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My birthday

One for my birthday

Birthday is a great day. Everyone likes to celebrate it, because it is a great opportunity to spend time with friends, parents, relatives. I was born on January 10th. On the morning of my birthday, my parents put gifts next to my bed. Therefore, the first thing I see when I wake up is my gifts. My mom, dad and little brother come to my room to congratulate me and sing to me: "Happy Birthday". Usually we celebrate my birthday in the evening. Once we went to a cafe to celebrate it, but usually we celebrate this holiday at home. The day before my birthday, we clean the apartment. On the morning of the party celebrating my birthday, my dad goes shopping and buys everything he needs. My mother bakes a cake or pie. In the evening the food is cooked, the table is set. We put on evening dresses and wait for guests. The apartment looks nice and cozy. I am always very happy to meet my guests. I like to receive flowers and gifts. Mom gives me a telegram from my aunt. On this day we have a rich lunch. Mom makes a birthday cake. I blow out the candles. We dance, sing songs, play games, laugh, joke, tell funny stories. I think my birthday is the best day of the year.

An essay about "My birthday"

I was born on the second of February. This year I woke up on my birthday early because I was excited. When I got up, my parents congratulated me on my birthday and gave me presents. They gave me a videotape with my favorite movie and a beautiful sweater. I was very happy with the presents. Then I helped my mother make salads and set the table. At four o’clock I got dressed and combed my hair. It was time to meet the guests. They were all my friends who came to my birthday party. The party was quite a success. We danced, played different games, joked, and, of course, ate delicious dishes prepared by mom. Everyone said they had a lot of fun. After the party we went for a walk. It was one of the best birthdays in my life.

Writing on the topic: My birthday

One for my birthday

For many, birthday is the most important day of the year. And this is not surprising. After all, a birthday is the only holiday, in the center of attention of which you and only you are. In the morning you wake up and you realize that today is a special morning and the day will be special, because on this day you were born, you first saw the sun, the sky, and my mother’s eyes. They congratulate you, give presents, friends come to visit, parents are allowed to do whatever you want. You can lie in bed until you get tired, and no one will force you to clean the room. How else? After all, you are special today, and therefore everything should be as you wish. And what do you want on this day? A bunch of presents? Sit back? Or make those who are with you on this day as happy as you are? To help, for example, to prepare a festive cake, to clean the room. After all, today your friends will come to you, who love and respect you.

And you, too, must show respect for them and meet them not sleepy in bed, in a room where they have nowhere to sit because of the scattered textbooks, but in a clean and bright room, as bright as your mood, as you are. And when meeting friends, you will not forget that the role of the birthday man not only gives you the right to be special on this day, but also obliges you to be the real master. And who is the real master? He is friendly, attentive, tactful and cordial. And when mom gives treats on the table, her eyes will not be tired of the time spent in the kitchen, but happy. Sitting down with friends at the table, you will not forget to invite parents. You celebrate your birthday thanks to him and should always remember this. And then you can have fun with your friends, because birthday is, above all, fun.

And you will know that on this special day you didn’t arrogantly because of your “peculiarity”, but made people close to you a little happier. So, you were born for a reason, and your birthday is really special.

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