Pain over left chest

Fingers. 180 powerful mudras for every day health promotion. Mudras, exercises – Yoga for the fingers. Mudras – yoga fingers: 1. Mudra"Sink" 2. Cow Mudra 3. Knowledge Mud 4. Sky Mud 5. Wind Mudra 6. Mudra "Lifting" 7. Mudra "Life Saving" 8. The Mudra of Life 9. The Mudra of the Earth 10. The Mudra of Water 11. The Mudra of Energy 12. The Mudra "Window of wisdom" 13. Mudra "Dragon temple" 14. Mudra "Three Columns of Cosmos" 15. Mudra "Staircase of the Heavenly Temple" 16. Mudra "Turtle" 17. Mudra "Tooth of the Dragon" 18. Mudra "Chandman’s bowl" 19. Mudra "Shakya Muni hat" 20. Mudra "Dragon head" 21. Mudra "Scallop" 22. Mudra "Vajra Arrow" 23. Mudra "Shambhala Shield" 24. Mudra "Soaring lotus" 25. Mudra "Flute maitreya", Mudra to maintain health, Mudra for rejuvenation and health promotion.

Slimming wise, helping to help lose weight: 6. Raising Wise; 10. The Mudra of Water; 14. Mudra Three columns of space; 18. Mudra Chandman; 21. Mudra Scallop.

Our body is a complex energy mechanism, closely related to the energetics of the Universe, Cosmos, Earth and the Solar System. On the hands and fingers of a person there are not only projections of internal organs, but also pass the main energy channels. The most ancient healers of Eastern medicine asserted that with the help of the method of symbolic hand gestures, making figures with fingers, one can rightly direct energy and influence a person’s condition, his health and prosperity. This gymnastics for fingers and hands is called: wise. Each finger corresponds to the energy of a certain part of the body:Thumb corresponds with will, logic, love and "ego" personForefinger associated with knowledge, wisdom, lust for power and self-confidence.Middle finger brings balance to life, as it is associated with patience and the ability to control feelings.Ring finger responsible for health, activity and vital energy.Little finger correlates with the creative abilities of a person, the ability to see and appreciate the beautiful.

Rejuvenation techniques 1. Mudra "Sink"Mudra "Sink" – "shankha" – an attribute of the god Shiva, the name of the Naga snake living in the underworld. Indications: all diseases of the throat, larynx, hoarseness. When performing this mudra, the voice is enhanced, therefore we especially recommend to singers, artists, teachers, speakers. Methodology of performance: two joined hands depict a conch. Four fingers of the right hand embrace the thumb of the left hand. The thumb of the right hand touches the pad of the middle finger of the left hand.

2 Cows wiseIn India, a cow is considered a sacred animal. Indications: rheumatic pains, radiculitis pains, diseases of the joints. Method of performance: the little finger of the left hand touches the heart (ring) finger of the right hand; the little finger of the right hand touches the heart finger of the left hand. At the same time, the middle finger of the right hand is connected with the index finger of the left hand, and the middle finger of the left hand is connected with the index finger of the right hand. Thumbs apart.

H. Wise knowledge This mudra is one of the most important. Relieves emotional stress, anxiety, anxiety, melancholy, sadness, melancholy and depression. Improves thinking, activates memory, concentrates potential. Indications: insomnia or excessive sleepiness, high blood pressure. This mudra revives us anew. Many thinkers, philosophers, scientists used and used this wise. Method of performance: the index finger easily connects with the thumb pad. The remaining three fingers are straight (not tense).

four. Heavenly MudraThe sky is associated with higher powers – with "the top man" – head. Indications: for persons suffering from diseases of the ears hearing loss. Execution of this mudra in some cases leads to a very rapid improvement in hearing. A long session leads almost to a complete cure of very many diseases of the ear. Method of performance: middle bend the finger so that he touches the base of the thumb with a small pad, and press the bent middle thumb with the thumb. The remaining fingers are straight and not tense.

