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Good day. With you magician Azal. Regularly I get questions about how a candle works for the rest of a living person. This is often asked by students who have just started their training in magic, or simply ordinary people who are interested in magic. Interest is based on the common misconception that, they say, is not a cunning way to send a person to the next world. This is not entirely true, or rather, not at all. And how exactly – about this, in fact, it will be discussed in today’s article. The article will be useful primarily for beginners or just interested. She will answer the questions that I received more than once when communicating or in correspondence:

  • How does a candle for the peace of a living person?
  • What should I do if I found out that a memorial candle was put in the church for me or my loved one?
  • I have a suspicion that candles are put to me or my loved one for the rest, but how can I check?
  • How to get rid of such a negative, how to neutralize it? Is it possible to do it yourself or definitely need to contact the master?
  • I am very angry one person, but what if he put the candles for the rest? What will happen?

So, let’s begin. Candle for peace to a living person is used completely differently and for different purposes. Let’s take a look at how this action is used by wizards. And at the same time and explain the principle of its action.

How does the candle for the peace of a living person?

Let’s start with the fact that each person has his own energy field, and it also performs a protective function against the invasion of alien energy. For example, a magician needs to make a spell or other magical influence on a person. Doing a spell directly, without preparing the “ground” is not always productive. Why? A magical effect directed at a person has a certain power (mass), and a part of this mass will be spent on penetrating the victim’s energy field. And already the “remnant” of the love spell will go to the rooting of the impact itself and the manifestation of the effect. Either it happens that the impact cannot get into the victim’s field in any way, is not able to pierce it, or it breaks through it very long and tediously. Therefore, the magician often acts more rationally – first he pierces the field of the victim, and then directs his magic influence on the person, for example, a love spell. As a result, the love spell is guaranteed to fall into the victim’s field and manifest its action plus the fulfillment of its function (to take root and bewitch) will be the whole mass of magical influence without the costs of punching the field. (It is written coarsely, but the essence conveys.) So the masters in order to pierce the field of the victim for the subsequent magical influence on her, often use this method – a candle is put for the rest of a living person, an object of influence. It is also important to understand that when performing this action there are subtleties and nuances, and this is not just a fact – a set candle for the peace of a living person.

Often sneeze during pregnancy

How is a candlestick used for peace to a living person by people who do not know the mechanisms of its action? Effects.

It is just such people who use the memorial candle to the living is used to kill or, at least, harm a person (victim). I consider this opinion to be erroneous and based on a common, but erroneous error, and such aggressors and detractors very often suffer for this error themselves. A candle for the peace of a living person can be used by the master in defacing death as an additional action, organically included in the rite and being only part of it, but not as the main and only action. In order to do only death to death, it is senseless to use a memorial candle by and large – the percentage of mortality from this influence is too small, and you will not even achieve the desired effect for months, but for years! And for “foul up”, “revenge”, “punish” using this method is irrational. In simple terms, it’s like taking a loan at 300% per annum, the most expensive will come out. Why – I’ll explain now.

Often sneeze during pregnancy

The dead put candles for the rest in the church in a special place – opposite the cross, at the crucifixion. The cross, as a reflection of death in torment, in this case is a link between the world of the living and the dead. This mechanism exists to transfer energy from the living to the dead, to give it. A candle is immediately placed at the cross for the peace of a living person, thereby recognizing him dead. The mechanism in this case is not used by law and illegally – energy is transferred to the living instead of the dead. To the victim, the addressee of such influence, there goes an energy message composed of the personal energy of the aggressor, saturated with the wish of death, hatred and anger, supported by a small victim (the candle is a small victim). As a result, the victim hits her energy field. Further possible options for the development of events.

