Olga Freimut children

Timofey Mayorov, a young businessman who is 38 years old, has his own business and is engaged in selling cottages in Finland, also has dual citizenship. Worked in the company "Lumi polar" (Lumi Polar), which is engaged in the design, construction of modern houses.

In general, his business is related to real estate.

For a while I met with Olga Buzova, and now they started talking about him again, because he became a member of the show. "Marry Buzova"which will air this fall. Whether their novels will happen again, whether their former feelings will flare up, we will see all this very soon.

Timofey actively maintains pages on social networks, in particular instagram, where about thirty thousand subscribers, soon, I think, their number will increase.

Timofey was born in Moscow, but lives in two countries. He has a business that he runs in Finland and obtained citizenship there. He enjoys the fame of a playboy who conquered many Russian girls. Timothy usually hides all the details of his personal life.

Now he is remembered again because he is meeting with the leading Ally Mikheeva from the program of Evening Urgant. And even allegedly made her an offer to marry. Earlier they talked about him when he met with Buzova, it was before her marriage to Tarasov in 2008, then they wrote a lot about them everywhere.

Recently, he and Alla returned from Courchevel, where they spent the New Year holidays.

Olga Freimut children

Timofey Mayorov lives in two countries – Russia and Finland. He is a businessman, possesses the glory of the conqueror of female hearts. Familiar to us due to the fact that seven years ago he had an affair with young Olga Buzova, was considered her fiancé. But there was a scandal associated with the car men, and somehow the wedding rhetoric faded.

The time has passed, the scandal was forgotten and now they have started talking about Mayorov regarding his relationship with Allochka Mikheeva, who works in the program "Evening Urgant". The couple rested together, and it seems like the girl received a marriage proposal, but nothing is known in more detail. Perhaps the wedding will be a secret.

Photos from the general rest.

Timofey Mayorov is a young businessman. He is engaged in the construction business, and lives "two countries" – Russia and Finland.

A young man hides his age. He looks about 35-37 years old, he looks good, leads a healthy lifestyle.

Once, in 2009, the year, Timofey was considered the young boy Olga Buzova. The couple attended joint parties and sporting events:

After parting with Buzova about Timofey Maiorov for a long time there was nothing audible, until in the beginning of 2017, the media did not receive information that the young man had an affair with Alla Mikheeva. The couple spent their holidays together at the ski resort Courchevel. There were rumors about a quick wedding, but they were not confirmed.

Timofey Mayorov, like many young people his age, is an active user of social networks. He has a Facebook page, as well as an Instagram account, which already has more than 8,000 subscribers.

Recently, Timofey again started talking about the joint photo with Olga Buzova in his Instagram:

Despite the fact that the couple claims that they "just friends", fans of Timothy and Olga suspected that they had resumed a long-standing romance.

Timofey Mayorov – businessman, entrepreneur, is engaged in real estate, construction, landscape design.

According to information from the media, he is now 35-38 years old, sources disagree.

He lives and works in Finland, but often in Russia, one can say that he lives in both countries.

Works in the company Lumipolar – can be found on the official site.

Olga Freimut children

He has a dog named Sean whom Timofey loves very much.

Officially, the businessman is not married, which does not prevent him from dating girls.

Olga Freimut children

Timofey was in a relationship with Olga Buzova, then they broke up, he met with vedusha Alla Mikheeva, it even went to the wedding, but now Olga returned to him (or he to her). At least, recently appeared joint photos of Buzova and Mayorov intriguing character.

Timofey Mayorov became popular due to his love affair with Olga Buzova, and it was then that many people found out about this young man.

The guy is not poor, now lives in Finland, he has his own business there, but Timofey doesn’t forget to visit Russia, Mayorov loves women, and he has the glory of a conqueror of women’s hearts.

Now Timothy meets with the leading Alla Mikheeva, they are all serious and the matter is even progressing towards the wedding, well, at least his girlfriend Alla exhibited a picture of a ringlet, which he presented to her during the rest.

In general, the guy is interesting, young and secured, to that inclined to adventures (many associate him with the story of car theft in order to get insurance).

Recently they started talking about Timofey again, because Olga Buzova showed him a very nice photo, having signed a friend. But they look like a couple just fine. The photo will be lower.

Timofey has been in business for a long time. As I understood, business is connected with the construction of houses, and also with landscape. He advertises it on his page, right here. In general, an active man, who apparently does not live in misery. About thirty-five years old.

Almost eight years ago they wrote about the novel of Mayorov with Buzova. The reasons for the separation of the pair are unknown. And then he lit up with Alla Mikheeva, but that was also a year ago. And now Olya is again in his life.

Timofey Mayorov is one of. arsenal of Olga Buzova.

He is a citizen of Finland, if memory serves me.

Buzova and Mayorov met in 2009 year. Olga Buzova was already leading the House-2. Then he was 29 years old. So now 37 or so.

Then later their paths diverged, and Mayorov himself began to be noticed this year in the company of Alla Mikheeva.

And now, they say that Buzova and Maiorov again have something in common. :) I wonder how far everything has gone or will go.

Timofey Mayorov is 38 years old, but he hides his date of birth, she does not appear anywhere. Timofey has a business in Finland and is very profitable. He sells Finnish cottages. By the way he has two citizenships – Russian and Finnish. Of course, he spends most of his time in Finland, but he comes to Russia to go about his business in Moscow.

With regard to his personal life, it is known that Majorov is not married and has not yet given birth to children. In 2009, I met with 23-year-old Buzova Olga at the time, who was not so famous then as now. Then they started talking about the couple again and they began to suspect Olga of fraud that she allegedly stole expensive cars from her fiancé to get insurance. About Mayorov was again forgotten for some time after this, until the media found out that he had begun to meet with popular Alla Mikheeva. Their wedding never took place, the couple broke up.

Now, a heartthrob meets with Olga Buzovoy again. What will end their new flashing novel is unknown. However, Olga is a predator on the rich still.

From soc. networks T. Mayorov has Facebook and Instagram.

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