five. Wind WiseIn Chinese medicine, Wind refers to one of the five elements. Its disturbance causes Wind disease. Indications: rheumatism, sciatica, trembling of hands, neck, head. When you do this mudra, after a few hours you will notice a significant improvement in condition. In chronic diseases, mudra should be alternated with the Wise Life. Exercises can be stopped after the improvement and the beginning of the disappearance of the signs of the disease (improvement of objective indicators). Method of performance: we place the index finger so that it reaches the base of the thumb with a small pad. With your thumb lightly hold this finger, and the remaining fingers are straight and relaxed.

6 Mudra "Lifting"Indications: for all kinds of colds, sore throat, pneumonia, cough, runny nose, sinusitis. Doing this mudra mobilizes the body’s defenses, boosts immunity and promotes rapid recovery. If you are overweight, you need to remove it. Simultaneously with the implementation of this mudra, you need to follow the following diet: during the day, drink at least 8 glasses of boiled water. The daily diet should consist of fruits, rice, yogurt. This very powerful mudra should not be done for too long and very often. Method of performance: both palms are joined together, fingers are crossed between each other. The thumb (of one hand) is set aside and surrounded by the index and thumb of the other hand.

7 Mudra "Life-saving":First aid in case of heart attack. Everyone should learn this wisdom, because its timely use can save your own life and the life of your loved ones, relatives and friends. Indications: heart pain, heart attacks, palpitations, discomfort in the heart with anxiety and melancholy, myocardial infarction. In these conditions, you must immediately begin to perform this mudra with both hands at the same time. Relief comes immediately, the action is similar to the use of nitroglycerin. Methods of execution: bend the index finger so that it touches the end of the phalanx of the thumb base with a small pad. At the same time we fold the pads with the middle, ring and thumb, the little finger remains straight.

eight. Life wiseThe implementation of this mudra aligns the energy potential of the whole organism, helps to strengthen its vitality. Increases performance, gives vigorous! endurance, improves overall health. Indications: state of rapid fatigue, 6essilia, impaired vision, improves visual acuity, treatment of eye disease. Method of performance: pads of the ringless, little finger and thumb connected together, and the remaining free straightened. It is performed by both hands at the same time.

Pain over left chest

9. Earth MudraAccording to Chinese natural philosophy, the Earth is one of the primary elements of which our body is built, one of the elements that determines the type of personality and the propensity for certain diseases. Indications: deterioration of the psychophysical state of the body, state of mental weakness, stress. Performing this mudra improves an objective assessment of one’s self, self-reliance, and also provides protection from negative external energetic influences. A method of performance: the ring and the thumb are joined with small pads with slight pressure. The remaining fingers are straight. It is performed with both hands.

ten. Mudra waterIn Indian mythology, the God of water is called Varuna Mudra of Water – the mudra of God of Varuna. Water is one of the five primary elements that make up our body and planet. The element of Water gives a certain color to people born in the zodiacal group of this element, as well as a tendency to certain diseases. In the general understanding, Water is the basis of life, without which all life on the planet is unthinkable. Indications: with an excess of moisture in the body of water or mucus in the lungs, stomach (increased mucus production during inflammation), etc. Excessive accumulation of mucus in the body can according to Eastern concepts, cause an energy blockade of the whole organism. Performing this mudra is also recommended for liver disease, colic, abdominal distension. Method of performance: turn the little finger of the right hand so that it touches the base of the thumb, which is slightly pressed the little finger. With our left hand we grasp the right bottom, while the thumb of the left hand is located on the thumb of the right hand.

eleven. Energy WiseWithout energy, life is unthinkable. Energy fields and radiation permeate the entire Universe, interacting with each other, radiating and absorbing to revive again. Ancient Indians called the flow of energy prana, the Chinese – Qi, the Japanese – Ki. Concentrated and directed energy is capable of performing both miracles of creation and healing, as well as destruction. Energy polarity is the basis of movement and life. Indications: to provide an analgesic effect, as well as the removal from the body of various poisons and slags that poison our body. This mudra cures diseases of the genitourinary system and the spine, leads to a cleansing of the body. The mudra performance technique: we put together the pads of the middle “ring finger and thumb together, the remaining fingers are straight straightened.

