pinworms. In the future, the parasites along with the feces out of the body. It does not affect the larvae that migrate. It is applied at any convenient time during the day, regardless of the use of food one-time. With the preventive purpose of taking the drug is repeated after 3 weeks. Not prescribed for myasthenia gravis, hepatic and renal failure. Vomiting, nausea and headache, insomnia, urticaria can manifest.
  • Dekaris is an anthelmintic drug with immunomodulating properties. It has a detrimental effect on nematodes (toxocars, pinworms, whipworm, roundworm). Neutralized nematodes within 24 hours after taking the pills are removed from the body with feces. Accepted according to the instructions, preferably in the evening, with a small amount of liquid. The course of treatment, if necessary, may be repeated after one or two weeks. The simultaneous use of drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited in order to avoid side effects.


From tape parasites, experts prescribe a drug for worms for pregnant women with a wide spectrum of action, namely:

  • Fenasal is a tableted drug with the active ingredient niclosamide. One tablet contains 250 mg of niclosamide. The action of the drug is aimed at suppressing the endurance of worms to digestive enzymes and causes muscular-nervous paralysis of worms, as a result of which the worms are digested along with the food that enters the body. Treatment with this drug depends on the type of pathogen helminthic invasion. In case of diphyllobothriasis, the medication is taken in the morning, once, before meals. Disposal of hymenolepiasis involves the fractional use of the drug. Therapy usually lasts four days. After one month, the result is fixed – another dose of the drug is taken.
  • Albendazole – injures and causes the death of intestinal cells of worms, inhibits the growth of parasites, destroying them without a trace. Treatment with this drug is strictly individual and depends on the weight, age of the diseased, type of parasite and severity of the disease. The dose is calculated based on the patient’s body weight and is taken according to the instructions. From the human body is excreted in the bile and urine.

In order to suppress flat worms and trematodes in the intestines are appointed:


  • Azinoks – is a medicine with a wide range of action with the active component praziquantel. Causes spasmodic helminth paralysis, in large doses leads to the destruction of the skin of the worms, which leads to the complete death of the parasites (trematodes, flukes intestinal, opistorh). The tablet is drunk entirely in the morning after a meal with a heavy drink. The interval of taking the drug with a two-time appointment should be at least six hours. Contraindicated in pathologies of the kidneys, during breastfeeding, allergic reactions to the components of the drug.
  • Biltricid is an anthelmintic drug, the main component is praziquantel. Affects the permeability of the membranes of worms cells, which leads to sustained paralysis of parasites. Reception means depends on the type of parasite, the severity of the disease and can be taken both before and during the meal. The tablet is washed down with plenty of water and is not chewed. Short-term treatment with such drugs requires the suspension of breastfeeding at the time of use of the drug.

Any antihelminthic drugs – potent drugs. Therefore, women in the position must strictly adhere to the assignments made by the infectious disease specialist. Independent selection and treatment of antihelminthic drugs is strictly prohibited.

Specialist consultation is required during pregnancy


Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, in order not to worry about infection with helminths, pregnant women and members of her family should follow simple preventive rules:

  • wash hands thoroughly with soap – before eating, after hiking in the fresh air, after visiting the toilet, interacting with animals, money;
  • eliminate any potential interaction of rodents, insects with food and food;
  • heat and chemical treatment of all kitchen utensils that have been in contact with meat or fish;
  • scrupulously wash the fruits, herbs, vegetables. Apply heat treatment in their preparation;
  • use underwear (panties), tight-fitting body;
  • wash bed linen, towels often and in very hot water. Wash items need to be ironed on both sides;
  • forget about bad habits – nail biting;
  • periodically test for helminthiasis.

Getting rid of worms during pregnancy is problematic, but easy. All recommendations of the prophylactic plan, contributing to the prevention of the penetration of parasites into the body, are quite easy and accessible. It is necessary to observe personal hygiene, thereby protecting itself from the misfortunes of worms.

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