Nurofen child 1 month

A small child requires constant care. All means for this should contain a first-aid kit for babies. It is necessary to form it before the baby is born – many components of the first-aid kit will be needed from the first days of life.

Download and print the full list of first-aid kits – https: //

The composition of the first aid kit must include:

  • hygiene products;
  • antiseptics for disinfecting the umbilical wound in the first days of life and for disinfecting the baby’s skin for wounds;
  • necessary medical supplies for medical procedures;
  • medications for emergency aid to a sick child.

Hygiene Care Products

  1. Baby bathing soap. For convenience, you can purchase a liquid dispenser.
  2. Children’s cream for lubrication of folds.
  3. Cream for diaper rash – Bepanten, Purelan, Tsindol or D-panthenol (See details on diaper rash cream). These creams will help mom in treating nipple cracks.
  4. Powder is used to prevent diaper rash before dressing diapers. Do not use it simultaneously with the cream.
  5. Baby massage oil.
  6. Vaseline oil for wetting cotton flagella when processing the nose and ears.
  7. Cotton wool for cleaning the ears and nose. To do this, roll small flagella and clean the ear and nasal passages.
  8. Cotton swabs will be useful for the treatment of antiseptic umbilical wounds, pimples, bites.
  9. Cotton swabs, equipped with a limiter to clean the ear.
  10. Cotton pads for hygiene. Cotton wool can be used instead, but it leaves cotton particles on the skin.
  11. Wipes for quick care in case of an emergency.

Care accessories

  1. Small nail scissors with rounded ends and a protective cap.
  2. Alcohol thermometer will help to measure the temperature of the water while bathing.
  3. Nasal aspirator to remove nasal discharge (see article on aspirators).

Medical instruments

  1. Thermometer for temperature measurement. It is safer to use an electronic thermometer, although the mercury gives more correct readings. (see the article on all types of thermometers)
  2. The syringe No. 1 on 25 ml for carrying out enemas. (how to do an enema in an infant)
  3. Vent tube number 1 for the discharge of gases in intestinal colic. (how to use the vapor tube)
  4. Warmer to relieve abdominal pain.
  5. Pipette with a rounded end in a case (2 pcs.) For instillation of drugs in the ears and nose.
  6. Bandage 2 pcs., One sterile, for dressings.
  7. Sterile wipes will be needed in the early days for the treatment of the umbilical wound.
  8. A syringe dispenser or a spoon with a dispenser for administering drugs.


  1. Hydrogen peroxide 3%.
  2. Brilliant green solution 1% 10 ml or chlorofillipta alcohol solution. The second option is characterized by the absence of a burning sensation during the treatment of wounds, unlike green brilliant.
  3. Potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) is needed to treat wounds: in the first days of the umbilical, then any other. It is better to purchase it in a dry form and make a 5% solution at home: dissolve 5 g in warm water (100 ml) and strain through gauze in three layers. Store the solution for 10 days. In the first month of a child’s life, it is better to bathe in water with the addition of a light pink solution of potassium permanganate. This powerful disinfectant disinfects baby’s delicate skin.
  4. Alcohol iodine solution 5%, 1 ml.
  5. Medical alcohol for disinfection.
  6. Bactericidal plaster is used when skin is damaged.

the composition of the first-aid kit for a newborn

  1. Vitamin D solution (Akvadetrim or Vigantol) for the prevention of rickets.
  2. Antipyretic agent based on paracetamol in suppositories or in liquid form (Efferalgan, Panadol, or Ibuprofen). It will take a sharp increase in temperature. (temperature cures)
  3. Antihistamine: Suprastin, Fenistil, Tavegil, Telfas or Claritin. Needed when an allergic reaction occurs.
  4. Remedy for intestinal colic (Espumizan, Plantex). In children in the first months of life, the occurrence of intestinal colic is very common. (Medicines for colic)
  5. Activated carbon (sorbent) in capsules.
  6. The remedy for diarrhea (diarrhea) – Smekta, Linex.
  7. Medications for constipation – remedies for constipation.
  8. Drops from a cold in the form of a spray (Nazivin, Aquamaris).
  9. Eye drops Albucid.
  10. Furacilin tablets. His solution will be needed in the event of conjunctivitis for washing the eyes and for washing the genitals of girls. (conjunctivitis in an infant)
  11. Interferon in the form of drops and spray into the nose “Nazofron” to strengthen the baby’s immunity during the flu epidemic, as well as during vaccination to reduce the risk of post-vaccination complications.
  12. Gel to relieve pain when teething – Dentol, Kamistad, Calgel.