12. Mudra "Window of wisdom"It opens vital centers that promote the development of thinking, stimulate mental activity. Indications: cerebrovascular accident, sclerosis of cerebral vessels. Method of performance: heart (ringless) finger of the right hand pressed by the first phalanx of the thumb of the same hand. Similarly, fold the fingers of the left hand. The remaining fingers are set apart.

13. Mudra "Dragon temple"In Eastern mythology, the Dragon is an image that connects the five elements – Earth, Fire, Metal, Tree, Water. It symbolizes strength, flexibility, power, longevity, wisdom. The temple is a collective image of thought, strength, intelligence, holiness, and discipline. Combining all this into one, we create the unity of thought, mind, nature and the cosmos. The fulfillment of this mudra directs our actions on the path of knowledge and worship of the Higher Reason, for the accomplishment of good works; it will help a person to become noble – will create in him a feeling of unity with Cosmos. Indications: arrhythmic heart disease, discomfort in the heart area, arrhythmia; promotes rest and concentration of energy and thoughts. Method of performance: the middle fingers of both hands bend and press against the inner surfaces of the palms. The rest of the same fingers of the left and right hands are connected in a straightened position. In this case, the index and ring fingers are interconnected above the bent middle fingers. So wise done "Dragon temple". Index and ring fingers symbolize roof "the temple", the big fingers are the head of the Dragon, and the little fingers are the tail of the Dragon.

14. Mudra "Three columns of space"The world consists of three bases, or layers, – lower, middle and higher, which symbolizes the past, present and future. The unity of these three bases gives birth, life and death. All this rests on two opposites – Yang and Yin, which, when combined, give movement, rebirth, the flow of life moving in a circle. This image (miniature reflection of life) gives an understanding of its place in the World and Cosmos, its purpose, encourages cleansing and reverence for the Supreme Reason and wisdom of Nature. Indications: disturbance of metabolic processes, reduced immunity, renewal of forces. Methodology: medium and unnamed fingers The right hand is placed on similar fingers of the left hand. The little finger of the left hand is placed near the base of the back surface of the middle and ring fingers of the right hand, then everything is fixed with the little finger of the right hand. The end phalanx of the index finger of the right hand is clamped between the thumb and index finger of the left hand.

15. Mudra "Sky Temple Ladder"The intersection of paths and destinies is the basis of the relationship between World and Man, the interrelation of society and man, his views, contacts with each other. Indications: mental disorder, depression. Doing this mudra improves mood, removes a state of hopelessness and longing. Method of performance: the tips of the fingers of the left hand are pressed between the tips of the fingers of the right hand (the fingers of the right hand are always below). The little fingers of both hands are free, straight, facing up.

sixteen. Mudra "Turtle"The turtle is a sacred animal. According to Indian mythology, the tortoise helped the gods to get Amrita (the sacred drink of immortality) from the ocean. By closing all the fingers, we cover the bases of all the manual meridians. By forming a vicious circle, we thus prevent the leakage of energy. Dome "Turtles" forms an energy clot that is utilized by the body for its needs. Indications: asthenia, overwork, impaired function of the cardiovascular system. Method of performance: fingers of the right hand are closed with the fingers of the left hand. The thumbs of both hands are connected to each other, forming "turtle head".

17 Mudra "Dragon’s tooth"In Eastern myths, the Dragon’s tooth symbolizes strength and power. Performing mudra "Tooth of the Dragon", a person acquires these qualities, increases his spirituality and consciousness. Indications: with confused consciousness, poor coordination of movements, with stress and emotional instability. Method of performance: the thumbs of both hands are pressed to the inner surface of the palms. The third, fourth and fifth fingers are bent and pressed to the palm. The index fingers of both hands are straight and turned upwards.

