Pancreatin children dosage

Creon 10000: instructions for use and reviews

Latin name: Kreon 10000

ATX Code: A09AA02

Active ingredient: Pancreatin (Pancreatin)

Manufacturer: Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Germany

Actualization of the description and photo:

Prices in pharmacies: from 238 rubles.

Creon 10000 is a digestive enzyme remedy.

Release form and composition

Drug form of Creon 10000 – enterable capsules: size No. 2, gelatin, solid, with a brown opaque lid and a colorless transparent body; the contents are minimicrospheres of a light brown color (20, 50 and 100 pieces each in plastic bottles with a screw-on lid and control of the first opening, 1 bottle in a cardboard box).

The active substance of the drug: Pancreatin, 1 capsule – 150 mg, which corresponds to the content:

  • lipase – 10,000 units of measure of the European Pharmacopoeia (ED Heb. F.);
  • amylase – 8000 IU Heb. F .;
  • protease – 600 IU Heb. F.

Additional components (their content in 1 capsule):

  • excipients: hypromellose phthalate (56.34 mg), macrogol 4000 (37.5 mg), triethyl citrate (3.13 mg), dimethicone 1000 (1.35 mg), cetyl alcohol (1.18 mg);
  • composition of the capsular shell: gelatin (60.44 mg), sodium lauryl sulfate (0.12 mg), titanium dioxide (E 171) (0.07 mg), and also iron dyes yellow oxide (E 172) (0.05 mg) , ferric oxide red (E 172) (0.23 mg) and ferric oxide black (E 172) (0.09 mg).

Pharmacological properties


Pancreatin is an enzymatic substance that improves the digestion process, which significantly reduces the symptoms of pancreatic enzyme deficiency, such as flatulence, abdominal pain, changes in consistency and stool frequency. Pancreatic enzymes facilitate the digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, so that they are completely absorbed in the small intestine.

Pancreatin children dosage

As part of Creon, 10,000 pork pancreatin is contained in the form of minimicrospheres, coated with an enteric (i.e. acid-resistant) shell, in gelatin capsules. Once in the stomach, the capsules quickly dissolve, releasing hundreds of minimicrospheres. This dosage form is designed specifically to minimize the microspheres at the same time thoroughly mixed with intestinal contents and supplied with food from the stomach into the intestine, i.e., that the enzymes after release are better distributed.

As soon as the minimicrospheres reach the small intestine, the capsular sheath quickly collapses (at pH over 5.5), enzymes with proteolytic, lipolytic and amylolytic activity are released, resulting in the breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Substances resulting from cleavage are absorbed directly or undergo further cleavage by intestinal enzymes.


In animal studies, it was found that there is no absorption of undigested enzymes, so classical pharmacokinetic studies were not performed.

To exert its effects on drugs containing pancreatic enzymes, absorption is not required. On the contrary, their therapeutic activity is fully realized in the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract.

According to the chemical structure, enzymes are proteins, and therefore, when passing through the gastrointestinal tract, they are broken down until they are absorbed in the form of amino acids and peptides.

Pancreatin children dosage

Indications for use

Creon 10000 is used for replacement therapy of enzymatic (exocrine) pancreatic insufficiency due to a decrease in its enzymatic activity due to impaired production, regulation of secretion and delivery of pancreatic enzymes or due to their increased destruction in the intestinal lumen caused by various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) .

Pancreatin children dosage

Most often Creon 10000 is prescribed in the following cases:

  • conditions after an attack of acute pancreatitis;
  • chronic pancreatitis;
  • cystic fibrosis;
  • Shwachman-Diamond syndrome;
  • partial resection of the stomach (for example, Billroth II);
  • obstruction of the pancreatic ducts or common bile duct (for example, due to neoplasm);
  • pancreas cancer;
  • conditions after pancreas surgery;
  • conditions after extirpation (gastrectomy) of the stomach;
  • preparation for ultrasound or radiological examination of the abdominal cavity organs.

For patients with normal gastrointestinal function, the drug is recommended for errors in nutrition, impaired chewing function, a sedentary lifestyle, or forced long-term immobilization.


Application of Kreon 10000 is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to its components.

Do not take the drug in an acute attack of pancreatitis.

Instructions for use Creon 10000: method and dosage

Capsules are taken orally during meals or immediately after each meal, including light snacks. They must be swallowed whole and washed down with enough liquid. Patients who have difficulty swallowing and children can take the capsules carefully and add the mini-microspheres contained in them to soft foods that do not require chewing and have a sour taste, or take them with a liquid with a sour taste. Foods that are acceptable for mixing include: apple sauce, yogurt, fruit juices (apple, pineapple and orange) with pH

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