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Volochkova in his youth

Anastasia Volochkova was born in 1976 in Leningrad to the family of the champion of the Soviet Union in table tennis, Yuri Volochkov and tour guide Tamara Volochkova. Nastya’s parents divorced when she was still a child, but kept a good relationship, so Volochkova always fondly recalls her childhood.

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The girl was determined to become a ballerina after going to the Nutcracker ballet at the Mariinsky Theater at the age of five. Nastya was fascinated by what was happening on the stage, and she promised her mother to dance.

Parents supported the daughter and gave to the ballet classes. Grown up Nastya decided to enter the ballet Academy Vaganova. The admission of young Volochkova was not easy: she was taken on probation for six months, arguing that she had “no talent”. Ballet in the life of Anastasia Volochkova in her youth was always in the first place, and she decided to fight to the end. But relations with teachers and fellow students did not develop until Natalia Dudinskaya, a teacher who supported a young ballerina, became her mentor.

In 1994, the young Volochkova graduated with honors from the ballet academy and was immediately accepted into the Mariinsky Theater troupe. For four years at the St. Petersburg Theater Anastasia performed the main roles in the classical ballets Giselle, Don Quixote, Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker. But this period turned out to be extremely difficult for Volochkova: she learned from her own experience what intrigue and betrayal are in the world of ballet. Relations between artists in the Mariinsky troupe were far from ideal. At some point, they became so tense that Anastasia was removed from all performances and fired from the theater.

In 1998, Vladimir Vasiliev invited Anastasia to the Bolshoi Theater to participate in the production of “Swan Lake”. The debut on the Moscow stage was successful, and was followed by the main parts in “La Bayadere” and “Sleeping Beauty”. While working at the Grand Talent of the young Volochkova, he saw the famous Yuri Grigorovich and invited the ballerina to his productions. In 2000, Anastasia left the Bolshoi Theater. There are many legends about the two scandals with the largest theaters in Russia (the Mariinsky and the Bolshoi). It is said that Bolshoi Volochkov’s troupe was accepted thanks to patron, patron Anzori Aksentyev. Volochkova herself denies the fact of her acquaintance with Aksentyev. The official version of the dismissal from Bolshoi is the overweight ballerina.

After being dismissed from Bolshoy Volochkova, she received the prestigious Golden Lion Award as the best ballerina of Europe, and after that she was invited to dance Sleeping Beauty to the English National Ballet.

In the early 2000s, she completed a professional career and turned into a socialite, simultaneously leading her own concerts and shooting clips.

What does Anastasia Volochkova look like now?

The photos of Anastasia Volochkova in her youth still delight the fans’ eye on the Web, but today the ballerina does not look at all like at the end of her career as a professional ballet dancer. Beauty-transfiguration began at the very moment when she left the scene. The explanation for the desire for change is quite simple: the life of the secular heroine required to be very bright and noticeable. In her youth, Anastasia Volochkova was the most beautiful ballerina of Russia, and her regular features and full lips made her look perfect and complete.

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The first noticeable transformation of the ballerina is breast augmentation. In the old photos of Volochkova in her youth, it can be seen that she had breasts of the 1st size. This is not surprising, because the ballet world implies severe restrictions in the size and size of the figure, but immediately after the end of a career the bust has increased dramatically Anastasia tries to demonstrate a deep cleavage at every opportunity.

Comparison of photos of Anastasia Volochkova in her youth and now suggests the idea of ​​plastic. Ballerina also speaks about the envious gossip and considers plastic surgery life-threatening. In an interview, she spoke sharply about women who come to correct appearance to plastic surgeons.

In her opinion, so youth and freshness will fade faster. According to Volochkova, her breasts grew from exercise, special exercises for the pectoral muscles, proper nutrition and stable hormonal levels.

In her youth, Anastasia Volochkova fell in love with mother-of-pearl shades, sequins, pink lipsticks. If earlier it looked acceptable because of the youth and freshness of the skin, then with age the face looks overloaded with cosmetics. After 30 years, she discovered contouring for the face in shades of brown, and all the images became even harder.

Such an aggressive make-up in combination with the outrageous behavior and outfits of the ballerina made her a frequent heroine of the gossip. Eyebrow tattoo, which has become a trademark of a ballerina, has long gone out of fashion, but Anastasia is not going to change anything and is happy with what she looks like.

Some skeptics suspect Anastasia of Botox injections. Nastya has seriously changed the line of eyebrows, and the contours of her face have become sharper (this is especially evident from the changed line of the lower jaw), which indicates either a face lift or regular beauty injections. Anastasia Volochkova denies all this and believes that she has too many enemies who want to put her in an unattractive light and start up gossip.

A photo:

The material is based on a comparative analysis of photographs and does not contain a statement of the fact of plastic surgery.

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