18. Mudra "Chandman bowl"("nine jewels") In Eastern mythology "nine jewels" symbolize the spiritual wealth of life. The body, mind and consciousness of a person as well as the surrounding world consist of nine jewels. By collecting all nine jewels in one bowl, we affirm the unity of soul and body, the unity of Man and the Cosmos. The filled bowl symbolizes well-being and prosperity. Indications: promotes digestion, eliminates stagnation in the body. Method of performance: four fingers of the right hand are supported from below and grip the similar fingers of the left hand. The thumbs of both hands loosely set aside somewhat outwards, forming the handles of the bowl.

nineteen. Mudra "Shakya muni hat"The most common is the image of the Buddha Shakya Muni. Most often he is depicted sitting on a diamond throne and having attained the highest enlightenment. His main mudras are: assurance, the wheel of life. The symbol is a beggar bowl, the color is golden, the throne is red lotus. The brain is the most perfect form of perception of thought and reason, the basis of all the processes of life activity, the regulator of all functions, the most important control panel of the whole organism. Indications: depression, vascular pathology of the brain. : The little finger, ring and index fingers of the right hand in the bent position are connected with similar fingers of the left hand. The middle fingers of both hands are connected and straightened. Thumbs are joined together by side surfaces.

20. Mudra "Dragon head"The head represents the center of perception and thinking. In Tibet, the head is associated with the sign of the Dragon, the Upper Light. Upper Light identifies the basis of spirituality. Indications: diseases of the lungs, upper respiratory tract and nasopharynx. Method of performance: the middle finger of the right hand grabs and presses the terminal phalanx of the index finger of the same hand. A similar combination is performed with the fingers of the left hand. We join both hands. The thumbs of both hands are connected to each other by the side surfaces. The rest of the fingers are crossed between themselves. Use the mudra "Dragon head" as for the prevention of colds, and in case of illness. Teach your children to do this mudra.

21. Mudra "Scallop"This mudra is a symbol of life, wealth. Scallop is power, strength, energy saturation. All together means wealth, strength, fullness (perception, sensation of energy). Indications: the implementation of this mudra is recommended for people suffering from lack of appetite, asthenized, thin, sick with impaired digestive absorption functions. Methodology: the thumbs of both hands touch their side surfaces. The rest are crossed in such a way that they are imprisoned inside both palms. Regular implementation of this mudra will increase appetite and will help normalize digestion and improve appearance.

22 Mudra "Vajra ArrowVajra – "thunderbolt" – the weapon of the God-thunderer Indra. Mystically, it is a special force that promotes liberation; Lightning is a symbol of the peace and power of the Spirit. "Vajra Arrow" – it is concentrated energy in the form of a thunderstorm discharge, a bunch of energy. Indications: mudra is very effective for people suffering from cardiovascular pathology, hypertension, circulatory and circulatory insufficiency. The technique of performance: the thumbs of both hands are connected by their side surfaces. The index fingers are straight and also joined together. The rest of the fingers are crossed between themselves. Performing this mudra concentrates the healing energy of the channels and directs it mentally to normalize vascular disorders.

23. Mudra "Shambhala ShieldThe wisdom of invisibility and unrecognizability for the forces of evil – the legendary Shambhala, is a country of higher beings, prosperity, virtue and well-being. Shambhala personifies longevity, kindness, eternity and the achievement of high spirituality. Shield – protection of life, health, prosperity, well-being. Indications: mudra "Shambhala Shield" protects you from the negative effects of foreign energy. If you are not protected by your spirituality, then these effects can have very serious consequences. Methods of performance: the fingers of the right hand are bent and clenched into a fist (arm). The left hand is straightened, the thumb is pressed to the hand. The straightened hand of the left hand covers and is pressed against the back surface of the fist of the right hand.

