Paraphimosis in children

You have a son. Dad’s copy. The same, only small. And one of the main questions arising from a young mother after discharge is how to bathe a newborn, how to wash a boy and what is the difference between boys’ hygiene and washing girls.

If you have doubts in your abilities, still in the hospital, ask them to show you how to properly flush the boy.


The main thing here is not to go to extremes. On the one hand, do not take the baby as a helpless and unintelligible creature. Of course, a human cub will not survive without the help of an adult, such as, for example, a baby turtle.

That is why children’s crying sneaks any adult, even men. But this is a fully formed man, fully adapted to life on this planet. He will be able to live without excess care in the form of boiling water and two heaters in the summer.

On the other hand, it is wrong to assume that a child is a reduced copy of an adult. Some organs and systems will continue to grow and develop. For example, the reproductive system is finally formed only by the end of puberty – this is 15 – 17 years in adolescents. And to compare the external genital organs of the newborn with an adult equivalent is not necessary.

Paraphimosis in children

The foreskin protects from external influences. And the lubricant produced by it has a bactericidal effect, that is, it itself destroys microbes.

Today pediatricians opinion is based on the principle of non-interference.

How to wash a newborn boy?

There are general requirements for the personal hygiene of infants, regardless of gender:

Paraphimosis in children

  • change the diaper at least once every 3 hours;
  • flush with water after each bowel movement;
  • use soap once a day when bathing, and a simple baby is better;
  • Do not abuse gels with fragrances and flavors.

But if you are dead tired or you suddenly turned off the hot water, you can skip one day.

So, how to flush the newborn boy:

  1. Put an old blanket on the bed or changing table (which is much more useful for your back). Top clean diaper, then oilcloth and disposable film. Do not flatter yourself that the baby has already pee. In the process of changing clothes, the child can pee a couple more times in several places, and the boys are especially creative in this regard.
  2. Put your son on the back, lift the legs with one hand, pull the diaper out with the other.
  3. Clean up the feces with wet wipes.
  4. In a quick motion, turn the baby so that he lays his belly on your hand. It is convenient to slightly press the head to your body (do not overdo it!), The legs hang down.
  5. Substitute the ass under a stream of water. With the other hand (usually the right hand) I wash in the direction of the sacrum so that the feces do not get on the genitals.
  6. Wipe off with blotting movements. Do not rub strongly even matured child. Skin in intimate places is tender. This may cause irritation.
  7. We give the skin to dry, process with cream or sprinkle with powder. But one thing. When used together with cream, the powder is collected in lumps in the inguinal folds and causes discomfort.
  8. We give the baby time to lie down naked. Air baths are always helpful.
  9. Wear a clean diaper, clean clothes.

When does a mother need to sound the alarm and consult a doctor?

  • firstly, if there is difficulty in urinating, the baby is hurt or if there is redness, swelling or itching;
  • secondly, in case of development of paraphimosis.

Paraphimosis – a condition where the foreskin departs, exposing the head of the penis, jumps off and squeezes it at the base. The head of the penis instantly swells. If you do not provide timely assistance, tissue necrosis may occur. We must immediately consult a doctor. At home, you can apply a cold, squeeze the head of the penis with your hand and try to correct the foreskin into place.

Summing up, we can briefly repeat how the intimate hygiene of boys is carried out. Carefully, without fanaticism, pouring warm water outside, without getting anywhere hands. And do not overheat the baby. Excessive heat is just as harmful to the external genitalia as hypothermia is.

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