Parenting Forum 26 week of pregnancy


A lot of comments about the fact that in the 33rd week of pregnancy, the baby is very mobile. When we had this period somehow everything was very calm – very frightened. Began to study all possible information. They wrote that it was during this period that the child was very hard at gaining weight, and it became difficult for him to roll over, and therefore there was a lull.

Hello everyone, we also have 33 weeks)) in general, everything is fine))) the baby stirs, hiccups))) only the stomach sometimes inflates and hurts when I touch ((and the hemoglobin is lowered ((all light childbirth.

I also hiccup and move, like everyone else. About the stomach, it is very inflated with me and hurts a little when I touch it. And with hemoglobin, everything is fine, but if you have it lowered, eat hemoglobin-raising agents.

Parenting Forum 26 week of pregnancy

33 week) tomorrow on ultrasound. A few days lays his ears, with a long walk begins to pull the belly a little. I can not remove and put on sandals myself, my husband helps. Every evening, cool foot baths and berries of lingonberries from edema. Be sure to cremick on the tum before bedtime. The kid is active in the morning and before bedtime. And even when driving a car. Knocks and that’s it))) very responsive to the voice of the Pope, he responds. And I love to sleep. All night and day before dinner. Very looking forward to meeting with a little. All easy pregnancy and childbirth.

33 week.) On June 8, let’s go and look at our boy’s beloved one)) all wore off and got tired already) wait for him very much) A terrible dream, under the ribs pulls everything. heels burn with fire, but this is nothing compared to the upcoming joys of meeting with my little son! Health to all moms and kids, and papules of patience and resistance to stress)))

And we have the 33rd week, we were told 2200 on the ultrasound, everything is fine))) we are waiting for our third son. Well, it is not given to me to be a daughter’s mother)))

They say that a child of the other sex is born, dad needs to donate blood before conception. And for mom: 3 months before conception to eat more dairy products, sweets and exclude meat dishes to a minimum and with a lot of spices.

Parenting Forum 26 week of pregnancy

Very worried, but everything is fine)))

Hello! I have 33 weeks, my stomach often began to hurt, very hard, is it bad?)))

We are also 33 weeks old. On the planned ultrasound has not yet gone. But early showed that there will be a boy. I have it quite active. When I walked with my daughters (she is a very quiet girl), all the same such jolts were not strong. I read today that the bandage should be worn even when lying down. And I’m lying all the time, and he still keeps it up. I smear a cream a stomach every day that new extensions would not appear. Yes, Calcemin is still good for me. His hair was creepy and his joints ached, and she started to drink, everything went right away. From heartburn saved kefir with bifidobacteria. The bag in the hospital in general has not yet collected, but it’s time. God willing, everything will be fine and give birth to healthy babies!

My son hiccups very often, several times a day. Worried, suddenly uncomfortable for him ?! Behaves calmly, so snug and tapping. Can it be more active or is it such a character? bags are partially collected, but with this war you do not know what will happen tomorrow.

Hello to all future heroines :-) How interesting is the history of comments traced. Those girls who waited and experienced at 12. 13. and in this 14 years – already mothers. You can sincerely congratulate them! We all describe 33 weeks here :-) So my pregnancy has 33 weeks and 3 days. the sensations are the same: kicking under the ribs, strained sides, shortness of breath, unassembled bag. -). Our dad believes the uzistu about the little son :-) But we are all the same :-) on December 27th a new ultrasound scan. We’ll see. We can not choose a name. does not go and that’s it! Let’s call on the day of birth. I am not afraid of childbirth. I am afraid of war and the situation with the prices of goods. Let’s hope for the best! Girls, fasten and give birth! All health and guardian angel!

and I have 33) basically everything is fine, if you don’t take into account that it’s cramped under the ribs, and the heartburn hurts (but that helps me with mints)

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