24 Mudra "Soaring lotus"The lotus is an aquatic plant that serves as a religious symbol, especially in India and Egypt. The lotus is rooted in the ground, its stem passes through the water, and the flower opens in the air, under the rays of the Sun (the element of Fire). So, consistently passing through all the elements, he personifies the whole world and the five elements. His flower is not wetted by water, does not touch the Earth. The lotus is a symbol of the Spirit. The symbolism of the Lotus is closely intertwined with the symbolism of the Great Mother. The lotus flower serves as the throne of the gods. It symbolizes belonging to the Buddha and divine origin. The life principle embodies purity, wisdom, fertility. The fruit bearing flower, thanks to the viviparous moisture, brings happiness, well-being, eternal youth and freshness. Indications: in case of a female genital disease (inflammatory processes), as well as in diseases of hollow organs (uterus, stomach, intestines, gall bladder). Technique: large fingers of both hands are connected, index fingers are straightened and connected by terminal phalanges. Middle fingers are interconnected. Unnamed fingers and little fingers of both hands are crossed with each other and lie at the base of the middle fingers. Regular use of mudra "Soaring lotus" helps you get rid of diseases of the genital organs and normalize their functions.

25 Mudra "Flute maitreya"The earthly Buddhas are: Dipankara, Kasyan, Shakya-Muni, the future Buddha Maitreya and the Buddha of healing Bhai-sadzhatturu, or Manla. The flute Maitreya should herald the onset of everything that is bright, godly, spiritual; victory of light forces over dark ones. Indications: Wind diseases – diseases of the respiratory tract, lungs; state of sadness and sadness. Method of performance: the thumbs of both hands are joined together. The index finger of the left hand lies on the basis of the index finger of the right hand. The middle finger of the right hand is located on the middle and the little finger of the left hand. Ring finger of the left hand under the middle and ring finger of the right hand. The little finger of the right hand is placed on the terminal phalanx of the middle finger of the left hand. The little finger of the right hand is located on the middle and ring fingers of the right hand and is fixed by the middle finger of the right hand, which is located on it. Perform this mudra early in the morning for all lung diseases and acute respiratory diseases, as well as for states of sadness, longing and sadness.

To 25 basic mudras, we offer a number of other Buddhist canonical mudras, allowing you to control your emotions, as well as provide protection against energy attacks.

26 Concentration Mudra(to concentration wise) Sitting on a chair or on the floor in the Lotus position, you should rest your wrists on your hips, put your right hand on the left palm with the back side, and put the thumbs of both hands together. Mudra provides the elimination of anxiety, psychological equilibrium. There are several varieties of concentration wise, in which the index, middle or ring fingers, when combined with the large, form "window".

The presented mudras determine the concentration, tranquility, harmonization of metabolic processes, equanimity, the feeling of overcoming the arising negative situation. Consider the second group of mudras that form the symbols of a triangle and a circle.1. Index fingers forming two "window", symbolize the world of Buddha and the world of sentient beings associated with the Buddha. Mudra reflects the unity of all with the Creator. Middle fingers forming two "window", symbolize the unity of the world of Body and Spiritual – the harmony of Earth and Sky. Unnamed fingers forming two "window", symbolize the unity of the sun and other planetary forces.

Mudra Force and DefenseThe hands of both hands are clenched into fists and are crossed in front of the chest with the fingers to the outside, the thumb is tucked inside the fist – "head" protected by the rest of your fingers. Wisdom protects the chakras "Anahata". Mudra "Shambhala Shield" It is directly related to the legendary ninja and is associated with the name of Bodhisattva Marici – the patron saint of warriors. According to legend, in China, Marichi personified the Goddess of light, with her power she supported the Sun and the Moon, thereby ensuring harmony and interaction between Yin and Yang. In Japan and China they believed that the Goddess Marichi dwells on one of the stars of Ursa Major. According to legend, Marici possessed supernatural power. Doing wise "Shambhala Shield" gives the performer great strength and invulnerability.