  1. The impact did not break through the victim’s field. In this case, it will come back to the person who sent it. This is called “rollback” in magic. With such a rollback, its own energy field does not protect the aggressor from this blow in any way – it protects against alien energy, and then its own back! In this case, the slap, intended for his neighbor, will be received by the aggressor himself in full and exactly what he wanted for the victim. This is the most common situation for those who are not even new to magic, but simply decided to dig another hole. Moreover, even a master who performs such an action may not always immediately pierce the human field, but he is protected; a wise master always thinks of magical protection, otherwise he is a master of short-lived.
  2. The impact struck the field of the victim. And in this case, the aggressor will not get the result that counts. He wants to kill, hates, angry at the victim. But the candle is too small a sacrifice, it is like a needle — it will prick, but it will not kill. Yes, the victim may feel tired or weak, maybe even a little sick. But with a strong blow (reinforced by accumulated personal power or by special additional methods) one can distort a person’s life, but to kill is a very small probability. In addition, for the aggressor and in this situation there will be unpleasant moments. Suppose that the topic of our reasoning is not a candle for the peace of a living person, but a ball thrown by a child into glass. The first point is the outcome when the ball bounced off the glass; the second point – the ball broke the glass. Is the child safe? Not at all – glass fragments fly in different directions. And in the case of a magic strike with the help of a memorial candle – most often they fly in the direction of the one who sent the blow.
  3. The impact struck the victim’s field, the victim suffered and decided to “clean up”. By the way, such a negative is very easily removed – a standard village magic is enough, which even beginners are capable of. For example, a simple roll-out with a testicle is enough to remove such a simple negative from oneself or another. Sacrifice to clean and heal with his life, but what will happen with the aggressor in this situation? He gets his well-deserved “back kick”. Moreover, if he regularly put funeral candles for this man, that is, he threw a needle at a needle at him, then the return blow would return to him the whole bag of needles at once! He could desire death, failure, loss, ruin, and other things, and all these wishes here return to him himself, but not gradually, but all at once. And it will hit him exactly where he wanted to hit his victim. Plus, he will also receive the traditional “bonus” – the return stroke is returned multiplied by the master’s power, which removes this impact. That is, the stronger the master, the “bonus” more palpable. The return hit hits as painfully as possible in cases when not just a candle was set for the peace of a living person, but this magical influence was strenuously reinforced by a special reading, conspiracy, or spell calling for creatures (for example, spirits of death, devils, etc.)

There are other features of the back stroke from the impact, when a candle is put for the rest of a living person. I am not too lazy to describe all this, because I know not by hearsay how many people suffer from the fact that they went on about their rage. I am writing all this in order not to scare, but to give a person the opportunity to consciously make a step in his life. So, one of the peculiarities is that the situation itself is in fact the following: one person asks the Christian Egregor to die for another person. With this, he strains his karma (unfortunately, there are no articles about karma yet on my site, but this topic will definitely be revealed, so subscribe to the news, and eventually you will figure it all out in steps). The applicant will be given situations equivalent to what he asks for another. For example, he has a sharp loss in finances, and if he passes this situation and finds the right solution for her, then only after that will his victim be given such a situation. The force can also push the aggressor and his victim through life — they are given the opportunity to resolve their karmic knot and pass their life lessons. And the candle for the peace of a living person is the inhibition of this karmic knot. As a result, life situations between the aggressor and the victim are becoming more and more complicated. The victim most often starts to treat the aggressor more aggressively – she subconsciously defends herself against his energy attacks. Either another option is possible – suddenly the victim “sees the light”, admits his guilt (if there was one), asks for forgiveness, explains the reasons for his behavior and so on. The aggressor loses the basis of his aggression, he forgives or sympathizes, and … gets a “ramp” of his work, that is, cones are showered on his head again. (There will also be a separate article about the ramp, but for now take it as a fact that this is the point.)

Signs that you put a candle for the rest.

Sometimes people suspect or want to additionally make sure that funeral candles are laid for them or their loved ones in the church. It must be said that the candle for the peace of a living person acts only within the framework of the Christian egregore, that is, such a negative can be made only to a Christian, a Jehovah’s Witness, Pentecostal, and others. On others, it either has no influence at all, or acts extremely unproductively. But if we talk about the signs of this magical influence, I would single out the most obvious of them:

  • The victims often have nightmares or dreams with church paraphernalia. For example, he sees in a dream a black dog standing at the gate of the church, melted wax, a crucifix with burning candles and so on. Such dreams are most often in dark colors or black and white, leaving behind unpleasant, watchful feelings.
  • Near such a person candles are most often cracked and smoked with black, sometimes they even go out. This is the reaction of the candles to the dead. And since the impact was made in the church, the church “gives out” this influence. That is, such a reaction of the candles to the presence of the victim of this impact will be observed in the church, and more often the candles are at the icons, and the fire of the candles near the crucifixion, on the contrary, will flare up more brightly. Also in the church a person may become ill from the smell of incense, although he had not had any special reactions to this smell before.
  • Characteristic of the physical condition is a rise in pressure, hot flashes to the head and chest (not to the cheeks or ears, namely to the head and / or chest), slight pallor. Pallor can be well pronounced, but this is in cases where the spirits of death have closely followed the person.

What if I put candles for the rest?

Above, I already wrote that you can make an easy magic cleaning with a simple roll out egg. It is also rational to think about establishing magical protection from similar or any other magical influences.

Often sneeze during pregnancy

On this, perhaps, I finish my article. He wrote what he considered the most important and tried to state all this as much as possible. If something turned out to be incomprehensible, or you did not find in this article the answer to your question on the topic “Candle for the peace of a living person”, then please ask it in the comments. Sincerely, Azal, author of articles and owner of the Magician of Magic website.

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