It is possible to add herbal preparations to the children’s first-aid kit for newborns. The infusion of the series and chamomile is useful to add to the water when bathing (grass for bathing). They have a beneficial effect on the delicate skin of babies and relieve irritation. A decoction of dill or fennel seed will help to relieve intestinal colic.

It is necessary to use all medicines only in emergency cases, strictly according to the instructions. Take the minimum dose and carefully observe the reaction of the baby. Further treatment should be prescribed by the treating pediatrician.

Storing first aid kit

Be sure to keep all instructions to medicines, which contains information about their purpose, expiration dates and date of issue. Every three months, you need to see everything that is included in the first-aid kit of the newborn. Throw out those drugs that have expired. See the cash of all necessary and, if necessary, to purchase.

The easiest way to go to the pharmacy, and buy a ready-made kit for the care of a newborn. True, such a kit may not meet all the needs of child care. Some funds you may not need, and the missing will have to buy separately. Therefore, it is best to make a list of everything you need yourself and go to the pharmacy for a purchase. Of course, not all medicines are useful to a child, but they must be purchased in case of unforeseen situations.

Download and print the full list of first-aid kits – https: //

1. “Cefikon D” or any candles containing paracetamol, on temperature and pain.

2. Children’s “Nurofen”.

3. Candles “Viferon” – increase immunity, are prescribed for colds, infections.

4. Candles “Viburkol” – a homeopathic remedy for high temperature, appointed when teeth are cut.

5. Furacilin – antibacterial tablets for rinsing, washing.

6. Dry baby cough syrup.

Nurofen child 1 month

7. “Physiomer” or “Aquamaris”, or “Aqualor” – sea water solutions for washing the spout.

9. Nazivin for babies – a vasoconstrictor from a cold.

For skin

10. Hydrogen peroxide (handle navels, scratches and

11. Zelenka (for processing the navel in liquid form, for scratching and

12. Chlorophyllipt (lubricate pimples, inflammation, add to the bath when bathing).

13. Potassium permanganate – bathe the child in the first days after the hospital.

14. Ointment “Bepanten” – lubricate cracks, irritation, dry skin.

15. Ointment “Dropalen” – in case of irritation, prickly heat, diaper rash.

16. Zinc paste – remarkably fights pottery.

17. Calendula tincture / calendula ointment – lubricate scratches, irritations.

18. “Fenistil” gel – from allergic skin manifestations, insect bites.

19. Salvation ointment – bruises, burns, scratches, bites and

20. Ointment “Arnica” – bruises, hematomas, bruises.

21. Alcohol wipes.

22. Napkins styptic.

For tummy

23. “Baby Calm” – drops from colic-gazik (on the grass).

24. “Sab Simplex” – drops from colic-gazik (active ingredient – smectin).

25. Tea “Plantex” (attention: very few people read the instructions, but this tea cannot be given to babies with lactose deficiency!)

26. Enemas with a soft tip No. 1 and No. 2 (release gases, use instead of an aspirator and directly for enemas).

27. Glycerin candles – use for constipation (for babies – 1/7 part, well cut by thread).

28. “Microlax” – microclysmose, very convenient to use, also used for constipation (half a tube is introduced for babies).

29. “Duphalac” – from constipation, can be taken from birth.

30. “Regidron” – restores the body’s need for fluid with diarrhea and vomiting.

31. “Smekta” – with diarrhea, indigestion.

32. Vapor tube – for “prokukivaniya” (difficult to get).

For eyes

33. Ointment tetracycline eye.

34. Drops of chloramphenicol ophthalmic (these two options are just from the category of “penny” drugs, which may not be in the nearest pharmacies).


35. Chamomile – anti-inflammatory agent, relieves spasms, applied inside and outwardly (baths, washing).

36. Mint – relieves nausea.

37. Calendula – an external anti-inflammatory agent.

38. A succession – antiallergic weed, for internal use and baths.

39. Motherwort – a sedative, you can add to the bath.

40. Bay leaf – as well as a series, fights against allergic manifestations.


41. “Fenistil” drops – antiallergic (if not needed in the current mode, it will be required for vaccinations).

42. “Kalgel” – gel with lidocaine, reduces the pain from teething.

43. Thermometer in the room, a thermometer in the bath, a thermometer to measure body temperature. Now very convenient infrared thermometers are being sold, which measure very accurately the temperature of both the body and the air in the room.

44. Pieces of 5 pipettes with a blunt end (5 – because they tend to disappear somewhere).

45. Children’s patches.

46. ​​Measuring spoon or cup for dosage of drugs.

47. Silver spoon (it is better to drink some water from this one, silver really has a beneficial effect on what it concerns).

48. Children’s urinal (it is very convenient to collect urine for analysis: a small plastic bag is simply glued safely to the baby’s skin under a diaper).


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