Mudra of Fearlessness or Emotion ControlLegend has it that one day the evil bearer Devadanita set out to destroy the Buddha. To this end, he released on him a distraught elephant. When the elephant was already very close, the Buddha raised his right hand and turned it with his hand to an enraged animal. Five multicolored rays flashed from the fingers of the Enlightened One, which instantly tamed the elephant, he immediately calmed down and followed the Buddha. Wisdom symbolizes the idea of ​​victory over evil with the help of inner strength. Doing this mudra provides control over your emotions, relieving stress, healing the kidneys, defeating fear. A method of performance: the right hand is raised with an outward palm in front of the chest (a dismissive gesture), the left hand is placed palm upwards at the level of the abdomen. : "Fear is inherent not only to man, but to everything in nature. Birds, animals and people. The sun, moon and countless worlds are constantly afraid of attack or collision. Only in strong faith and adherence to the Law can the righteous achieve a state in which joy, pleasure, slander, and pain will be transcended. This condition is called "the world of the Buddha, free from fear"The emotion of fear, as we have indicated in our previous works, is connected with the kidneys and the problem of survival. Fulfillment of the Fearlessness Mudra will relieve you from fear and normalize the work of the kidneys, allow you to control emotions and "keep heart in chest".

Performance wise must be done consciously, with a clear mental installation on the expected result. Only in this case, the synthesis of thought and gesture, you can get a great effect. The complete system has 180 wise. Each mudra determines to some extent the physiology of the human astral body, it has certain centers of action of its forces and places of their polarization. Their properties change depending on atmospheric factors and the influence of the planets. For their practice, each of you has the right to choose the most suitable system for him, not forgetting the main principle: "Energy follows thought" and concentrating all your attention on your "thinking hands".

Consider a number of additional wise, proven experience and time, the use of which provides a long therapeutic effect.

In the picture you see Hyan mudra, which is formed by the connection of the tips of the thumb and index fingers. This mudra increases the energy potential of the body, enhances metabolic processes, improves blood circulation. Depending on the location and degree of connection of the index thumb, this potential increases. For example, the most active form of this mudra manifests itself when the index finger is bent so that its nail is under the second phalanx (joint) of the thumb. Subsequent mudras are formed by alternately connecting the thumb with all others, while the strength of the mudra is similar to that described in Hyan Mudra.Shuni mudra formed by the thumb and middle finger, while the tip of the middle is placed on the tip of the big. Shuni mudra at the physical level contributes to the harmonization of the liver, gallbladder with the pancreas and stomach. At the mental level, it ensures willingness to take a responsible decision and fulfill debt.Ravi Mudra (Surya) – represents a combination of fingers, in which the big is connected to the ring finger (the tip of the ring finger is placed on the tip of the big finger). Ravi Mudra provides harmony between the liver and gallbladder system with the lungs and the large intestine. At the mental level, sadness, depression are eliminated, the balance of the nervous system, peace of mind is restored.Buddhi mudra – formed like the previous one with the little finger. Mercury is the buddhi energy associated with the North and the kidneys. Buddhi Mudra strengthens the mental, stabilizes the psyche, improves blood formation, strengthens the Spirit, physical and spiritual immunity.

Another harmonizing mudra is called "Venus Palace". It is formed as follows: the fingers of both hands are intertwined with each other, while the little finger of the left hand should be below. The tip of the left thumb should be above the base of the thumb of the right hand (the area between the thumb and index finger) and apply pressure on it. As already known, the thumb is "head"adjacent to the fleshy hill belonging to Venus. Wise "Venus Palace" stimulates and balances the endocrine system of the body. For therapeutic purposes, this mudra gesture can be placed on the chakras, providing them with the appropriate energy flow arising from this combination of fingers. To enhance the effect, the color flow should be visualized by the corresponding chakras. The palms joined together form the Mudra of Harmony (the combination of the right and left palms creates Yin-Yang harmony), the mudra of the prayer, which, calm the passion, stabilizing the psyche, appeals to God.

