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Topic of discussion: What happens at the 39th week of pregnancy? Your feelings?

His height is 49 cm, and weight

The cervix is ​​now shortened and opened, and the bladder is under the greatest pressure during the entire pregnancy. Perhaps there will be a little nervousness on the eve of the now close birth. A sign of the onset of childbirth can be an ever-increasing and increasingly frequent contractions at regular intervals. Another sign is rupture at the moment when the amniotic bubble bursts, as well as bleeding due to the fact that the mucus plug disappears (in both cases, you must urgently go to the hospital or call the midwife at home).

Yes, they lose weight before giving birth. Nika didn’t feel, she started in the pool, came home (the thunderstorm was strong in May), her stomach was a little bit tight, and by evening the cork began to slowly go away. The next day she gave birth. The best weight for the baby! Why do you need more?

Vi nabrali zamechatel’niy ves 15 kg – schitaetsya samim normal’nim "naborom" za beremennost ‘i to, chto malishka 3kg + toje zamechatel’no – ni mnogo, ni malo! Ne volnuytes’, vse idet horosho. Strashno vsem, prosto v raznoy stepeni. Eto estestvenno! Tol’ko ochen ‘sil’no ne perejivayte, ne panikuyte. Dumayte vo vremya rodov o malishke i budet namnogo legche.

Legkih Vam rodov i zdorov’ya Vashey docheri!

I think there is nothing terrible in this, because before birth you have very little left, and the body changes hormones, metabolism changes.

Do not worry, think only about the good, just a little more and you will meet.

Thank you, I also really want to see the puzka. I’m so huge and awkward. Nights have become unbearable, a lot of pressure on the heart, shortness of breath, the stomach is constantly compressed, it is hard even to go to the toilet. Yes, I live in the toilet. The doctor set the date of birth 8/8. My husband and I are asking Kuzka not to linger. I am still afraid not to miss the waste of water. I heard that some of the water flow drops, can be confused with urine.

And yet I will miss the tum.

Aya gave birth on the 39th week, as it were in 38 weeks !! The contractions began and immediately realized that it was time for me to ski .. I did not feel the precursors for a couple of weeks or days (as some people have). Suddenly

And I have a question for: What is mucus plug? And that she departed from you and you went for another week.

Othod probki – ne prichina ehat ‘v roddom / gospital’.

Probka – nebol’shoy komochek slizi. Ne zametit ‘othod vod obichno nereal’no. I noch’yu vi prosnetes’. Ne volnuytes’. Daje podtekanie vod, kogda oni othodyat malimi porciyami, ne zametit ‘nevozmojno.

Moy Vam sovet: ne jdite vsyakih yavleniy, predvestnikov i

I open 39 week. Yeah there was no one here. I went 39 weeks. Uraaaaaaaaa Soon, soon. Already meeting with the baby. The stomach has fallen, and already like a week, the appetite is gone, but I want to constantly drink. The chair became fluid, apparently the body began to clean. Sleeping is awfully awkward, for the last two nights I have aches a bit lower belly, I’m not gaining weight anymore. like a week a single gram. In general, here are the cases.

. I’m sorry I’m cutting in. When I was in the hospital, I was scheduled for a scheduled Caesarean on June 28, and 24 all the doctors at the hospital looked at me on the chair, could not decide whether I was having my face or not, as a result, I started to leave the stopper, I left the entire Saturday

This is me to the fact that very often after inspecting the cervix, the cork comes off first, and then everything else joins. Yes, and the weight before the birth is lost, it’s me to say nataschki

So soon, soon.

Well, the news. You better be at home today.

On Monday, leaving me in the lurch is destined to mean. Neee so not fair. And do not worry about the doctor! it means it’s bad and you’ll get much better

Of course, it is not pleasant to observe the whole pregnancy, get used to it, but at the end I threw it. Well, fix it with him, never mind.

Lera, the bars decided to go on Monday or not.

But Nadya did not appear. Probably already keeps on her hands the child.

Lera, good luck to you. Keep the cams for you. That everything was good and your problems were solved.

The main thing: think only about the good. We are with you

Hello I am only with guests. And immediately for the computer! We, too, have become terrible night. , wake up from the fact that the lower abdomen hurts.

And you Lera think less and everything wakes up well. When the doctor 2 weeks ago told me that I had a face from day to day, so where I’ve barely pinched or pulled the house, I started saying goodbye and started bored and everything is in vain, I still run

But Nadyaushka was definitely running back, since she is not responding. She did say, if she gives birth, she will disappear for a while. Let her and her baby be super.

Lera, if you decide to leave me to the mercy of fate (meaning to go to the hospital!), Be sure to write.

Natasha, how can I think as little as possible, if I have been living for these last 9 months?))) You know yourself that this is impossible.

And Nadyushka stopuda ALREADY =))) God forbid her all the very, very.

As for throwing, I will find out tomorrow when I go to the maternity hospital. But, most likely I will leave our party. What to do, right. But before that, I will definitely accomplish my goal.

Damn, everyone was about to give birth to something. And I did nothing. And we are not sending anywhere, stay at home and wait in the wings. (If of course there is no threat or health problems !!) So I will wait Alone!

Lera, how are you feeling.

I have pulls, and fights begin. I’m already on skis, but after 10 minutes passes and so 5 times a day.

Lera, you have announced. Or already in the hospital

Everyone left me. I am left alone at 39 weeks old, but soon to move in the fortieth. If of course we reach

Here, in fact, went to say goodbye. Today at 6 I will be in the maternity hospital =) Natasha, hold on. You will soon meet with the baby.

Thank you for sharing and supporting me.

Good luck to you! Easy childbirth, a healthy baby, and generally all the best. I really want everything to be fine with you.

Here, in fact, went to say goodbye. Today at 6 I will be in the maternity hospital =) Natasha, hold on. You will soon meet with the baby.

Thank you for sharing and supporting me.

Good luck to you! Easy childbirth, a healthy baby, and generally all the best. I really want everything to be fine with you.

Well, I’m alone, alone in week 39.

No one will even look. will not support. But tomorrow I will move to the 39th.

God heard my prayers. And then all the girls hurried to give birth and left me.

I, too, always have fights .. So they will start, then they will stop .. Already tired. I think just about. and again twenty-five. And with the first one, I also didn’t have such a thing .. I didn’t have any harbingers at all. At lunch, grabbed, and in the morning I gave birth. And here is the third week in anticipation of living.

linda, and who will have a boy or a girl?

Here I want to tell you how it was. Well, that was asked.

Parenting Forum 39 week of pregnancy

My maternity hospital was closed and I said goodbye to the doctor (my beloved, dear, relatives are already simple). At the reception, the counselors wrote a referral for hospitalization for prenatal preparation and gave the phone number to the doctors, whom she was supposed to meet and later would take birth and she should have put me to this training. On Monday, I called her. And you know what? She told me just stupidly nahamil. I was shocked. For the whole 9 months no one so offended me. I only calmed down after 2 hours. It turns out that I was left to the mercy of fate. and give birth something from day to day. They sat down with my mother, called someone we knew, and finally found a good doctor, with whom I was at the reception today. And she said that I am healthy and I don’t have to lie anywhere and that I can walk for another week (I hardly believe in this). Although I’m not as worried as I was yesterday. The girls are all these doctors are bastards and scum. I do not understand how you can be rude to a pregnant woman. Like buddy, they don’t need money.

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