Otitis in pregnant women

An otolaryngologist is a sought-after specialist who diagnoses and treats diseases of the ear, nose, and throat. In addition, the scope of its activities includes the treatment of diseases of the maxillary sinuses, tonsils and vestibular apparatus. “EUROMED” – a multidisciplinary clinic in Krasnodar – invites adults and children to the otolaryngologist. We offer ENT-doctor services in the framework of mandatory medical examination, as well as in the design of medical books for pregnant women.

Otitis in pregnant women

Reasons to visit an otolaryngologist

  • Violation of coordination of movements.
  • Labored breathing.
  • Enlarged lymph nodes located near the throat, nose, or ear.
  • Pain that occurs in the area of ​​the nose or ear.
  • Ulcers or tumors in the oral cavity, nasal, ear.
  • Prolonged runny nose.
  • Hearing impairment.

Otitis in pregnant women

Specialist reception

An otolaryngologist can help in the treatment of many acute and chronic diseases. These include otitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, sore throat, pharyngitis, mastoiditis, dizziness, and many others. A specialist can diagnose head and neck cancer. If there is a foreign body within the nasopharynx, the doctor can safely remove it. It is important to contact such a specialist after injuring the nose to avoid complications in the future. Periodic examinations are aimed at identifying many hidden ailments and their timely treatment. Specialization of such a doctor covers a wide range of diseases, so the consultation can be useful, even if the patient is not sure that he needs an ENT. Initial consultation with a specialist usually follows the following scheme.

Inspection. First, the ENT assesses the problem: interviews the patient, inspects the mucous membranes and probes the lymph nodes. This allows you to make assumptions on the diagnosis and outline a list of possible causes that led to the onset of symptoms. Inspection is carried out using a set of tools, which includes a spatula for the tongue, ear funnel, nasopharyngeal speculum and others.

Additional diagnostics. If the primary data is not sufficient for accurate diagnosis, the otolaryngologist uses the following methods: otoscopy, rhinoscopy, biopsy, endoscopy, epipharyngoscopy, etc. The results are decrypted directly during the examination, so the patient can learn about his illness immediately. If necessary, the doctor conducts additional tests, writes out a referral for a general analysis of blood and urine, ultrasound, x-rays, etc. Having found out the reason, the specialist prescribes drug therapy or surgical treatment, which the ENT surgeon does. If the reception is carried out as a prophylactic measure, the doctor may limit himself to examining the throat, nasal and auditory passages.

Qualification of our otolaryngologists

The staff of the EUROMED clinic consists of competent otolaryngologists with extensive experience in their field. They provide outpatient admission and provide emergency and planned medical care, selecting an individual approach to patients. Our specialists are engaged in improving their skills by taking part in summits, conferences, congresses, round tables, etc.

Otitis in pregnant women

With us you can get a comprehensive physical examination and high quality service. In order to make an appointment with the otolaryngologist, contact the operators by contact phone or leave a request on the site by filling out the form fields.

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