Pain over left chest

Wise keys to the six sacred chakrasThe leading one for the performance of all mudras is Gyan Mudra (the index finger is connected with a large one to form a ring"window"). Performed before every wise.

one. Survival mudra – key to muladhara chakraPosition of the hand, open hand "pataca": 2, 3, 4, 5th fingers bent to the palm, thumb bent and hidden under the rest – "ant behavior". Performing this mudra regulates the functions of the kidneys, rectum, spine, eliminates fear.

Pain over left chest

2 Mudra "Palace of Reproduction" The key to Svadhishthana chakra is performed by Gian-mudra for 10 minutes, then the right hand is placed with the palm on the lower abdomen (between the navel and the pubic bone), the left hand is 2, 3, 4, 5th fingers connected together, a large one is set aside. The left hand is open, placed above the right – "butterfly behavior".

Mudra is used in diseases of the urogenital sphere, digestive organs (spleen, large intestine).

3. Mudra key to the manipura chakra"Palace of Digestion" – solar plexus – "Stomach brain", locus-minor zone under stress. Position of the closed hand "andha sandra", the right hand is closed, the 3rd, 4th, 5th fingers are bent, the thumb touches the third phalanx of the nail, the index finger is straight and forward – "cobra behavior". It is used for diseases of the digestive system, nervous disorders, stress.

four. Mudra key to chakra "anahata"It is performed with both hands. Position of the open brush "pataca". Both hands are located in the center of the chest (at the level of the heart), as if opened for a friendly hug. All fingers are connected, the big one is attached and pressed to the brush -"antelope behavior"Wisdom is used for heart problems, circulatory disorders, emotional instability, and depression.

5. Mudra "Palace of Communication" key to vishudha position "pataca" – the right hand is located in the neck, open palm outwards, 3, 4, 5th fingers bent, index straight, large pressed to the index – "peacock behavior"Wisdom is used for speech disorders, diseases of the respiratory system, thyroid gland, nervous system.

6 Mudra "clairvoyant palace"-Ajna chakra key Brush position "pataca"The palm is placed on the area located on the bridge of the nose, between the eyes. Open brush – all fingers are straightened, pressed to each other -"swan behavior"It is used in case of eye disease, headaches, impaired cerebral circulation, endocrine disorders.

7. Mudra key to chakra "sahasrara"Prayer Mudra -"Pure radiance" – connection with the highest spheres of the World. Used to harmonize the whole organism. Performed after all the exercises.

Some aspects arising from the movement of fingers In connection with the unique energy supply of our hands, any movement with a brush causes a change in the electromagnetic field around the body. This circumstance stipulates the use of hand movements with the aim of both self-healing and rendering necessary assistance to others. Consider those productive actions that can provide certain movements with your fingers. Finger movements can cause a movement of energy within the body, which can balance the energy of Yin and Yang.2. The movement of the fingers transmits the natural information to the body, provides resonance and adapts it to the needs of the body. For this purpose, palms should be directed along and up. Everyone is able to connect to natural information and form "single Cosmos": Heaven – Man – Earth. Finger movements enhance the impact of energy. At the same time, elongated fingers facilitate the process of energy leakage and contribute to its replenishment. Placing brushes in certain areas of the body causes certain effects. So, straightening individual fingers, depending on the meridians located on them, you can use the necessary types of energy and elements characteristic of this meridian – Fire, Dryness, Earth, Water, Wood. The connection of the tips of large and middle fingers closes "energy chain" meridians of the pericardium and lungs. Concentrated in these "windows" energy can be used for the recovery of any part of the body. Straightening all the fingers (four), except for the large one, directs the flow of energy in a circle – the opposite of the straight fingers. When you pull your thumbs up, there is an energy flow that rushes into the area of ​​the front of the body and up. Such an energy flow is contraindicated in hypertension and, on the contrary, is recommended for low blood pressure.

