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Calculate maternity payments in 2019 using an online calculator. Find out the estimated amount of benefits.

At the moment, the economy in Russia is far from being in the best condition. And for ordinary citizens, even small additional payments are a gift. This is especially true of young parents. Caring for a child takes not only a lot of time, but also money, and in this case maternity pay is a good help.

What is maternity pay?

Maternity allowances are an allowance granted to a working woman from the moment she goes on maternity leave. This period, depending on how the pregnancy proceeds in a woman, may be different in duration.

  • For a normal pregnancywithout complications this is 70 days before the birth of the baby and 70 after, a total of 140 calendar days.
  • For childbirth proceeding with complications this is 70 days before the moment of delivery and 86 from the day of birth of the child, in total 156 days.
  • In case of multiple pregnancies (2-3 children and more) this period is extended to 194 days. Of these, 84 days before birth and 110 after.

Official maternity leave can count on:

  1. Officially employed women, for this they need to contact the personnel department at their place of work.
  2. Russian women registered as an individual entrepreneur. This category of mothers can apply for maternity payments in social institutions at the place of residence (FSS – social insurance fund).

The amount of maternity allowance in 2019 is limited. Depending on the indexation of benefits and the duration of maternity leave, maternity leave not more than 391,000 rubles.

Also, it can qualify and young mothers who were employed no more than 12 months ago and lost their jobs due to the liquidation of the company or company. They need to apply to the social security authorities for processing payments. In order to receive such payments, you must be officially registered with the employment service.

Full-time students can also receive appropriate payments, their amount depends on the size of the scholarship received. Appointment manual dean’s office / directorate of the institution.

In any case, the size of the payments received is directly dependent on the official monthly earnings of the woman and is governed by many factors. Therefore, you should especially pay attention to the question of how to calculate maternity benefits.

Calculation scheme maternity in 2019

No major changes from the previous year are expected. Therefore, the formula for the calculation remains exactly the same.

If a woman goes on maternity leave in 2019, then 2017 and 2018 are taken to calculate. First, we consider the average daily earnings for the last 2 years. To do this, take the entire amount of the money received and divide by 730 (this is the number of days).

For example, Svetlana earned 1,260,000 rubles for 2017 and 2018. Her average daily earnings of 1,260,000/730 = 1,720.02 rubles.

Online gestational age

Now we calculate the amount of maternity. Received average daily earnings multiplied by the number of days leave for pregnancy and childbirth.

Daily earnings Svetlana for the last 2 years 1 720,02 rubles.

  • If she is pregnant without complications, she will receive 1,720.02 * 140 = 240,802.8 rubles.
  • With complications 1 720.02 * 156 = 268 323.12 rubles.
  • During pregnancy with twins or triplets, 1 720.02 * 194 = 333,683.88 rubles.

But this amount is quite approximate. In order not to get confused, it is easier to use the maternity calculator in 2019, the online calculator will do everything for you.

Maximum amount maternity in 2019

To apply for consideration in receiving maternity pay, you must additionally receive a paper on average income over the past two years. It is based on this amount that the calculation will be made. According to these data, the average salary per day is calculated, and this amount will already be multiplied by the number of days on maternity leave.

Online gestational age

For women officially employed:

  • In 2019, for a standard holiday of 140 days, the maximum amount of allowance for BIR is 301 095 rubles. More than this amount can not be obtained, despite the earnings. Naturally during pregnancy with complications, this amount increases.
  • During pregnancy with complications, the maximum benefit for BiR for 156 days is 314,347 rubles.
  • With a multiple pregnancy in 194 days – 390 919 rubles.

For women individual entrepreneurs, maternity pay is fixed, dependent on the minimum wage. In this case, she should be signed in 2018 an agreement with the FSS (social insurance fund).

A female entrepreneur is entitled to payments in 2019 in the amount of:

  • For 140 days – 43 615 rubles.
  • For 156 days – 48 600 rubles.
  • For 194 days – 60 438 rubles.

The size of the minimum wage in different regions of Russia, this fact should be taken into account.

If a woman is not employed for the last 24 months and does not receive a permanent income, she does not receive maternity allowances.

What documents are required for registration of manuals on BiR

First need fill out a petition about the payment and attach the following documents to it.

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