Pain during pregnancy

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Our goal is your best memories of childbirth

Our maternity hospital was built according to the most modern project of the Turkish company ENKA, taking into account the highest world sanitary and epidemiological norms and European standards of comfort, and is one of the largest and most modern maternity hospitals

In 2017, following the results of the Moscow Healthcare Festival "Formula life" we received the official title "The best maternity hospital in Moscow"In June 2018, we received a memorial sign. "Baby Friendly Hospital".

Safe delivery

The maternity hospital 29 is part of a well-equipped multidisciplinary hospital, which allows you to quickly attract the best doctors and assist in difficult situations. In the maternity hospital there is a children’s intensive care unit and a department for the care of premature babies, and in difficult situations a clinical psychologist will come to the rescue.

Pain during pregnancy

Soft labor is above all respect for the health of the woman and the possibility of early postnatal rehabilitation, as well as the most modern methods of obstetric aid. Maternity hospital 29 supports the natural childbirth and free behavior of women. In our delivery rooms, which, by the way, are all individual, there is everything necessary for the comfort of the future mother. Fitbola, jacuzzi, wall bars and rope-all at your disposal. Our anesthesiologists will tell you about the possibilities of anesthesia and types of anesthesia and analgesia, and perform it according to your desire.

We practice vertical childbirth, in which the child moves along the birth canal with the lowest energy costs and minimal injuries of the mother’s soft birth canal – there are practically no deep injuries and tears. Another important advantage is the reduction of the first stage of labor.

Comfort, support and respect

We understand how important it is for mom and her baby to spend such important days in comfort, so they did everything to make us comfortable, and you still have the best memories of the days spent in the 29th maternity hospital. All delivery rooms are individual, a close person may be present at birth (partnership delivery). In the postpartum department, a joint stay of the mother and the child is organized from the first minutes until the discharge. Each employee is ready to help at any time, advise and answer all questions. And in the hospital organized breastfeeding support service.

The maternity hospital at GKB No. 29 is a specialized clinic for the management of pregnancy and childbirth in patients with diabetes and other extragenital pathology.

In our maternity hospital, high-tech and innovative methods of managing pregnant women are widely used at all stages, from the first days of pregnancy to childbirth, followed by dynamic monitoring of the woman in labor and the child.

The use of hyperbaric oxygenation in the pressure chamber makes it possible to timely fill the blood of the mother and the fetus with oxygen, which is important for pregnant women with combined extragenital pathology.

For intraoperative blood loss, the Cellselver apparatus is used to reinfuse autologous blood. This avoids possible complications of blood transfusions.

Pain during pregnancy

In the department of gynecology, laparoscopic surgeries have been successfully carried out for several years using the surgical laparoscopic storz stand on the uterus and appendages, which allows minimizing further postoperative complications.

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