Mudra, helping to pay off debtsMudra, helping to return the debt. Mudra helps to easily pay off debts and no longer fit into them. Such a configuration of yoga for the fingers connects to the source of energy that is responsible for the return of debts. When this energy channel begins to work, the necessary sums begin to attract in order to pay off debts. But, if a person wants to spend this money not to pay off debts, they will not do him good. Also, mudras organize energy in such a way that a person no longer incurs debt. Practicing yoga for the fingers, you will feel that life has become easier, there is more money, and there is no need to borrow anymore. Once you return the debt, you can go to the wise to open a permanent source of income! Technique of performance wise, helping to pay off debts: Hands in front of chest, palms up. The pads of the big, little finger and ring fingers of the left hand are connected. Middle and index together and stretched forward. Place your left hand with the back side over the palm of your right hand at a 90 degree angle. The thumb of the right hand lies on the second phalanxes of the little finger and the ring fingers. The little finger, middle and ringless right hands clasp the left hand. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and intensely. Feel the source of golden energy in the heart region. Tell yourself that you will pay off all your debts as soon as possible. It is necessary to perform mudra 5-7 days in a row for 5-10 minutes 4 times a day: in the morning immediately after sleep, another 2 times in 4 hours and in the evening before bedtime.

Mudra, helping to attract money for spiritual and intellectual goalsDescription of the execution technique is wise, attracting money: 1. Place your hands in front of your chest vertically, palms facing each other, and fingers pointing upwards. The distance between the palms of about 3-5 centimeters.2. Connect the base of the palms, tightly pressing them to each other. Connect both little fingers with pads so that they converge to each other at an angle. Fold the inside of the palms tightly pressed to each other by the ringless, middle and index fingers of each hand and connect them with the nails (each finger is pressed with the nail to the nail of the corresponding finger of the other hand) .5. Straighten your thumbs tightly against each other and attach their pads to the side surfaces of the middle phalanges of the index fingers.6. Close your eyes, take as long breaths as possible, making sure your breathing is free and even. Focus on the area between the eyebrows, imagine that through a point above the bridge of your nose, with each inhale, you receive a stream of crystal clear transparent energy. Form a firm intention to get the new knowledge and skills you need. Stay in this position for a few minutes.

Mudra stability and wealthMudra multiplies the inner strength of a person many times, allowing him to attract large amounts of money, as well as hold them and constantly increase them. Description and technique of execution are mudra of stability and wealth: 1. Put your hands in front of you at the level of the solar plexus, fingers stretched forward, in women, the right palm looks down, the left – up, in men, the left palm faces down, the right – up. The distance between the palms of about 10 centimeters.2. Put a thumb, index finger and middle finger on each hand, pinching their pads together. Thus, the pinch on one hand looks down, on the other – up. The middle and index finger lateral surfaces fit snugly to each other. Take the ring finger and the little finger on each hand from each other and from the middle finger (the side surfaces should not touch) and slightly round, slightly bending to the side of the palm. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply, forcefully drawing in and out the air. In this case, inhale and exhale should be performed evenly, without interruptions and jerks. Between inhalation and exhalation pause 1 second. Focus on the solar plexus area. Imagine how powerful, stable, balancing power is accumulating there. Form the intention to attract and retain material goods on a large scale. Stay in this position for a few minutes.

What do mandalas do? How to work with a mandala? Description Mandal, their purpose. Mantras Skillful use of sound codes can affect the energy field surrounding a person, and thereby stimulate certain sources of energy needed for health, success and life. Taoist facial massage for rejuvenation. Nontraditional methods of rejuvenation. Tips for rejuvenation.

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