Papillomas under breast photo

Small formations in the folds of the skin appear in 46–80% of the adult population. Single and numerous papillomas under the breasts, armpits and on the neck cause significant cosmetic discomfort. The origin of such growths on the skin is not always associated with the activity of the virus. These may be non-infectious nature formations, but methods for getting rid of all types of papillomas have much in common.

Bruising – what is it?

The surface of the body, unfortunately, does not remain soft and velvety throughout life. The skin is especially susceptible to changes in those areas where there are folds, high humidity and friction underwear, clothing. Affection for tanning is also affected when excess UV damages the epidermis. Negative factors reduce the local immunity of the skin. Small formations appear, which some people call “papillomas”, and others – “warts”. The etiology of growths is different, although for a non-specialist they seem outwardly similar.

Types of skin tumors under the breast:

The appearance of papilloma under the breast is the result of epidermal proliferation of the epidermis. This is how viral dermatosis, malformations, benign and malignant skin lesions appear. Nodules are soft, on the stem or broad base, similar to a thread or a mushroom. The surface is often uneven, there is no skin pattern, the color varies from solid to shades of pink and brown.

Papillomas in the chest in women and men cause HPV strains with a low risk of oncology.

Nodular outgrowths develop on the skin during hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, overweight, diabetes, and strong tan. The word “papilloma” in translation means “papilla”. Get rid of benign tumors under the breast, not for medical reasons, but for aesthetic reasons. Proper skin care is very important before and after removal of papillomas, especially in areas of wrinkling and excessive sweating.

Papillomas under breast during pregnancy – only cosmetic defect?

Localization of skin formations largely depends on heredity, body build, and hygiene. The future mother is experiencing the consequences of hormonal fluctuations throughout the entire period of pregnancy. The appearance or growth of existing papillomas is the effect of changes in the endocrine system. In addition, susceptibility to infections is increasing.

Papillomas under breast photo

The papilloma virus infects almost 90% of people, but not all manifest in the form of skin tumors.

If HPV existed in a latent state, then with a decrease in immunity it becomes more aggressive, causing uncontrolled multiplication of cells at the border of the epidermis and dermis. Individual papillomas on the skin under the breast directly do not threaten the health of the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. Much more dangerous than vaginal warts.

An increase in the number of papillomas during pregnancy is an indicator of low immunity. To remove skin tumors under the breast with a laser or electrocoagulator is undesirable, especially in the early stages. Any stress can damage the emotional state and health of a pregnant woman.

Less affect the various medical procedures and drugs on the body of the unborn child in the last trimester.

Conservative papilloma therapy is carried out in the second half of pregnancy (after 28 weeks). Removal of growths by cryodestruction or laser is possible only after delivery. In addition, there are antivirals, drugs antitumor action for oral administration. Medicines for external use are produced in the form of a solution of cream, ointment. For example, Papillek liquid, Malavit balsam. Removal of papillomas does not cure HPV, it only makes the infection inactive.

To get rid of the external manifestations of HPV during pregnancy will help fruits, vegetables and herbs that are rich in organic acids, polyphenols. Such substances exert keratolytic, antimicrobial effects when applied externally, and when used orally, they strengthen the immune system.

How to remove papillomas under breasts with the help of drugs and folk remedies?

HPV is treated in the presence of clinical manifestations of infection – warts, warts and papillomas. Removal of growths in clinics and cosmetology offices is carried out with the help of a laser, freezing, electrocoagulation or radio waves. Also, the patient is prescribed immunomodulatory and antiviral agents. The rates are set for the removal of one benign skin tumor; The whole procedure takes about 60 seconds. The more papillomas to the treatment, the higher the price, but the system of discounts.

Papillomas under breast photo

The remaining crust in the place of papilloma removed by a laser disappears in 5–10 days. Redness or a small scar persist after burning or freezing large growths. The use of hardware removal and cryodestruction methods reduces the risk of wound infection, but repeated treatments may be required. Although even more dangers of this kind lurk for everyone who gets rid of papillomas at home. Professional removal is more expensive, but less likely to recur and malignant degeneration.

If the formation is concerned about malignancy, then after surgical removal, the doctor sends the biomaterial for histological examination.

There are also folk remedies for papillomas, which are hardly inferior to advertised expensive drugs. Special expenses are not expected – the celandine grows like a weed, onions and garlic are found in the kitchen. Apply as a compress and fix with a plaster mashed propolis, pounded berries of mountain ash or viburnum. If the skin is sensitive, then the milky juice of celandine is recommended to be mixed with petroleum jelly or pea baby cream before applying to papillomas under the mammary glands. So do when using juice or gruel of garlic, onions.

Instead of fresh celandine, tincture and extraction ointment of the plant will do. The second means is prepared from the grass passed through a meat grinder and vegetable oil (5: 1). Insist means for about two weeks, after which the liquid is filtered and stored in the refrigerator.

You can not tear off or cut papillomas, on the contrary, should be protected from damage by a bra, belt. Injuries lead to inflammation, redness of the skin, bacterial infection. Fully get rid of papillomas can be within 6-18 months, if you use pharmacy drugs and folk remedies.

Pharmacists offer chemical compositions for removing small benign skin tumors at home. Caustic liquids “Super celandine”, “Solkoderm”, “Feresol”, “Papillek” applied to the papillomas under the breast once. Gel “Panavir”, ointment – “Oksolinovaya” 3% and “Salicylic” 10% are used to treat.

Apply the selected product several times a day until complete dissolution and peeling of skin growths (from several weeks to several months). It should be noted that Panavir gel is about 30 times more expensive than salicylic ointment. Small benign tumors under the breast can be frozen with the “Cryopharma” preparation or cauterized with a lyapisny pencil.

I have many small papillomas under my breast and on my chest. Appeared during the second pregnancy in the second trimester. Then she did not heal, because she was afraid for the future baby. Now I’m thinking about burning them down, after going to a doctor for consultation. In any case, thanks for the interesting home and folk recipes, if the doctor gives the go-ahead, I will definitely use them.

And before pregnancy I had several papilas under the breasts and under the arms. And after the birth, 15 of them appeared, probably, very frightened. I went to a dermatologist, said hormonal failure and activation of HPV that has been in my body since birth. I prescribed some drugs and advised me to remove the biggest ones with a laser, and small ones to burn with iodine. Until I decided on the procedure, all the papillomas that were under the breast were treated with iodine and that was all.

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