Often I go much in early pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and long-awaited time for any woman. And it is accompanied by special changes in the body and body of the girl, whose forces are spent on the growth of a new life inside. The body begins to adapt to new needs, which is accompanied by a number of features and problems.

Often I go much in early pregnancy

Do you often want to go to the toilet? – Get used to it!

Sometimes urination problems can appear even before the girl finds out that she is pregnant. Someone wants to go to the toilet ten times a day, some people run more often at night, because in the evening they drank a lot of liquids. If you usually do not complain about the kidneys, then frequent urination can be considered a sign of pregnancy.

No need to worry about this.

Usually the cause of frequent urination during pregnancy can be a number of reasons:

  • Changes are made in the hormonal background of the female body. During this situation, a new hormone is produced – human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG, which helps increase the amount of urine output;
  • The uterus is located in close proximity to the bladder. During fertilization, it increases and puts pressure on him, which leads to urging to the toilet;
  • Increases the load on the kidneys, which, in fact, begin to work for two;
  • Blood circulation increases, it becomes more blood and lymph in the body, which means that more fluid filters the kidneys.

The symptom of frequent urination during pregnancy is usually normal, but many are experiencing – what if there is any problem?

The tension of the urinary system of a pregnant woman – the norm

Usually the problem is cyclical. In the first trimester, the uterus is just beginning to increase and presses on the back wall of the urea, which causes its irritation. In the second trimester, women almost completely stop complaining about the urge to visit the toilet.

Of course, the fetus only increases with time, but in the second trimester, it falls into the abdominal cavity and reduces pressure. Therefore, the problem of frequent urination during pregnancy in the second trimester will leave you for a while.

And in the third trimester, the problem will return. In the later stages, the baby grows and presses on the upper wall of the bladder now, to which is added an increase in fetal movements.

In the early stages, the fetus develops intensively, sometimes the body does not have time to get used to it and adjust to it, which causes discomfort.

Amniotic fluid is constantly replenished and updated, which leads to frequent urination in early pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the bladder is compressed, this is what leads to frequent visits to the latrine. However, this may indicate complications.

When does frequent urination talk about a disease?

Too frequent urging to use the toilet in all periods is not only a physiologically determined normal phenomenon, but also a sign of a possible disease of the urinogenital system.

Main symptoms of health problems:

  • Pain and discomfort during trips to the toilet;
  • Pain in the lower back or abdomen;
  • The unpleasant smell of urine or a change in its color (turbidity, blood in the urine);
  • General malaise or fever.

Often I go much in early pregnancy

You must immediately see a doctor, because such signs may indicate serious diseases: cystitis, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis.

Ways to alleviate the condition during pregnancy:

  • In no case do not refuse to drink, otherwise swelling may increase;
  • Try not to drink diuretic liquids, namely: coffee, tea (black and green), decoctions of herbs, rosehip, mint, various fruit drinks;
  • Try not to drink two hours before bedtime. So, the fluid accumulated for the whole day, will have time to be distributed and partially out of the body;
  • Should not ignore the urge to visit the toilet, if possible. Stasis of urine in the kidneys and bladder provokes inflammation;
  • Limit yourself to the use of spicy, salted, pickled – products that strain the kidneys;
  • To do Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and prevent the appearance of “stressful” urinary incontinence immediately after birth;
  • Wear comfortable clothes, for example, if you need a bandage, then you should pay attention to the model with a fastener between the legs.

At the time of determining the sex of the child on the ultrasound you can tell about the extended pelvis of his kidneys, which is a variant of the norm for boys, and an alarming symptom for girls. To provoke inflammation of the kidneys in oneself – to expose the fetal kidneys to the same danger. Therefore, diet, hygiene and comfortable clothing are required.

Frequent urination during pregnancy is a normal process that accompanies your interesting position, so do not panic or be upset.

Usually, 3-5 days after delivery, it will stop by itself, and the bladder will return to normal.

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